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  1. I was able to apply my gift card at check in before we boarded. I used a printed copy that I purchased from AARP.
  2. I suggest a few days before! I also suggest you check out the Hollywood, FL area on the Broadwalk (yep, Broadwalk, not Boardwalk). Hotels right on the beach. Then the Intracostal Waterway is right near there as well and you can take a water taxi to different areas to explore. You will not need a car if staying on the Broadwalk as there are many restaurants within walking distance. Use Uber for transportation to port and to hotel. Hollywood is between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.
  3. What is the best way for 8 people plus luggage to get from Hollywood, FL to the Port of Miami? I am assuming we would need 2 separate Ubers if we use that. That seems to be the cheapest option. We used to use John's Car Service but it appears he is no longer in service. Any affordable shuttles (besides SAS - they dont go to our hotel plus they left us at the Port the last time we used them).
  4. I have never stayed here but I have stayed other places on the Broadwalk! It is an amazing area to stay. I always recommend this area as not many people have heard of it!
  5. The other option is stay in FLL since you have preciously stayed there in hotels you like. Then Uber to the port day of the cruise. Staying in Hollywod, FL is another option. Look at hotels on the Boardwalk. Riptide and Walkabout are options but there is also a Marriott and a Margaritaville. Great location. Hollywood is between FLL and Miami.
  6. Shore Excursioneer has an all inclusive resort pass. It is Barcelo.
  7. Are these the shots in the shot glass you keep? I am assuming it counts toward your 15 and you have to pay even if you have Cheers, correct?
  8. What time were you in La Romana? We are booking Seavis tours as well bit are there from 1130-600. When I did this excursion a few years ago we got in earlier.
  9. Yes you can apply OBC to Cheers. You will need to go all the way to checkout and you can add it there. Yes, you need to pay in full at the time of purchase.
  10. Well we were there several years ago and did the tour through Seavis. The tour was amazing. One of the best I have ever done. I read that a pool just opened in port and the pics look nice!! I dont remember much about.the port area from when we were there.
  11. Get it! I think of it as part of the cost of vacation. You will not have to worry or watch what you drink then. One less expense to track once it is paid for!
  12. We are in La Romana from 1130AM - 600PM. This tour says it will adjust itinerary to fit the ships schedule. Has anyone done this tour in this time frame? Was there enough time for everything? We did this years ago and it was great but we arrived in port earlier.
  13. Sorry, this is a little off topic. Do we have to sign up for a separate players card for the casino or do we just use our sign and sail card? Also, do machines pay out in a cash out ticket or does the money get transfered to your card?
  14. Also curious if you ended up taking the tour. We are in port the same time frame. Although they say they will adjust the time that is quite a bit of time to cut out.
  15. If you set up your online account with a credit card but then add gift cards or cash once on board do they use those funds first before charging anything to your card?
  16. Interesting topic. I was wondering which side usually faces the port when docking. Is there any rhyme or reason to it? I am sailing Horizon to Southern Caribbean in August if that matters.
  17. We fly into FLL and stay in Hollywood at Riptide Oceanfront Hotel. Hotel right on the beach and restaurants in walking distance. It is on the Broadwalk. We use a car service for all our travel needs. We used to use John's Car Service but he is no longer in business but Larry's Limos may be a good option.
  18. You are correct! Where I am from we call them whiskey sours and use whiskey and sour soda. We also drink Clam Diggers but they are called Bloody Ceasars elsewhere else and probably make them differently. I was just curious on if they carry any sour sodas...
  19. The whiskey sours I drink have soda. We use Squirt or Diet Squirt. Used to be 50/50 but I dont they make that anymore.
  20. If I order a whiskey sour what type of sour soda do they use?
  21. When we were on Breeze we had 4 in a room. The couch was always made up into a bed and the pullman bed was always down.
  22. Thank you for posting this review and the pics! What was the cost of the Pig and Anchor Brewery Tour? Did you book in advance or was it listed in the Fun Times?
  23. We did this about 6 years ago. Although I dont remember our port times I do remember not being rushed. It was a great excursion. The website said it will adjust their schedule to fit port times.
  24. https://www.seavisbayahibe.com/saona_special_e.htm We did this a few years back and it was fantastic!
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