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  1. Yeah i totally missed that. Thank you i appreciate it.
  2. From what i heard everyone with cruises in the months of Jan/Feb got them. Everyone in our cruise group got the email. I did think it was really weird though because for our Sept cruise we filled out our survey only afew weeks out.
  3. Um....ok. I think our definitions of unvaccinated are different which is fine. In your world, if a toddler is not considered "unvaccinated" then why make the comment in this thread? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Sounds exactly like our situation. Our sailing a couple weeks ago was 169 for a balcony. Our toddler is also a social butterfly but totally agree, if it was full price we would have canceled. Just a heads up, i dont know if you plan on taking yours to the splash pad or pool but they were very strict with their protocols up there. We got asked alot if he was in a diaper and he also got the whistle blown on him afew times for going down the baby slide face first.
  5. This is literally in the first sentence of the article "except those 12 and younger or those with a medical excuse". We were just in the Bahamas with our son three weeks ago and had no issues getting off the ship with the bubble tour.
  6. Totally agree. We went on the 1st USA cruise of the Vista out of NYC and the guests made it the worst cruise i have ever been on to this day. I thought i didnt like the Vista but when i went back 2 years later i realized just how much bad guests can impact a cruise. Not sure how long ago the OP went on the Mardi Gras but i also think that being a new ship increases the "Karen factor", the amount of people complaining was unbearable on our Vista cruise.
  7. Im thinking thats whats going to happen. If the CDC doesnt approve the vaccine for kids 2-5 i cant see Carnival banning that age group entirely from the ships, it would be too much money lost for them. They would probably just continue to test that age group on board like they are doing now.
  8. They have been saying 2-5 will be eligible for vaccines because all Ive heard is 5 and up? Where did you hear that ports will deny ships if they have unvaccinated passengers?
  9. Nvm i found the video that he said "at the moment they will not being accepting exemptions for Jan/Feb" they are waiting to see what happens.
  10. I actually really like the new pins. Im wondering what they did with the leftover 2020's they made. I dont know if it would be possible but if they ever sold them as a set id buy one 🙂
  11. My question was if anyone heard John Heald address this or know if they changed the policy. Im just speculating like most at this point but i figured if anyone heard it from John then it is legit. Like i said, i just got back two weeks ago with zero issues getting an exemption.
  12. So i wanted to see if i could get some clarification on here before i waited on hold to call Carnival. We are going on a cruise with our toddler in Feb 2022. Like everyone else we were sent an email to complete our vaccine attestation questionnaire. I find it odd that we got this 4 months out because they ask if you are vaccinated and if not do you have an exemption letter.....while you cant even apply for an exemption letter yet. I understand the reason for this is probably because they are waiting to see if the CDC allows 5 year olds and up to get the vaccine. Since we just got back from our last cruise a couple of weeks ago and had no problems getting our 2 year old an exemption i put that he was "unvaccinated with an exemption letter" because i just assumed there wouldn't be an issue getting one. I was told by our TA to change my answer because that may actually keep us from getting an exemption for our son (why is it even an option then). So i did go back and change it to "unvaccinated w/o an exemption letter". So that i was able to fix on my own however i was also recently told that 'John Heald said that no additional exemptions would be given to children under 5 until after Feb 2022" I cannot find that information anywhere and i feel like thats something i would have heard about. Did anyone hear him say that, see a post he made about it or know if they changed the exemption policy? Sorry for the long winded nature of the post 🙂
  13. Also...i see you said you didnt get charged for your kids tests at the port? Did you get the $150 fee waved somehow because our son is only 2 years old and we still had to pay.
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