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  1. Just off the Apr 21st sailing. Yes the ship is in need of a update. Cabin sofa full of stains, rusty balcony ceiling, a rip in one wall light shade, linen and towels yellow or grey. About the ship upholstery stained and chip wood. Deck chairs are weathered and the cabana's at Serenity where stained and ripped. The good part, staff, food and entertainment 4 stars !
  2. Go for it ! Most people just take a peek a few will go in the gym to check it out.
  3. The area the OP and kids went to is called Public Beach, it can be confusing. All of 7 Mile beach is public, you just can't go to a facility like Calico Jacks, Royal Palms or a Hotel and not pay for use of the facilities. The beach is free to use just bring a towel if you like. The city bus is a few blocks away from the pier, or just grab a cab or beach shuttle at the pier. There will be plenty of cabs and shuttles at all of the beach clubs and hotels.
  4. We were there 2x's and had a wonderful time. We walk beyond the pool area and find a spot under the palm trees in a quieter location.
  5. Thanks for the review. As for Cabbage Beach are there any restroom facilities yet ?
  6. Hoping Yuengling is onboard. 🙂 Most craft beers are too "hoppy " and too high in alcohol for me.
  7. This senior citizen thanks you for that great information. We purchased the service really for our granddaughter and her friend, they need to be on social media. 🙂 LOL
  8. Happy Birthday ! I am also sailing on Easter but it sure would be nice to have a sunrise service. This will only happen if a minister or priest is onboard and volunteer to lead the service.
  9. I prepurchased a internet package for onboard use. How does this work ? Do I need to activate ? Turn to airplane mode ? Is there a password ?
  10. Is escargot available every night ? And yes I soak my bread in the butter & garlic sauce.
  11. I waiting for latest brokerage statement to send to CCL for our Easter week cruise. Can someone attach a link on the process to get the OBC.
  12. I was there the last week of Jan. 2019 and the pier shuttle was operating.
  13. Passengers appear to dress nicely on the 1st elegant night and back to t-shirts on the second.
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