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  1. Not at all! Sleeping under the stars. Was able to nab the bed in the front of the ship. Really spectacular!
  2. The day has arrived! My friend and I get onboard in a couple hours. I tried to make Balinese bed reservations via email to the concierge, but was told to immediately go to the concierge desk after checking in to make the arrangements. Must be in-person, and is on a first come, first served policy. Fingers crossed. I had to laugh, as I received an email that the Owners suite was available at a huge discount of an additional $6100. Add the $8000 already spent, and the fare doesn't seem that attractive, although it probably doesn't have a Murphy bed to deal with! I'm forgoing the WiFi package this cruise, so will report when and if WiFi is available in port. Worse comes to worse, will report next week, after disembarkation. Happy Easter!
  3. Agree! Especially when the literature is incorrect. Apparently the SD rep will be on my cruise. I'm sure he won't have a Murphy bed!! Lol!
  4. As I was looking over my final cruise docs from SD, I noticed that my suite is NOT listed as a murphy bed only. (Notice the difference between affected suites on SDI and SDII) I assumed the rep made a mistake, and quoted SDII. My TA called, and was told that it was an error, and that, indeed, my suite is Murphy bed only. A pretty substantial mistake, I'd say. My TA was told that initially when the suite was booked, SD relies on the TA community to educate the client on such matters. My TA had absolutely no idea that my suite was inferior. How in the world would he know that? The only reference he had was the brochure from SD, and it was wrong! SD did offer to move us to a normal suite, only as a paid upgrade. Hopefully this will be a lesson for future guests. I'm done worrying about the details, and am looking forward to the service one comes to expect, onboard.
  5. The latest "rub" from SD customer service... Asked for bed to be separated, found out that my room has a murphy bed, and cannot be turned into 2 beds. They will, however. move us to a room on deck 3 that has a normal set up... for an additional $400.00. WOW! Kind of sad, really. It was on my bucket list to go back to SeaDream, and I was so happy on the fall crossing 2022. It had been so long since I was onboard. Fall crossing 2023 wasn't as good, but I blamed it on the virtual empty ship. The cruise that I booked onboard (spring crossing) was stripped of all onboard discounts, F and F discount, and a $200 per person penalty when I switched to a shorter, more expensive cruise. (Boarding in a month). Having over 350 days on Seabourn, I think I will be going back to booking Seabourn and many of the new luxury ships. What SeaDream lacks in new builds, should be reflected in excellent customer service at all levels. Unfortunately this is not the case. How very sad. It will take a special cruise for me to ever recommend or re-book SeaDream. We shall see in just a few short weeks. I will definitely report back my onboard experience. Till then!
  6. Hi Folks! I went ahead and cancelled the spring crossing, as my roomate, who is new to cruising, gets motion sickness. I had booked the crossing onboard, and enjoyed some nice discounts. I switched to a carribean 7 day cruise as a replacement for the crossing. The price is about the same, with the newly booked cruise quite a higher price per day. Heres what transferred to my new booking: On board booking discount. SD will not honor this discount. Friends and Family discount for my "newbie" roommate. SD will not honor this either. SD did, however, charge me $400 for cancelling the spring crossing, even though I replaced the cruise with another, more expensive cruise. So, in a nut shell, My cruise fare for the new cruise is brochure rate, plus port fee and $400 penalty for cancelling the crossing, to go on a 7 day cruise. I was so excited to bring my friend on his first real cruise. Now I feel like crap over the whole thing. It wouldn't be such a sting, had I not enjoyed the previous discounts on the crossing fare. Any thoughts? Thanks for letting me complain!
  7. Here's a link to the SeaDream II Fall Crossing review. And yes, someone's name is spelled incorrectly, thank you auto populate! Anyway, You all will get the gist. Sorry, drama stays on the ship! 😊 SeaDream II Cruise Ship Review - Photos & Departure Ports | Cruise Critic
  8. Hi Folks! I just returned home from the fall SDII crossing. Of course, it didn't disappoint! Only 44 guests on board. Although there was quite a bit of "drama" on board, I will be posting a travel review, primarily ship related, within the next few weeks. (will provide a link from this board to the published review) If anyone has any questions, or comments regarding this cruise, please don't hesitate to post!
  9. Getting ready to check out of the Editory Riverside Hotel. The room was tiny, actually about the same size of a cruise ship cabin. I can see SD2 in the distance, but too far to walk. For what I paid for 1 night stay, I would not stay there again. I will try and post from the ship, but no promises, as star link did not work well last crossing I was on.
  10. Thank you so much for your excellent information! See you on a couple months!
  11. Thank you all for the recommendations! I'm going to take a look, and make a decision!
  12. Hi there! I've started a Roll Call for your cruise!
  13. Hello folks! Well my flights are booked, the ship awaits, and I only need to decide on a pre-cruise hotel. Any recommendations? Close to the port? I'm only staying a night or two, so it doesn't have to be fancy. Thanks all!
  14. I swear by my travel professional! I always get some sort of perk, and always the best service!
  15. I'm so sorry you experienced a lack, especially for 65 days! My SeaDream 2 week cruise last November was truly a luxury experience.
  16. All I can say is that the sea days go by very fast! Yes, a lot of your time is spent eating, but not just that, it's getting to know your fellow guests onboard. For me, my table seemed to be the last to leave! So often in port intensive itineraries, you don't get to really know others. The lectures were excellent (especially Jim Wurtz), and trivia was "blood-sport for bookmarks! (Trivia was extremely rushed, to the point that you couldn't really discuss with your team. Also, when Garrett was hosting trivia, it was very hard to understand what he was saying) The piano bar and casino were very busy in the evening, as was the TOY bar. Sleeping under the stars was fantastic. Bring a book or 2. Take in a movie. Sunbathe at the pool. Take a lovely nap. Anton, at the TOY bar, will make the perfect drink. Internet was not available for most of the crossing. Not really a bad thing! (Except being charged for something that simply didn't work in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.) Enjoy the crossing. You'll be so glad that you did!
  17. With everything going on right now, and the memory of the cruise in the rear view mirror, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. From sleeping under the stars to the slide. Ask away! Please believe me when I said I wanted to do a travelogue. The internet was mostly non-existent, even though they charged $179 for 1 device. The travelogue idea had to be squashed. Thanks!
  18. The cruise is over, and I'm getting back to reality! It will be a few days before I get my review written!
  19. The only device that works is my phone, so reports on this cruise is limited. All I can say is this cruise is like true cruising from days long gone. Truly magical. Service incredible. I'll be writing an in depth review when I get home!
  20. Well the cruise is almost a reality! I plan on doing a travelogue, so stay tuned!
  21. Absolutely! I think it's going to be a lean cruise. Deck 4 staterooms seem to be unoccupied, maybe for covid??
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