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  1. Hi Folks! Welcome to The Bistro! Off topic and fun posts only! NO political posts please! Have fun!
  2. I'm happy to create a "watercooler" thread. I like the idea of having a poll dictate the title. Please vote, and by the end of the week I will start an off topic thread!
  3. Ok folks, lets give this a try! Please keep posts "clean", non-political, and just plain fun!! Enjoy email- prs68@aol.com
  4. I'm here! If anyone has tried to contact me, I apologize for not answering. The problem is that my CC email has been down for weeks, so I can't get my CC mail. In the meantime, my alternate email is prs68@aol.com. I've decided that during this worldwide mess, a Watercooler thread might be fun! Lets give it a try!
  5. And Holland America President Orlando Ashford steps down as well! Hmmmm....
  6. Thanks Wes for posting! I hope everyone is staying safe!
  7. I'm having my TA contact Regent today! Thanks Wendy for steering me to this older thread! 2019 was a blur!
  8. Years ago I has an issue with a housekeepers service. Very much as the OP. I went to the head housekeeper with my complaint, and she switched us to a new one. Problem solved. If SB isn't aware of the problem how are they going to fix it?
  9. Anyone joining me on this cruise?
  10. Karen, I forgot to ask, is there going to be a CC Mix and Mingle reception on your voyage? If so, when and what time?
  11. Karen, I look forward to more pics and posts from the Explorer! I embark on April 3rd. I mentioned this thread to my (incredible) TA, and found out that you use him too! Great minds think alike!
  12. I use WhatsApp on my cell. Clear, free international calling.
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