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  1. Bought this for DD. Asked her how it was. 'Pumpkiny!'
  2. The article did say that Pullmantur would renovate the ships to add more balconies [if that's what this meant: "And, with the idea of improving the offer, staking on a more modern design with a greater number of cabins with balcony." – sounds like a translation from the Spanish and possibly out of context] Pullmantur is less high-end than Celebrity, so the 'revolution' upgrades to suite class etc. would be wasted on them. Better to start with the original design ships if you're going down-market.
  3. This makes absolute sense. All the big cruise lines are looking to ditch their oldest ships. In Celebrity's case that of course is the M-class. These ships are too big for Azamara, and too old to sell – so transfering them to Pullmantur is the obvious solution. [Isn't that how Pullmantur has always gotten its ships?] The question in my mind was whether it would be just the two that haven't had $$$ poured into the 'revolution' or all four. But since Pullmantur needs to re-start small, two is the logical approach. Win-Win.
  4. Wow, do you have an eye for detail! But as Yogi said, 'You can see a lot just by looking.'
  5. Thanks for the tart recipe – but I would like the duck recipe! What do you do with the legs (after you freeze them)? Could we buy a duck breast instead?
  6. No, the prices from Oh's website are outrageous. Even at $8 Trader Joe's is a bargain.
  7. Racine seems to be the Kringle capital of the US, as the brand that Trader Joe's carries is also from there: https://www.ohdanishbakery.com/ They make lots of different flavors – which IMHO is a shame because Trader Joe's only carries one flavor at a time, and all the rest are ... not Almond!!! PS – It looks like Aldi's carries the Racine brand, not Oh. I have found some Aldi's in NYC and will try to make an expedition after Thanksgiving to get one of theirs and compare them. [What I do for you as your loyal host! Such sacrifice! Oh, the humanity!]
  8. Trader Joe's has Almond Kringle back in stock for the holidays. Had my first piece for breakfast today. That's MY thanksgiving tradition! [No turkey in our house ever – we don't like it; but that duck breast sounds very good!]
  9. No, a friend sent me the link I posted. If you google 'Polish Salt Mine' you will find lots of pictures and videos of it.
  10. My TA called to say that Ponant has now cancelled the New Zealand January 30 cruise. We are going for money back.
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