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  1. I love soup and rarely get it at home, and AMA has the most wonderful cream soup every day at lunch – but I had to stop after a few days because that was just a bridge too far on the calories (and salt).
  2. Ponant: https://us.ponant.com/cruises/pacific-and-oceania-the-best-of-new-zealand-r210320-4 Don't know what's going to happen to the White Island day. Landings are out obviously, but I don't know if they are allowed to do a sail-around?
  3. I am finding it hard to verify that she even works for Ponant any more. After her high profile at Crystal, she has certainly gone to ground.
  4. How is late March normally? We are boarding in Dunedin on March 21 and sailing through the Sounds over the next few days before crossing between the islands to Picton on March 25 and proceeding up the East coast of the North Island to Auckland on March 30.
  5. This shouldn't come as a surprise at that late date: it is specified in the cruise documents.
  6. Any cruisers who have done the Ponant "Best of New Zealand" itinerary – what was your experience with missed ports? We'll be on the March 21 Dunedin to Auckland sailing, starting with several days of scenic cruising in the sounds.
  7. @odblnt – I was confused too, but the question isn't about the quality of the hotel – rather it is the level of room within the hotel. My experience with this, on several cruise lines and land tours, is that the answer you get will often be confusing because the terminology doesn't line up with the hotel website room listings. It may take an email to the hotel to get a 'magic decoder ring' translation...
  8. For those who like to 'pack lite' this will be a real attraction: There will also be a floor-to-ceiling "drying closet" where circulating warm air dries clothes and expedition gear.
  9. I guess we can stop waiting for Edie to reply to these questions. This is the first time I recall that Cruise Critic was stood up like this.
  10. Most Great Lakes itineraries are criticized for skipping Lake Superior, but Viking it making it the focus of theirs. Good job. I just wish there was a combination of the "Great Lakes Explorer" and "Undiscovered Great Lakes" itineraries at 10 nights.
  11. You may be right about the basic ship design: but IMHO the Celebrity ship is much more beautiful. And as an all-suite ship I predict it will have food and service to match Silversea.
  12. New article on Cruise Critic: Viking Expeditions Debuting in 2022 With Two Cruise Ships, Great Lakes Sailings Viking still hasn't got permission to sail the Mississippi, but they will be doing the Saint Lawrence. This looks very interesting!
  13. Rick Steves has a nice section on this in his Portugal guidebook (which you can probably get from your local library).
  14. Does Uber operate in New Zealand?
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