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  1. I found out through another social media group that I could add an ice sculpture so I did that. Others on there have mentioned arches, backdrops, etc...
  2. I would call or email them and get a quote for the number of people you are anticipating. They can then tell you how much the extra half hour is. We went with the Platinum package and for the extra half hour for our group, it was $2400. I couldn't justify spending that on 30 minutes. There is a large group on a social media page for Carnival Cruise Brides that has tons of info too.
  3. I did the Classic Platinum package and it's $40 per person above the package they sell you for $20. I booked last year in March and the wedding in Jan 18, 2020 on Magic.
  4. Good Morning! I am getting married on embarkation day on Jan 18, 2020. I would love a fairly recent copy of the Magic 8 day Southern Caribbean fun times for our cruise to share with our guests. I've searched quite a bit and can't find any. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!
  5. There are a few social media groups that have been a Godsend!
  6. We absolutely loved Bananarama! Went there twice and had an amazing time both times! http://bananarama.com/activities/cruiseship-packages/
  7. I'm wondering the same thing. We were on the Conquest over Thanksgiving and they still offered a late night menu with free items, but it looks like that's going away?
  8. Please post a review! :) My embarkation wedding is Jan 18, 2020 on Carnival Magic. Be cautious of inviting that many though, because you may be surprised. We invited 200 people, hoping to get 50 and we have 120 booked on the cruise so far!
  9. You are about 20 minutes north of me! I live in Birch Run. Things are moving along. I am very much a planner. I created a rough draft of a welcome letter already and am working on swag bags. The wedding guests are up to 120 from 6 states who are all sailing. I'm not sure the swag bags will be what I'd hope, because we have so many guests. I was hoping for monogrammed beach bags, but I may have to scale that back.
  10. We loved #7! I'm kind of partial because we got engaged there on Thanksgiving last year. I have mobility issues and struggle with walking in the sand, and it was not a long walk to the bathroom but I struggled because it's all sand. It wasn't crowded at all in front of our cabana and the ship was full that week. We couldn't hear the music all that well, but it was a short walk if we wanted to. I had FTTF and went straight to the excursions desk when we boarded the ship and a few were already taken but I still had a decent amount. A lady in line behind me said she wanted a specific cabana and would be very upset if she didn't get it. I peeked at the map behind the counter while we were waiting and could see what was available, so I asked her which one she was inquiring about and she refused to tell me for fear I would take it. I literally laughed out loud. She did get her wish and it was cabana number 9. YouTube has a good video of a cabana walking tour.
  11. Wow! That was quick! They already increased the Pixel package price by a lot!!
  12. My fiancé and I were engaged in HMC on Thanksgiving. We just booked our wedding on the Magic for January 18, 2020. We chose the embarkation option, to encroach less on our guest's vacation. We were hoping to have 50 people cruising with us, but we are currently at about 85 people. I chose the DJ option and the Carnival Platinum package. We believe we'll have about 100 people. I know it's a long ways out, but I'm a planner. I've started our welcome letter and was thinking about making door decorations and swag bags. Is there anything you wish you'd have done differently, or tips you have for other brides? Our entourage is coming mostly from Michigan, so we'll be flying into FLL but a few people will drive.
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