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  1. If I'm reading your post correctly, it sounds like the agency put you in its group but continued to charge you the published rate? If that's correct, you have a serious issue with that agency regardless of how the FCC finals works out.
  2. Wow. I'm glad my 2022 Caribbean cruise is only 14 days – final payment exactly 90 days out. Two additional days would have made it 5 months?
  3. Perhaps in the future they can use one ship for a mosey from Amsterdam to the Black Sea, nosing up the Moselle and back and up the Rhine and back. Wouldn't cover '7 rivers' but would be a Grand Tour beyond anything other cruise lines are offering.
  4. Funny, the article I read made clear that cruise lines have no intention of specifying one vaccine over another – especially because different countries have different vaccines available so the passenger may not have access to the 'preferred' choice. Do you have a cite for your statement?
  5. Here are the details, in a new article on Cruise Critic: AmaWaterways Offers First 45-night River Cruise For 2023
  6. Assuming you're on one of the R-ships and the itinerary includes open ocean, I would pay the slight premium for an F to get a midship location. But avoid 7040 and 7043 which are opposite a noisy staff entry door.
  7. With slippers like that I'd never have to dust again!
  8. That's why Celebrity is moving to 'always included' – so tips are handled centrally. We've always done it this way, because we want to include the important people in the galley and other behind the scenes places who also work so hard to make our cruise enjoyable.
  9. I hope that one lesson countries will take from this is that it is essential to maintain critical industries in your own country and not rely on world trade. So many ways that world trade can get disrupted, and then where are you?
  10. Most executives receive part of their compensation in share warrants that are locked up until a certain future date [to keep their focus on longer term results]. Those shares are usually sold once unlocked, since executives are smart enough to diversify their portfolios.
  11. Sorry to hear about Canada's continuing slow progress. Still, if those numbers for New Zealand are correct they will have to stay in countrywide isolation until 2121!!!
  12. Even though you are still working from home I hope that, with tourism planning reviving, you are working more.
  13. Sorry, this got lost in the other off-topic frolic and detour 😉 Best way to reply is to suggest you read my blog, then come back and ask any questions that raises: Azamara Quest Norwegian Fjords 8-2016 jazzbeauxnorwegianfjordscruise2016.wordpress.com
  14. It was 10 nights in Costa Rica, and you're right it is a lovely cabin. Dangerously spoiling...
  15. When we were there (May) the frigate birds were already sitting on their eggs – but the males still had their red neck pouches fully inflated. I got a stiff neck [psychosomatically] just looking at them!
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