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  1. So do they do Breakfast on Explorer? We were just on Allure and I loved eating breakfast there.
  2. Anyone know what this code is? 19SCS206 2020 Q1 SHORT CARIBBEAN OFFER (19SCS2)
  3. I always wondered how URcomped worked? If I get a free oceanview or interior do they match it somehow?
  4. Does the Royal Casino have a friends/family discount you can pass on?
  5. Do any of you ever find it is cheaper to book through the rccl website? I upgraded to a JS after I saw they went down in price. This is my invoice USD Guest #1 Guest #2 Guest #3 Guest #4 Total Cruise Fare 2505.00 2505.00 0.00 0.00 5010.00 Casino Rate Taxes, fees, and port expenses -974.00 0.00 109.62 -974.00 0.00 109.62 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -1948.00 0.00 219.24 Total Charge 1640.62 1640.62 0.00 0.00 3281.24 I just mocked booked a JS and this was the pricing which is $200 cheaper than through Club Royale? Summary View pricing by guest Junior Balcony Suite $5,010.00 2 Guests Deck 9 Room 9640 Military NRD -$471.00 BOGO50 NRD -$1,477.00 Balc Suite NRD -$200.00 Subtotal: $2,862.00 Taxes & Fees $220.98 Total For Room (after discounts) $3,082.98
  6. Thank you for answering so quickly. And since you are the bed guru, can you tell me if bed is located left or right side of room and if by balcony?
  7. Is there access from the starboard side for the upper level of the Diamond lounge or do we need to go down a level?
  8. What is the name of the hotel that you can see the cruise ships come in and out? Thank you!
  9. LOL it was there and poof gone.................
  10. Bronx12 I think was the one that posted the Enlarged version. I don't know he deleted it or not...his post says edited?
  11. That is a MUCH better image, thank you so much!
  12. 3,000 points does that equal about $3000 in gambling?
  13. How do they figure points/certificates? I received one for $200 off which I thought was low.
  14. Thank you all for all your help. I am BEYOND annoyed! Do you want a photo for free using your perk or do you want to pay for it? Seriously? It just is totally deceiving! I didn't notice any options for the internet to chose from. I guess my mistake, but after spending over $10k for a vacation these little piddley ass charges are just the icing on the cake.
  15. You don't have to tell them you are using a coupon as it is automatically loaded on your sea pass card.
  16. I am not really sure what you are saying? I am Diamond which gives you 24 hours of free internet.
  17. Oh ok thank you so much, so kind of like a prize for being mid way to Diamond Plus LOL
  18. Our name and Stateroom # was on the box pre-printed. There was nothing else on the bed besides compass.
  19. I am Diamond and I was charged for 2 photo's which are free I have 2 charges of $7 for internet? But we have the free days so that doesn't make sense.
  20. Went on Day 2, no reservations left.
  21. They told me because I upgraded to a JS I had to pay in full for November. Now what if I want to cancel?
  22. Would anyone happen to have a list of cruises available for the code 18TIER3
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