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  1. Strawberry Soup (which I will have SATURDAY NIGHT) Grand Marnier Souffle - sometime next week. PUMPED!!! BYE
  2. Lots of fun comments - Sometimes the most surprising thing is bad.... Like other cruisers - I mean really bad. The buffet was not open yet, and 3 girls of this particular national origin (I think some large corporation must've booked half the ship) not only crossed the "closed" boundary, but opened the salad bar cover and used their hands to scoop salads. Giant scoops. Then threw it on the floor. We watched, helplessly. The next day, they had people standing guard of the buffet. Seriously? But what took the cake was the jerk that came out of the elevator, 3 steps in front of his three females and literally pushed my husband out of their way. Hands on. Pushed. Will NEVER cruise that company again - there should have been better management. I have seen some pretty awesome things too -
  3. Leaving in 2 days for Vista 11.16! Thank you for the good info!
  4. Thats a shame - We did this same itinerary, and La Romana was our second favorite stop! We did a river tour up the river and it was, hands down, one of the very best excursions we have ever done. Aruba was #1 only because it was on my bucket list!
  5. Just EM the Maitre D a couple weeks prior John has his hands full
  6. YUK! I don't care; I drink water. But YUK
  7. Exchange rate, for today, again is .05 1 - The old outdated data, as provided by puerta maya . com is 220 mxd 220mxd = $11.00USD 2 - The same ride, on another persons photo from September 2019 - same destination - is $18.00 $18.00 USD = 360mxd The difference between is 140 mxd = at an exchange rate of .05 = $7.00 I assure you, my math, based on the limited information I have, is accurate. But thank you for making me check.
  8. Thanx everyone - Not my first rodeo to Coz, but on a pretty tight budget this time around. I appreciate everyones input very much!
  9. I just pulled the data from this and compared it to US dollars that was posted by a cruise critic pax from last month. I would hope they would update their website, but you are correct in the sense that they may not have :) If I do convert, it will be done at an exchange here in Idaho prior to even hopping on the airplane! (This Friday btw) I do appreciate your information so thank you!
  10. Cool music video - thx! Its unfortunate they all play the same ol' sordid music though - there is SO much GREAT music out there that isnt the same 30 songs everyone plays. Ugh! Looking forward to LOTS of music on Vista starting Saturday!!! Looks like the ship is really rocking - looking at the pool video! Splash control! Nice video!
  11. Actually, the difference to a popular beach resort is $7 savings one way (which would more than cover the tip) Not exactly what I would call pennies, but then again, we can only afford to cruise every other year. Thank you though So pay US dollars AND give a tip, or pay MXP, same amount - would include the tip. 220MXP or $18USD $18USD approx 360 MXP 140MXP difference at .05; approx $7 difference
  12. Has anyone done a currency exchange in the port area prior to heading out to the city? The taxi rates, based on todays' exchange rate, are nearly HALF in pesos than American Dollars. Is this common for tourist to do this? Thank you in advance
  13. Welcome to the Carnival family One thing to look at as well, is the distance between the airports and Galveston. We are flying out Friday - into Houston - for a Galveston departure on Saturday on Vista. (BTW, Dream is an awesome ship! We were on her a few years ago!) Unless you are very close, I would suggest flying in the day prior, and staying in TX prior to your departure. Do not book a flight out before noon either. And look into Carnival transfers, because UBER/Lyft will be spendy. The Carnival tour to the ruins out of CM is great - long bus ride, but hey - are you EVER going to get the opportunity to see ruins? There is walking involved (and climbing if you choose) The beaches in Majajaul are nice - gorgeous water. Have fun!
  14. GREAT snorkeling - lots of fish! Will be there next Monday again, so I will be sure to update everything when I get back.
  15. We went north - (as opposed to the "south beaches") to El Cozumeleno - nice beach, better snorkeling, pools, AI - We are headed back next week. I do like Nacchi, but the crowds are too much for the "south side" - LOL
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