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  1. I imagine they also get paid in addition to a free cruise.
  2. Take solace in that you are not alone - I suffer from the same malady. 🙂
  3. Another way to look at it is if you live it up now and get unlucky and part of the 225000+ unfortunate ones you won’t have to worry about nursing home expenses. You get to choose.
  4. It doesn't make sense to me. Unless it's only a bus tour without getting off the bus. Otherwise once you start your city walking tour or any other local visit or stop at the gift shop you are mixing with locals just like you would if your went off on your own.
  5. Good luck with that argument. If you are not sure what the cruise will be like (if it even goes) you are better off cancelling IMO.
  6. Even if this was true - and that's a big IF - I would wait until a little more is known about the efficacy and safety of vaccines in actual usage of the vaccine.
  7. You are welcome. I hope things work out for you all around - cruise & tours.🙂
  8. This is not an apples to apples comparison. Those that cannot take the Yellow Fever vaccines are at risk only to themselves if they get sick - they are no threat to others. That is certainly not the case for COVID. The implications are obvious.
  9. Gail, We would have been happy to have you join us if we were on the same cruise. Spain Day tours may not list those 2 towns but you can always ask them about it. For Portugal we used Jorge Bras in the past when he was a single guide and were very happy. He now joined a group and we had tours in Portugal booked with him on the May cruise: Premiere Tours - https://premiere.tours/ You can ask for Jorge as per my recommendation. Good luck.
  10. I live elsewhere but do not consider myself unfortunate - quite the opposite 😀 😀 (look at the emojis when reading this post)
  11. I am assuming you mean me - Paulchili. Or do you mean PaulMCO? We were booked on Marina this past May that had several stops in Spain and I had organized tours with Spain Day Tours. Obviously that cruise was cancelled and I have nothing booked at the moment - waiting to see what the future holds. I am happy to answer any specific questions about the tour company.
  12. There is that plus they are again having problems of their own as well.
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