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  1. @julig22 I forgot to add that the passengers are retested at Days 3, 7 and 14 as well as upon arrival.
  2. Apologies for shouting at you ... 🙃 Yes, we have 2 Hurtigruten cruises booked - they were booked back in January before the covid-19 pandemic, and we are going to cancel them anyway (because we are not going to be travelling to or via either USA or UK until the vaccine is in - we're not taking any risks). The final payments are due in Sept and I'm waiting to see if Hurtigruten will offer free full refunds of the deposits paid. If they don't, then we'll bite and lose the deposits. Bermuda airport reopened last week and there have been 4 flights so far - one from Canada - no issues, but however, the 3 Delta flights from Atlanta (with only 40-50 passengers per flight) this week brought 3 positive cases!! They were tested negative before they travelled but tested positive when they landed here (nasal swabs immediately on arrival) - which meant they somehow got infected on their way to airport, in airport or on plane. Bermuda had been virus free for over 2 weeks until this week. Scary if those 3 had boarded the ship saying they tested negative the 72 hours prior but somehow got infected on their way to port.
  3. For Norwegians and Danes only !!! No others, even the Swedes. Also foreigners will need to quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival into Norway. Hurtigruten cruises WITHIN Norway - doesn't go to foreign ports. The USA is STILL a VERY VERY HOT country.
  4. Looks like it's one of the two things: 1) it many be canned, or 2) it may be changed from 5 day to 7 days. When I see on NCL.com I'm seeing an Oct 13-20 (Tues-Tues) out of NYC to FL and Bahamas .... FL is a very hot spot so I expect this cruise to be canned as well, hence option 2 to increase # days from 5 to 7 for your cruise, making the Bermuda cruises 7 days instead of 5 for October. Strange that NCL would let you book the cruise. P.S. our airport (Bermuda) reopened last week and so far the Delta flights from Atlanta this week brought 3 positive cases 😷😠 Prior to that Bermuda had been virus free for more than 2 weeks. It is very easy to become infected while travelling - in airports and on planes. The Delta flights brought only 40-50 people each time. No other flights except for once weekly Air Canada from Toronto (clean so far). British Airways starts flying in from London next - heaven forbids!! No American Airlines from either JFK or Miami until Sept.
  5. We are on the 11 day one as it includes Nuuk which is the capital of Greenland (ex-Godthab).
  6. We were tempted to book the same cruise but booked the Jan 2022 one instead. Jan 2021 is too soon in our books. The other 2022 cruise is the Iceland/Greenland one in July.
  7. If it were us, we'd cancel the cruise just before the final payment , and then do not book any cruises until the ships are back in service. We did book a couple of cruises in 2022 but we booked them so to use the FCCs and FCDs. Otherwise we'd cancel before final payment.
  8. We also cancelled our Norwegian Air flights (full fare Premium) to Amsterdam when NCL cancelled our June Baltics cruise, and received the full refund just over 2 weeks later. The difference between the Norwegian Air and NCL (and other cruise lines) is the volume and costs.
  9. Just had a look in NCL.com. Some new Jewel itineraries out - starting Feb 7, 2021 - doing 3 Mexican Riviera out of Los Angeles, before heading out to Honolulu (empty) on Feb 28. Then she does the Hawaii - French Polynesia runs starting March 5, 2021 until end of April 2021. Then the Jewel heads to Vancouver from Honolulu on April 29, 2021 to start her Alaska season.
  10. It's FCD (Future Cruise Discount) not FCC 😉🙃 We have one 100% FCC (set price), one 25% FCC (set price), one 25% FCD and two 10% FCD. We haven't applied any of them yet, but we already booked a couple of 2022 cruises and applied the CNs to these as deposits. We have until Feb/Mar/Apr 2021 to decide which cruises to apply which FCCs and FCDs to. Sorry to hear that your 2 Winter/Spring 2021 Jewel cruises got canned. I think NCL will find new itineraries to replace the canned cruises, now that the Jewel isn't going to Australia/NZ/South Pacific. How about trying for the Spirit's Australia/NZ Winter 2021/22? We have been eying the Spirit's Nov 2021 Dubai-Singapore (with 4 India ports and one Sri Lanka) but we're not too sure about going - we'll wait and see. We loved our time on the "new" Spirit this past Feb. Cheers!
  11. We had a CN returned when NCL cancelled our June 2020 cruise. It was expiring in 2021 but NCL was able to apply it to the new 2022 cruise that we booked, as an one-time extension. Have you looked at the 2022 cruises? If you see one that you fancy you can ask NCL nicely if they would give you a one-time extension to apply your CN to that cruise.
  12. When we had 2 cruises cancelled the CNs that were used to pay the deposit were returned to my MyNCL account. One had expiry date of 2021 but I was able to apply it to one new 2022 cruise with an one-time extension.
  13. Yes .... The Q&A are here: https://www.ncl.com/suspended-sailings
  14. I just had a look and did mock booking .... all "Sold Out" 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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