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  1. Wow, thank you all for such amazing replies! We are dying to try Viking Ocean, but we only have time for a 7-10 day cruise, max. Viking seems to be sold out of short itineraries so we'll save that for another time. Paul Gauguin is definitely on my bucket list - maybe when we retire! For this cruise (our 25th anniversary and my 50th birthday), we are traveling with another couple and were originally booked on Ritz Carlton yacht Evrima, which has now cancelled all their cruises through May (I'm not even convinced that yacht has been built yet!) I was thinking about a suite on Celebrity, or for the same price, a suite on Crystal. Since our friends do not enjoy big mainstream cruises, it looks like we'll take the plunge with Crystal...most likely on Symphony. We aren't looking for crazy nightlife so much as we are good food, drinks, and fun lounge-y spaces to relax.
  2. For a special occasion, we are looking to experience a more luxury cruise line. We love Celebrity and we are looking for a lot of what they have - great service, elegant design, awesome food. But we want a smaller, more luxurious experience. Anyone out there step up from Celebrity, and if so, what would you recommend?
  3. I'd say - great food, great service, no kids, no crowds. We are in our late 40's and looking for a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere!
  4. Our Ritz-Carlton cruise has been cancelled - so now we're looking for a replacement. We want to sail this winter, 7-10 days in the Caribbean. I have no idea where to start or what differentiates one luxury line from another. Any thoughts?
  5. So...do we expect this will actually sail in the next 3 months?
  6. We are booked for February 2022 and I'm starting to worry about this, too...
  7. I'm looking at a suite for this sailing as well. If you're in a suite, is getting a chair in the Retreat pool area the same mess as the main pool deck, with people saving seats and abandoning them? Or are chairs readily available?
  8. We will be on Evrima February 2022. Anxiously awaiting more info!
  9. I know they're new and not launched yet...but any word on them? We are booking for February 2022...anyone out there? Will they get their own CC board?
  10. You won't find a free hotel shuttle to the cruise port, but an Uber will be easy and cheap. I'd suggest Courtyard by Marriott Downtown/Inner Harbor. It's in a nice area, very walkable, with nice shops and lots of food options. The Pendry is delightful for a splurge!
  11. Here are my suggestions of Celebrity must-dos: homemade ice cream in Oceanview Cafe adults only solarium is fabulous and quiet live music in ensemble lounge (shows are only meh but the live music is great!) eat in Murano and Tuscan Grille, the service is great go early for a seat at the martini bar enjoy drinks up on the lawn don't miss Mast Grill for great burgers by the pool room service tea and cookies on your balcony non-smoking casino, yes please! Have a great time!
  12. Oh trust me, we have 2 cabins. 4 people in a cruise cabin is NOT a vacation! Is there much of a wait at peak times?
  13. Taking the fam of 4 (two adults, kids 17 and 19) on Equinox this summer. Last time we were on Celebrity we really disliked our MDR experience (long waits, even with reservations and tables ridiculously close together, then spotty service). And that was during low season. Aqua class cabins are slightly more expensive, but in my mind, worth it if we have a good dining experience in Blu. Do they do early/late dining in Blu? Do we make reservations beforehand? Open for breakfast and dinner? Is my assumption that it will be much better incorrect? Any flaws in my strategy here?
  14. Bummer! Loved that Qsine menu. At first glance, the animation dining seems so gimmicky and Disney to me - but maybe i need to research more. Glad to hear Select dining has improved!
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