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  1. Does the casino stay open while in Bermuda overnight?
  2. Thank you for the review and pics. How early do you have to get up for the coffee and pastries on the Waterfront and were those free? Love your nailpolish color by the way!!
  3. Thank you for posting this!! Bowling is NOT included, correct?
  4. How do these work? I already have a cruise fir Feb 2020 booked. My travel agent sold me one of these certificates and applied to the booking. Can I use more and apply them towards what I owe yet? I have a balcony booked.
  5. Thank you!! Do you know how much the upcharge is for Ocean Blue is?
  6. Could someone help me understand how the perks work? I have all of them. I am sailing on Escape. So, for dining is there any restaurants I cannot use the dining perk and how do I redeem it? Best choice for the dining perk? How do I redeem the wifi and shore excursions? Lastly, will the beverage package be active as soon as we get on the ship or do we need to do something to activate it? Same question for the soda/arcade packages that we will buy for the kids. Thanks!
  7. Before we adopted my son we just used his passport, obviously different last names. I also brought the letters of guardianship but we were never asked to see them. We needed passport to embark but just ship card in ports. This next trip we are bringing my son's friend. He will have a passport and parental consent signed. Will he need a birth certificate? His parents will not be with us.
  8. Im not sure what amenities you are interested in or need but we stayed at Riptide Oceanfront Hotel. It is right on Broadwalk so very easy access to restaurants along there. This is a small mom and pop type of hotel that is literally right on the beach. It doesnt have a pool and it is really no frills but location is good and plenty to do and eat.
  9. Great report! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thank you! I will definately do that but we will have a few suitcases. 2 adults and 2 teens in the room! LOL!
  11. I have a balcony room booked on the Escape. Is there enough room to store suitcases under the bed?
  12. We have stayed at Rip Tide Oceanfront Hotel. Nice small hotel right on the beach...literally. Restaurants are within walking distance.
  13. Ah, but not everyone drinks a brandy old fashion. I drink Southern Comfort Old Fashion sweet! Yum!
  14. WHAT? A bartender on a cruise ship that knows how to make and Old Fashion? Usually unheard of outside of my little corner of WI!
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