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  1. Please not the Empress! I really want to sail on her in October 2021!
  2. Celebrity's pricing that includes all 4 perks can be worth it even though the $$ amount is higher. For example our upcoming 10 day Millennium cruise is priced at $4200 in a veranda cabin, all-in for 2 w/ all 4 perks. So deduct $310 for grats, $300 OBC, $600 premium beverage package (figure worth $60 per day minimum for both of us to include specialty coffees, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks) and we are already at under 3k not including wifi. (And we had friends book onboard for us so have an extra $200 OBC but that cannot be fairly factored in my comparison) Our upcoming 11 day Empress cruise in an OV cabin is priced at $3200 total. We do have $50 OBC so are $250 down from Celeb, will have to pay gratuities @$342, and spend $660 for drinks. So adding 250+342+660 without wifi, we are at @ the same cost as the Celeb cruise, albeit one day less but a veranda on the Millie as opposed to the OV on the Empress. I will say that the Empress itinerary cannot be duplicated by Celebrity! We are looking forward to sailing her next year, especially since we lucked out in getting 7664!
  3. Oh, didn't know. Two summers ago we visited PEI, but not Charlottetown. We traveled with DD, DSiL and 3 DGS. DSiL did lots of research to make sure our day on the island was unique. We visited the Potato Museum and the Glass Bottle Houses! Unfortunately that's all we had time to see as we were based over the bridge in N.B.
  4. The Elite bennies on Celeb you get being Diamond are excellent IMHO. 90 minutes of wifi, free bag of laundry , some free pressing and dry cleaning, free drinks during happy hour (either in the Sky Lounge or via vouchers), continental breakfast with mimosas or bloodies and one cabin category upgrade with a few exceptions and a few other perks such as a free gelato. It will take me quite a few more Celebrity cruises to attain Elite Plus, but the advantages don't seem that worthwhile. Now if we could ever reach Zenith..... We will (fingers X'd) be on our 1st RCCL cruise next fall as reciprocal Diamond members and the only perk I think that status will provide us is free drinks since the Empress has no Diamond lounge.
  5. When I saw 10/31 as the cruise ship ban date from Canada, I misinterpreted the date as 10/2031! Strange date for cruises out of Canada to be possibly permitted. Alaska & New England/Canada cruises that include a Canadian port are done for the season mid-October latest. Hoping both of our cruises out of Canada will be sailing in the fall of next year.
  6. Escargot for sure, and.... the FILET from the children's menu!!
  7. Thanks aaabbb & Cruiser Bruce! I finally did find UA's verbiage after about 10 minutes of diligent searching on their website. We will be cancelling soon. Our return flights are from Paris w/ AA ff miles and their policy is clearly stated that there will be no penalty for cancelling flights departing prior to 9/30/2020.
  8. We have flights to CPH booked for 8/21 using UA ff miles. We will not be flying there since we cancelled our RCCL cruise that was to depart from there. I've been on UA's website to try to figure out if there is no fee to cancel those flights and if our mileage will be re-deposited. Can anyone here provide clarity on UA's policy and how we should best handle cancelling? Thanks!
  9. Re-check your cc statements. I overlooked a refunded deposit for an NCL cruise, called my big box TA complaining who called NCL and they confirmed that my cc had been credited. Was my face red! Luckily there is anonymity when calling that big box!
  10. Thanks for sharing. We hope to be aboard the Empress on October 4 2021- the good Lord willing & the Covid don't rise!
  11. Thanks, Tapi! The folding chair would go by the side window so there'd be 2 chairs there. From your video, it looks like there'd be room. We'd consider separating the beds so as to not have to kneel on the queen bed to see out the side window. So hoping cruising including our Empress cruise is back to normal by 2021!
  12. Fingers X'd we will set sail in Cabin 7664 in October '21! It was the only one of those 2 window 3Ns available. @Tapi How did the platform outside the forward window affect you? And would you consider separating the queen bed so as to have better access to the side window? We will be driving to Montreal so have room to bring one of those folding chairs that fits in a bag. I was thinking an extra chair would be nice to have near that forward window, what do you think? It's just me & DH in the cabin. Thanks!
  13. FWIW- our very first cruise on the NCL Pearl had a busted azipod that prevented us from docking in Victoria, our only Canadian port-of-call. Conceivably, if all the stars aligned with Covid-19 in full decline and Alaska cruises resumed but BC remained closed, could anchoring offshore in Canadian waters meet the requirements of the Jones Act?
  14. If that's the case, it'd still be less time overall to fly to Florida to catch a cruise than to drive there from northern Ohio.
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