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  1. UPDATE.....day 75 and we finally have the rest of the refund for our Azamara cancelled British Isles cruise. Sadly it took a big of prodding for it to happen. Best of luck to everyone still waiting.
  2. If they did that the points to achieve a level would have to change and that would mean a revamp of the whole C&A loyalty structure. I can't see that happening.....especially now.
  3. We like both Celebrity and Azamara for the itineraries. They offer many that RCI doesn't and at this point in our lives it has been more about where we go rather than just going. Reciprocity to Elite/Voyager is a nice benefit but I don't see a loyalty match ever going to a higher level than that. Celebrity has an excellent Suite program and their restaurant Luminae and the Retreat Sundeck are only available to Suite guests...and not Zenith members. Zenith members do have access to the Retreat Lounge.
  4. When sailing on Celebrity and Azamara they give reciprocal loyalty status up through Diamond....with several nice perks. For us, it's now been more about where we go and they both offer a variety of itineraries that RCI doesn't have. We've enjoyed our sailings on both of the sister lines. Celebrity Elite Perks Elegant tea invitation Evening Cocktail hour (excludes embarkation and evening of Senior Officers’ Party) Complimentary access to Persian Garden (on one port day of your choice while ship is in port) *applies to Solstice and Millennium class ships only Access to the Captain’s Club Lounge for daily coffee house style breakfast A private shipboard departure lounge, serving continental breakfast Complimentary 90-minute Internet package or 30% discount on our Unlimited Internet Package Exclusive Senior Officers’ Cocktail Party Complimentary wine seminar event Priority embarkation while boarding the ship (where available) Priority status for shore excursion waitlist One complimentary bag of laundry (wash, dry, fold) on every sailing. Complimentary pressing of 2 garment items and dry cleaning of 1 garment. Behind the scenes Theatre Tour with the cast and crew, with complimentary welcome drink One category stateroom upgrade applicable up to AquaClass®* Exclusive Captains Club Celebration Event 20% discount on any digital or print photo package at the Photo Gallery plus $100 off any Photo Package purchased at The Studio One Complimentary scoop of gelato from the Gelateria Access to special events on Reunion and Presidents Cruise sailings Access to Captain's Club VISTA magazine online Access to the onboard Loyalty Host during your cruise Eligibility for Captain’s Club promotions when booking a future cruise onboard Diamond Level enrollment in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society
  5. Waiting for Deposit refunds $1100 (Azamara)....cancelled by cruise line 5/20 and $900 (RCI) cancelled by cruiseline 6/2. For the Azamara cruise I surprisingly got the Cruise Fare, Cruise Planner purchases and Air2Sea refunded in ONE transaction. Deposit was on a different credit card. I'm told theyre both "in the works".
  6. It's interesting to hear about this HD and that HD and what they do....or do not do....for passengers. Makes me wonder if there is a bonus for not spending their budget. Or do they even have a budget. LOL...
  7. We are PC and also sail in Suites. We enjoy the lounge and Coastal Kitchen. I think there could be changes for CK as capacity may be limited due to Social Distancing. One change may be not allowing JS to book for dinner and limiting PC to a certain # of dinners per week.......which has been previously done on cruises with high PC count. I do think the SL will remain. I don't see any new lounges being created and, at this time, it would only be a guess as to what other changes RCI may make.
  8. Royal Caribbean created a monster with their very successful Loyalty program. Numbers have grown and, while benefits have changed, it's still one of the best in the Industry. Like those of hotels and airlines a Loyalty program can change over time and many have. While it's not something most want to see this may be the time RCI makes some changes. While we've sailed mostly RCI we have also enjoyed cruises on both Celebrity and Azamara. For us it's now about where we go and RCI doesn't offer the itinerary variety that the others do. We're also treated very well on both Celebrity and Azamara and enjoy the perks of a matching status. Hoping that we get to sail again day!
  9. In the linked article dated Jun 23, 2020 it says under Ownership "Alfred Sears, the former attorney general, wrote in an article: "Significant crown grants, long crown leases and government conveyances and leases by the Hotel Corporation and the treasurer were made to Baha Mar; Baker's Bay in Abaco; MSC in Ocean Cay; Resorts World/Bimini Bay; Royal Caribbean's seabed lease at Coco Cay; Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau; Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma; Breezes at Cable Beach; and numerous islands and cays in the Exumas and Abacos." Crown Land Inequity in the Bahamas
  10. Update #2 - We received our refund for Cruise Fare, Air2Sea and Cruise Planner Purchases on July 8. Deposit had been charged to a different CC so we were told it would be processed separately. Followed up by phone July 13 and was told it was processed and to expect it by the end of the week. As nothing appeared I called again today and was told....after the agent had to confer with his supervisor......that it had not been processed! He assured me a "work flow" had been created and that it was now "in the works". He said at quick glance it looked like it was being refunded but in looking deeper he could see it hadn't been. Let's hope it really has now been processed (at 60 days). Moral of the story......keep calling.
  11. Bringing this back on topic......the thread has been all about liquor and drinks. What about hors d'ouevres? I don't see them offering them when cruising starts again unless they are possibly passed by a server
  12. Where does it say you don't? You're mixing 2 different things.
  13. And they can change the Loyalty Program at any time much like hotels and airlines have. Nothing is guaranteed.
  14. While not what any of us want....RCI could decided this is a good opportunity to make changes to a very successful loyalty program without the push back they would have had pre-Covid.
  15. UPDATE.......Today....at the 50 day mark....we rec'd a refund for Cruise Fare, Air2Sea and Cruise Planner purchases. Surprised, but happy, it came in one amount. Yeah! Now waiting for deposit refund.....which was charged on a different credit card.
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