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  1. I have sailed Seabourn for over 300 days now, and I always forget the name of the brand of soap they offer you at the beginning of the cruise. The soap in mind is the green (bumpy) soap in the clear packaging. I'd like to order some for the house, but just cant remember the brand name! Anyone?
  2. When you book a guarantee suite, what you are actually being "guaranteed" is that you will be assigned to a suite in the category you reserved, or higher (never lower, hence guarantee). You do not have a say as to which suite you will receive, only that it will be in the minimum category you paid for. Hope this makes sense!
  3. What ship?? Odyssey just ended that cruise yesterday!
  4. I agree apples to oranges. I sailed on Le Ponant (Mediterranean) around the same time that I sailed on SeaDream (Caribbean). The experience was so different. SeaDream had better food, service and ambience. I would never sail Ponant again.
  5. I'm staying at the Hilton for 2 nights before my Odyssey crossing.
  6. Do not assume that making a donation to the CWF on your bill will offset any unused OBC's. Im not sure about Regent, but many other lines, including Azamara, will show the donation to the CWF on your account, but will not offset an unused OBC. I used to always donate most, if not all, of my OBC's to the CWF. After being burned once, I make sure to ask what the policy is.
  7. Hopefully my flight from Miami to Barbados will be restored in the next few weeks!
  8. You will probably get much better luck if you have your TA inquire for you. No matter what the line (luxury or not), land based customer service is lacking. They will, however, work with your TA.
  9. When you find a good agent, hold on tight and don't let go! It took me years to find just the right fit. A real person working for you 24/7 (Yes, was stuck at Chicago airport, flight cancelled at 10PM, agency took care of the situation, on the spot.) I've also received numerous upgrades etc. and an agent that checks the fares daily, and lets you know when the fare drops. Good luck! Talk to fellow luxury cruisers!
  10. Hi all, Please post anything that has to do with Crystal river cruises on the River Cruise forum. Thank you
  11. Just off the Sojourn a few days ago. I found my meal at TK Grill to be the best meal of the cruise. (had the Dover Sole) Sadly, I found the food in the other venues to be either over/under cooked, and way too salty. I'm not a picky eater, but was unimpressed with the food this cruise. I became a Diamond member this cruise (250 plus days) so the difference was noticeable. The service, however, was as good as ever!
  12. I think its naïve to think that a TA simply takes a reservation, works maybe 30 minutes and makes easy money. They may work very hard to get the best price, accommodation, transportation, etc. to simply have the client jump ship and book with an on-line agency that doesn't provide service, or not book at all. I am a Realtor by trade, and I can't tell you how many countless hours I have worked with clients that end up with exactly zero in my pocket. (or money out of pocket, and yes, I will rebate my commission on very high end properties)
  13. My thought is if a rebate is that important to you, do not book with a "friend" that can't offer one. This would put a "price" on the friendship, and a small one at that!
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