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  1. We did tikes Cozumel. It was a lot of fun and a different way to explore. We wound up back in Cozumel the next day instead of grand cayman. We had planned on a beach day so we booked mr, Sanchez It was a great fun day. In fact my 14 year old daughter wants to go back there on our next cruise.
  2. Which cruise did you try it on? I know we had fun making drinks on Anthem in February 2017, i'm thinking it had to be the same week as you ( President's week when the kids were out of school)
  3. Bionic bar drinks were included on the Anthem when we went
  4. ljmandelbaum

    Float Plane

    I want to do a Float plane as one of our Radiance of the Seas Southbound cruise. Which is the best port to do this? We are going in June if that changes where to do it . I think we are doing a helicopter with dog sledding. I'm thinking of this Mendenhall Glacier Dog Sledding & Helicopter Tour . My husband was looking at Royal's site and saw a Misty Fjord float plane but we had been thinking of doing the Zodiac Expedition through https://www.ketchikanoutdoors.com/tours/zodiac-expedition/. Is it possible to do one in the morning and one in the afternoon? Or is there a different float plane I can steer him towards?
  5. Thanks. If we pick up the girls before their last class, we will get to the pier around 1:30. Trying to decide if I wanted to get them even earlier. One of my girls is not a big deal, she has lunch then study hall. My other daughter is going to miss all of geometry and probably part of spanish.
  6. Ignore me. I was reading too many descriptions. I thought it said railroad but it doesn't https://alaskashoreexcursions.com/skagway/white-pass-summit-and-beyond-tour I was on this site reading the tour descriptions "As a bonus, we include a stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge! View the Tutshi river canyon from above while crossing the bridge and learn more about the area with the educational displays. Snack bar is available to purchase food and then we visit Yukon gift shop for mementos. This stop makes the tour unique among tour options that do similar itinerary.Included: Admission to Yukon Suspension Bridge site including bridge crossing." I'm trying to figure out what we are doing in each port, so i'm looking through the different tours.
  7. Thank. Booked a last minute trip. Picking up my Daughter’s early from school to go straight to port Everglades. A 35 minute drive so trying to decide how early to get them. I can’t remember the last time we cruised out of port Everglades.
  8. I would do it! Last minute trips are fun. What Ship?
  9. What is the latest you have ever boarded the ship? How many hours before the departure time? In our paperwork, I have seen both 90 minutes and 2 hours.
  10. We are trying to plan our Alaska 7 Nt Southbound Alaska & Hubbard Glacier on the Radiance of the Seas. We are flying into Anchorage on Wednesday night. Cruise leaves on Friday. Trying to decide if we should take the train to Seward on Thursday or Friday? Which town is better to explore on a Thursday?
  11. My girls had their own cabin (non connecting ) when they were 12. They were fun. If you book directly with Royal ( or the right travel agent), they can be in their own cabin as long as you are next door or across the hall. We have 3 upcoming cruises booked, all with us in 2 cabins. I think one is connecting, one is side by side and one is across the hall.
  12. I'm following along to help with planning my Alaska trip as well.
  13. What don't you like about EMpress? Thinking about booking a 7 night for Christmas week
  14. My last cruise was a disney cruise. We had a card in our room asking us not to leave cell phone and portable charger plugged in when we were asleep or not in the room. We left a portable charger in without any issues.
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