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  1. These comments are so helpful! A few more questions as i'm about to book... What is Medallion service and do we need it? Does the Sanctuary give you guaranteed loungers, or is it still a fight for chairs? If we do the regular pool deck or adult pool area, is it a fight to get space? We are looking at either 2 mini suites, or 2 premium deluxe balconies...can't seem to see a difference...???
  2. Looking at a 4-night (Monday thru Friday) in mid-January. We are hoping for good food, good service, and relaxation. I know Navigator has been updated, but does the short itinerary make it a party ship? Any advice welcome - we were supposed to be on Symphony for a 7-day but the days don't line up. 😞 Thanks!
  3. OP back again. Went to book Symphony today and looked at my daughter's school schedule and realized all along I was looking at THE WRONG WEEK. UGH - all that research down the toilet. So we move our week up one - and sure enough, Symphony appears to have 0 oceanview balconies left. Sigh. Suites are out of budget (we need two rooms - I refuse to share with our teens) and I really don't want a central park or boardwalk balcony - or an oceanview without a balcony. Harmony sails that week but geez, it's overpriced (shouldn't the 2nd week of January be more of a bargain than the 3rd week???)... So that leaves me looking at a 4 day on Navigator. It's refreshed, right? I always picture 4 day cruises as boozy cruises filled with loud people. The one i'm looking at is Mon-Fri, not over the weekend. @John&LaLa and @Host Clarea...any advice on Navigator?
  4. Okay - that is too funny! We're getting 2 cabins - one for our kids - so we'll take whichever has the bed by the bathroom! LOL
  5. I'm looking at 7594 and 7596. Assuming if we use the stairs/elevator forward of the rooms, we won't have any problems? And thank you @Host Clarea...so helpful, as always!
  6. LOL. Until Andrew & Lisa adopt me, I for sure won't be on 17. No wonder all the hump cabins that are open on Symphony are deck 7. I'm a sucker for the bigger balcony. My travel agent keeps trying to book me on 14...no thanks buddy! 😉
  7. One more question for you @John&LaLa if you don't mind...is there any way to tell which cabins have bed by balcony vs. by bathroom? Thanks!
  8. @John&LaLa...do you guys prefer deck 7 on Oasis class? Any other tips on selection?
  9. I can't make sense of this in my head...so you have to be sure you're on the elevator that is on the same side as your cabin? Weird!
  10. Ahhh...now that's a set up I can nap on! Thank you!
  11. Awesome, thank you! A few questions if anyone knows: -Do extended balconies on Symphony have chairs with footrests or same two chair/table set up? -Is there a preferred deck for ocean view balconies? I like being closer to the water - any pros/cons on decks?
  12. Good to know. Frankly, if i don't have to shop for it, cook it, and clean it up, I'm pretty okay with it! If it's as good as Allure, we'll be just fine!
  13. First two days it will be crowded - meaning you can't get a treadmill right away, but not overly so. After that, wide open. We really liked the gym on Allure and how it attached to the track. What we did NOT like was the pervasive cigarette smoke we could smell in there...hopefully they've remedied that!
  14. Yikes - really? We went on Allure several years ago and the food was great...in particular the specialty restaurants. Was it the MDR, buffet? Or all over?
  15. For the oceanview rooms with large balcony (non-suite)...are there any photos or videos out there? I have searched and searched to no avail. Booking Symphony. Would love photos - thanks!
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