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  1. I just want to add that Starlink is available on Wonder. I'm also on this sailing (thanks for the great reporting Freda), but the Voom internet access uses starlink. It works great- very much improved!
  2. The bon voyage menu items listed on my royal app for the Jan 22 wonder of the seas sailing is the same menu as Mediterranean night. Guess they just renamed it for the last night on board.
  3. I'm boarding Wonder of the Seas on Jan 22 1. Welcome aboard 2. French Night 3. Italian Night 4. Mexican Night 5.Caribbean Night 6.Royal Night 7. Bon Voyage
  4. Are the Vitality Cafe smoothies free with the refreshment package? Sailing on Wonder. It doesn't specifically mention them as included when buying the package (although it does specifically mention the JR milkshakes). However, the online menu for the Vitality Cafe says they are included with the refreshment package. Just want to check before purchasing the package.
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