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  1. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCL, Oceania, Regent) recently released new health safety protocols for when they begin sailing. Keep in mind it's fluid and can be amended as conditions warrant, but it's a great start and probably what we can expect from other lines. Masks are not required. I think most cruise lines (as well as resorts and hotels) realize that people simply will forgo a vacation if it means wearing a mask the entire time. They may recommend masks for certain activities like the muster drill and going ashore in tender boats. I know Royal Caribbean is working on approval for the muster drill to temporarily be conducted in your cabin. All the NCLH brands will initially limit capacity to promote social distancing. How much it will be limited I don't know, but again it's something. Some finer details will work themselves out, such at the buffet. I think it will still exist but no longer self-serve. Everything will be plated for you. Likewise I can see shows limited in capacity with every other seat blocked off. This will mean more performances are required but better than none at all. I think cruising can absolutely continue and even thrive. It's a resilient business and they will adapt to the times for sure. There will be a period of uncertainty but once past that, I can see a bright future. I for one am ready to be back on a ship!
  2. 16045 is what is shown on the SEASHORE deck plan on the link I provided. The deck plan is correct on the general website, but not on the booking engine.
  3. Yes MSC has loaded the wrong deck plan into the booking engine. For the correct deck plan for SEASHORE, you have to go to the general MSC website and look at the ship information. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/cruise/ships/msc-seashore
  4. That is a big problem for sure. It's more important that the deck plan is correct on the booking engine than the general website. Most people of course are going to reference the deck plan that shows on the booking engine when selecting a cabin, as that is what populates. And no wonder the cabin numbers are not matching. Obviously MSC has the correct deck plan for SEASHORE since it's posted on their general website. Why they have not loaded it into the booking engine is beyond me ... but again this is MSC so I'm not surprised! Now with fewer people working in the office due to furloughs and layoffs you have to wonder when things like this will get corrected.
  5. Attached is Deck 16 for SEASHORE as shown on the US MSC Website. It's the same as what is shown on the cruisemapper site. Definitely not SEASIDE. SEASIDE has only six inside YC cabins in a row on Deck 16. SEASHORE has 8 as you can see here. It's definitely SEASHORE. No question there. Now what is loaded into the booking engine when you actually book a cruise may be incorrect, but the deck plans on the general website are correct for SEASHORE, at least on the US site.
  6. The deck plans shown for SEASHORE definitely differs from those shown for SEASIDE, so I feel they are for SEASHORE. You can even see some of the reworked public areas. For whatever reason the cabin numbers on the deck don’t match what has been loaded into the booking engine. I don’t know if this is all cabin numbers or just some. I haven’t investigated. Most likely they renumbered certain or all cabin numbers since the deck plan was released on the website. Hopefully they get that updated but being that it’s MSC it’s anyone’s guess when that will be done.
  7. Anything is certainly possible, but I think the general arrangement is finalized fairly early on to the shipyard. Changes can be made but there are hefty penalties involved by the shipyard at a certain stage in the building process. Also MSC have publicly announced many of the changes to SEASHORE and have even stated they reworked (enhanced) the general layout. For whatever reason they have not updated the deck plans. Like many lines with new ships, they do this on purpose because they are not ready to reveal certain aspects of the design yet, and want to build anticipation. Some lines (Royal & Celebrity and others) will release the deck plan in a series of reveals. Usually all the cabin decks are released first because of course those are needed to book. In the case of MSC it's anyones guess. They generally beat to their own drum. Sometimes I think they just forget to do things. LOL. With so many cruise line employees now laid off or furloughed, I wonder how much attention some of this stuff will get? Some lines have been better than others, but the lines that were poor at details like this will probably only get worse with a much smaller workforce.
  8. Interesting. They must have removed it when they redid the site. It was there though in the past. At least the SEASHORE deck plans are there and are definitely different than SEASIDE.
  9. lol. So typical MSC! I’m not sure what deck plan is loaded into the booking engine, but the deck plans for SEASHORE on the main MSC USA site appear to be correct. Of course there is no telling when the missing public decks will be added. I remember how long it took for Deck 19 to show for SEASIDE. Thankfully it does show on the US site now.
  10. Another example. Deck 5 (which is in the same location on both ships). Notice the differences.
  11. On the US site at least, the deck plans are actually of SEASHORE .. but they are incomplete. Only the decks with cabins are shown. Here is a comparison of Deck 16 (see attached). On SEASHORE you can see a massive new buffet that takes up almost the entire deck.
  12. Yes I think the only major difference with the YC pool deck is that it will be one deck higher. The biggest changes with SEASHORE will be inside. A complete reworking of the general arrangement of public space. I believe only one buffet instead of two, and completely new aft facing lounge, and many other changes.
  13. I wish MSC would publish the full deck plans, as there are quite a few differences and a complete reworking of public areas. Right now only the decks with cabins have been published.
  14. PortMiami has waived docking fees and Port Everglades has not. That is your answer in a nutshell.
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