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  1. We have booked an option for a two week Antilles cruise on Splendida for February. So far it seems it will sail. Hope so.
  2. MSC Italy is no better at resolving this issue. My Voyagers profile has a Seaview cruise completely missing and show zero on-board expenses for two Divina cruises. A message I received before Christmas said all would be corrected but, of course, nothing was corrected. When you make this type of complaint it's best to scan your cruise card for that cruise along with a copy of your final voucher as proof of all your expenses.
  3. I find it interesting than many of MSC's European cruisers don't like their experience when cruising the Caribbean out of Miami. MSC in recent years has so Americanized its Caribbean cruises with different rules, products, food, and passenger treatment, that Europeans prefer to cruise the other side of the pond where the experience is Italian style. Unfortunately few of them post on Cruise Critic or submit reviews of their cruise. p.s. I'm an American ex-pat and understand both sides.
  4. We are MSC cruisers for many years. We normally go in Yacht Club but it the itinerary we want has only one of the smaller MSC ships, we book an Aurea suite which is OK but it's not Yacht Club! I agree with every point you made about the YC enclave but having sailed transatlantic twice on the Divina, I think the food selection in Le Muse was very good. Naturally, the cruise area and itinerary will determine the menu quite a bit.
  5. For US and UE passport holders there is no visa requirement for Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE.
  6. I visited Salalah ten years ago and found it to be a delightful town (by middle east standards). Took the ship's tour which hit all the major sites. I mention this because we have another port call at Salalah next month and am looking forward to seeing the changes.
  7. We're flying Emirates Rome-Dubai-Singapore next week in business class. My tickets for each person allow for two carry-ons not to exceed 7 kg each, and two checked bags with a combined weight of 40 kg, neither of which can weigh more than 32 kg. Thus our checked baggage could be one suitcase weighing 30 kg and the other no more than 10 kg = 40 kg total.
  8. If you're in a Yacht Club suite, spa access is free (except massages). Plus there's a direct elevator from YC decks 15 and 16 down to the spa on 14 (on Splendida and all the Fantasia class ships). To get back up you just slip your YC cruise card into the reader.
  9. I'd like to know the names of the current captain and the cruise director please.
  10. We are booked on the same cruise as Cruising fox and will arrive Shanghai on 12 February flying Rome-Frankfurt-Shanghai. Unless we hear of more refused entry cases, we're planning on using the 144 hour TWOV on arrival.
  11. We finished our Divina cruise a couple weeks ago and our minibar was stocked with water, soft drinks, small liquor bottles, and snacks. In addition we received two full size bottles of spumante or prosecco as we've always received as black card members (and which we always take home). We always have our coffee and cocktails in the Top Sail and rarely ever take anything from the mini bar. Thus I'm not sure what's happening on the Grandiosa.
  12. Try the EFFY shop on board most MSC ships. My wife loves it
  13. On MSC the cabin steward works for the butler who works for the chief butler who works for the YC director. That's the chain of command.
  14. Bea the chief butler on Meraviglia is a she: Larissa Fedoruk.
  15. I've had eight Yacht Club cruises in the past five years and confirm tuxedos are a rarity. I usually pack a dark suit with a couple ties or a blazier. My impression has been that YC guests dress more smart casual than what you see on the lower decks (a range from tuxedos to track suits/tee shirts, etc.). The blazier usually works fine for me, with or without a tie. The important thing is to wear what you want, but for the gala evenings dress a little nicer. p.s. DW usually wears a nice dress or a pant suit.
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