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  1. Having a hard time justifying $500/pp more for Aqua over a Verandah on Summit for 20sq and Blu dining.
  2. Since John has a big following maybe he can start a "Friends of John and Lala" in the "Friends of Cruise Critic" Forum so everyone can keep chatting.
  3. Agree but miss the "Make Up My Room" sign/magnet.
  4. While we've enjoyed dining in Blu, for our upcoming cruise on Summit May'20, the price spread between Verandah and Aqua is $500+/pp so we've booked a Verandah. For some to have Blu and the Persian Garden it may be worth it but not to us.
  5. Great price if it's a wine you enjoy. Many wine drinkers started with White Zin. In the late80s/early 90s it was called kindergarten wine at many of the vineyards here in CA and was the wine that paid the rent. We've graduated and now enjoy Pinot, Cab and Merlot with an occasional Rose and would love it if they were the price of White Zin.
  6. Tiny suggestion Jed. While the font you're using is classy looking it's hard to read....especially on a phone.
  7. As we all do. Do you think it's safe for my husband and I to walk after dark from the Salah al Din metro to the Crowne Plaza? It looks like about a 7 min walk along Salah al Din street.
  8. There is no Senior Discount but there may be a Senior Rate. It is not offered on every cruise
  9. We, too, were fortunate to have Kumar and agree that Luminae handled everything beautifully. DH, like Iain, had a few items from the kid's menu and they don't bat an eye. Also handle special request....with adequate lead time...the same way. Thanks, again, for taking us along. From your blog I've realize that another trip on EDGE is in order as there are some things we missed and others we'd like to experience again.
  10. I found the company on Cruise Critic and others on our Roll Call are using them too. Cost for 4 is $70pp. We're staying at the Crown Plaza Deira. Crown Plaza Deira Dubai
  11. We've also walked the hallways when it's not so great outside. Where there's a will there's a way.
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