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  1. I used a FCD for my cancelled cruise. Final payment date had not arrived. We did not elect to receive any additional FCC (I don't remember if it was offered). I just looked at my personalizer. I saw $100 listed as FCC but as I clicked on details I saw that it said it was a FCD, listed and ID#, and showed the OBC of $15-$150. Also listed the expiration date. Everything was listed just like the one I used for a cruise in October 2021. Maybe things are different only for people who elected to get additional credit from Princess.
  2. I had no problem and don't have a subscription.
  3. I thought I must have misheard but I guess not 😞. Maybe she confused it with her dress?
  4. I would go to elliott.org. Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate and helps people having trouble with refunds. His site lists the proper people and their addresses to write to about your problem. There is also a form online for you to fill out for his team to help. Good luck.
  5. Not a cruise I'm willing to take. Not only that, but we have to pay higher prices to boot!
  6. You are too funny! That is one reason why your report is so enjoyable 🙂
  7. No you are not "talking" to yourself ;) I am enjoying this immensely!
  8. It is taking months for people to receive their refunds and credits.
  9. Finally received a credit on my credit card for our excursions on our July 1 Enchanted cruise. The FCD was on my account about a week ago.
  10. Thank you for this wonderfully written review. I am really enjoying reading it and seeing the pictures.
  11. My July 1 Enchanted cruise is finally off my personalizer and my FCD has been deposited back into my "account". We bought it last July. Don't think we will use it but am keeping it there just in case. Now all I have to do is wait for shore excursion refunds of over $500. At least it seems that someone is working on refunds for that cruise.
  12. So what did they say the problems Princess is up against? What did they say to make you feel slightly better?
  13. We finally got our refund of our two FCD that we requested to be refunded on March 20 because we knew we would never use them. It showed up on our credit card June 4. (we just found out today although my dh has been checking often and can't believe he hadn't checked in the last 5 days). Took 76 days. Now all we have to do is wait for our canceled July 1 cruise along with the shore excursions. The shore excursions paid is over $500 and the FCD used for deposit would go back on our personalizer. At that point we will probably have to ask for it to be refunded so will be waiting a long time for that money back!
  14. Merriweather is still there. No concerts though due to pandemic. Did you live here before or just visit?
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