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  1. Thanks for a great review of your Allure cruise. We're boarding 2/23. Do you have a copy of the week's entertainment? If so, would love to see it.
  2. D+ members do not have access to the CL when the numbers of D+ are high on a particular ship/sailing. D+ could have access one sailing but not the next as numbers of D+ onboard change.
  3. When you have access to the lounge(s) you don't get coffee on your Seapass
  4. 5:30 is too early if we want to have a pre-dinner drink. Turnover time for a table is more than an hour so it's harder to get a nice 2 top if you want to go around 6:30. We prefer the 2tops that aren't in a long row right next to one another.
  5. I like that they're starting MTD at 6:30. On our recent Jewel cruise it was 5:30 and early seating was 6pm.
  6. Jewel still has a Diamond Lounge and a Concierge Lounge. We just got off on Monday.
  7. From someone on Jewel now. This week D+ has access to the C lounge but not for next week due to higher amount of members.
  8. D+ numbers are growing every day so, even on regular sailings, there can be too many D+ for a CL to handle. Not all, but many of Jewels upcoming sailings from Dubai, will restrict D+ from the CL.
  9. On our recent Jewel cruise the sign on the door said Concierge Lounge but on our sailing D+ were not allowed in. This is happening on many cruises with high numbers of D+ no matter what the signage says.
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