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  1. I expect an announcement as noted in the email from RCI about Canada port closures. "We commit to sharing a full update with you on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020."
  2. I think you're right that all 3 Azamara ships will "lay up" together.
  3. There are problems with payment across all 3 RCCL brands. Being a loyal customer hasn't meant refunds come sooner be it RCI, Celebrity or Azamara. I'm Pinnacle on RCI and many other Pinnacle members are experiencing the same frustrations that Azamara cruisers are. It appears the earlier refunds are the ones they've had problems with and sadly. If you read the other boards I think you'll see the same frustrations. It's not just Azamara.
  4. Sadly, it's not just Azamara who have had problems with the early refunds. Happy to hear refunds for newly cancelled cruises are being processed but sad that the backlog of refunds due hasn't been cleared.
  5. While you say you've pro-rated daily cost the cruises are very different. Initially I thought you were comparing the same itineraries. I got excited thinking Celebrity had RT Hawaii cruises like Princess.
  6. Many crew have to quarantine when they arrive in their home country.....and at their own expense. We're in contact with an Asst. Waiter from Kenya. She has been onboard since the start of this. She is on Freedom waiting...and waiting...and waiting and hoping to fly home on a charter by Thursday. Then she'll go into quarantine at $80 day x 14 days = $1440. This has got to be hard for crew to afford. Especially when many aren't being paid waiting to go home.
  7. You said you compared it to Celebrity. Do they now offer a RT Hawaii cruise? If so we'd love to take it.
  8. Radiance sailing from Vancouver-Tokyo and Tokyo-Singapore still show for sale on the RCI website while other cruises involving Canada ports/embarkation are gone. What will June 2 announcement mean for Radiance? An itinerary change? or cancellation? I'm hoping for cancellation.
  9. Brilliance is part of Radiance class. We transited Suez Canal in Nov '19 on Jewel....also part of Radiance class ships
  10. GS 1556 is in a great location on the hump but curious to hear opinions from those who have stayed in this cabin on Radiance 1. Is there is noise from the Centrum 2. Where is the smoking area? and if it's above on deck 11 could you smell the smoke if on your balcony? 3. If you sailed in this cabin would you choose it again?
  11. Amen to that! I wrote MBayley this a.m. and asked him to do that. Especially now with the latest announcement about Canadian ports.
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