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  1. If the price on what you *may* want to do looks good now, book it. That way, you’ve reserved your spot on it should it get sold out, and if the price is OK with you now, go for it! Then periodically check if the price doesn’t drop again later - if it does, cancel & rebook. The best deals that I got on some things came during this BF/CM sale, but most of the lowest prices for my stuff was just found by chance in between sales. So, check, and check again your Cruise Planner on a regular basis! If a better value or more interesting excursion becomes available, or you change your mind, you can cancel it before you sail - just read the conditions carefully, so that you’re aware of the exact rules for cancelling (it can vary.)
  2. That is not necessarily accurate... it does depend on the timing. Many families book the Mariner in combination with an Orlando stay to do the parks.
  3. Phil (and others), I’ll try to post a list of the “deals” that I’m seeing on my iPad on the Roll Call.
  4. Since I booked the cruises in CAD, my Voyage Planner has always been priced in CAD when I log in. All of my OBC has been converted to CAD automatically as well. It’s my understanding that it’s only once I board that prices will revert to USD. Regarding the BF “deals”: I’m an iPad user. Eventually, several hours after the sale started, I was able to see the shore excursions with a small yellow banner that identified “10%”, “20%”, or a “pre-departure” price, when browsing on my iPad. There was a newly-listed excursion in Oban that I wanted to start by reserving first. But when I tried to book it, I couldn’t. I ran into the same problem that I’ve been having for months and months - getting the “WHOOPS” page on the iPad when trying to basket. So I switched to Bill’s laptop. HOWEVER, on the laptop, none of the discounted “deals” showed a yellow banner. Not one of them was identified as a “deal” even though the pricing was reduced. If using a laptop or a desktop, there’s a good chance you have no way of easily seeing which ones are discounted, because that yellow banner is simply not there. I had to have the iPad in one hand to spot the “deals”, and the laptop in the other hand (figuratively speaking) to actually do the bookings - IT-related Azamara-normal ridiculousness, as I’ve learned to expect over this pre-cruise year. There were a couple of price drops for excursions that we had previously booked, and I had to go to the confirmation e-mails to check the “deal” against what we had already paid (using OBC.) In each of the two cases, we did save a bit (roughly 10%) by cancelling and rebooking. Medeba: The cancelled refund was immediately returned into my OBC total, and I was able to use it to re-book. nordski: The rebooked deals that were priced lower for us were a kayaking excursion for Bill in Dunedin and a full day tour in Hobart.
  5. Bonnie, I was finally able to see the deals in my account with some CAD-pricing discounts - not great deals - but significant enough to cancel and rebook, which the system allowed me to do (surprised to hear about the T&C conditions mentioned above.) Thank you for alerting us to the sale, as it’s how I found out about it. It was a let down to not see the “deals” at first, but I checked again a few times until some eventually appeared. As usual though, I couldn’t do anything on my iPad (Safari nor Google Chrome) to book what I was now seeing, so had to borrow Bill’s laptop to actually carry out the various changes that I wanted to make - the usual “WHOOPS” website dysfunction.
  6. If it was the Reef walk in Gisborne, that one is indeed no longer offered.
  7. Bonnie, Case in point: Ithikan is US-based. Phil is UK-based (£). I am Canada-based (CAD). The exact same cruise (Journey Jan. 23rd), but only Ithikan sees deals.
  8. The successful ones look to be US-based accounts.
  9. Likewise, no deals. Coincidentally, since my Voyage Planner shows prices in Canadian dollars and others aren’t seeing deals in UK accounts, could it be that the deals are only available to those that can book in USD only??
  10. It’s a “not at all” situation. I just got off the phone with RCI about it. After much back-and-frothing, a supervisor stated that they are not combinable, so I quoted back the website’s own info (thanks Ourusualbeach for posting the conditions!) I was told that the conditions published above are not correct. These offers are definitely not combinable. No amount of logic on my part had any effect on the supervisor that eventually confirmed this. The fact that there’s a fundamental issue with this (requiring a correction to the conditions or a bug fix) went whooshing right over their heads, and it’s not being bumped up. Hopefully, more people will call and complain that they can’t get the published offer, and a brighter set of lightbulbs will bump the issue up to the appropriate Dept.. Unfortunately, most people won’t go that far, and just assume that their sailing is not eligible... For a two-day sale, they better figure it out quickly, and either correct the info or fix the bug.
  11. Aren’t there extra-charge items at the bottom of the MDR menu that would meet your desire to order premium steak/filet mignon or lobster? I seem to recall seeing something like that...
  12. Than you very much for that. I don’t remember if I’ve seen this mentioned elsewhere... We have the Premium beverage package included in an already purchased “Enjoyment” Experience More package. We have too much OBC already on this cruise: 1. Can we use some to upgrade to the Ultimate beverage package? 2. Could it be for just one of us? Or must it be for both? 3. What would be the daily rate to do this beverage package upgrade onboard? Thanks!
  13. If you’re going to quote, then please quote accurately... what I wrote was an “if-when” conditional statement: Again, it’s also the entire context of the conversation. The OP alluded to having to make connections, and will likely be dealing with code-shared flights. In no way was I negating your own experience... even when I tried to clarify. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Glad you had a good flight home, and I wish the same for the OP.
  14. What I wrote was not about flying Delta, but having to deal with AF’s ground crew at FCO, that process Delta ticket holders that have code-shared flights. Not the same creature at all! 😂
  15. If you’re booking flights on Delta with points from Rome, more often then not you end up with code-shared flights and a connection (often CDG). My experience (twice) with the AF ground crew that handles the check-in for code-shared flights at FCO has been far from good. Lucky you to have been flying direct AND having enjoyed good service! FCO is not an efficient airport usually, especially when the flights back to the US and Canada are mostly clustered around midday. That was the point that I was trying to make for the OP.
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