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  1. I never gave much thought to a balcony that didn't look straight down to the ocean. That is, until I had one that didn't. I like to see the ocean below if for no other reason, to seee if any porpoises are following us. And sometimes to watch the pilot board and deboard.
  2. In normal times, my favorite routing is Seward to Vancouver. With Holland moving to Whittier, Seward is getting harder to get. In the future, I may go in a couple of days early to visit Seward before heading to Whittier.
  3. I will be at Brooks Falls in person July 19-21. Can't wait. Part of 12 day Alaska Photography tour. Not cheap, but should be awesome.
  4. https://skagwaynews.com/2021/04/23/obituary-david-dyea-davejon-mcclelland/
  5. Holland has a strict requirement for wooden shoes on its cruises.
  6. It appears from his Facebook page, that Dyea Dave passed away in April. I enjoyed his tour and his personality.
  7. Why? It's all about politics.
  8. Tip of the Iceberg, by Mark Adams.
  9. Independent tours are the way to go. Smaller boats, fewer people, more photo ops. The cruise ship excursions are ridiculously packed.
  10. I really enjoy Icy Strait/Hoonah. Excellent whale watching, a great zip line, Native Tlingit culture, and a lack of tacky tourist shops that you find in every other port in Alaska. Venture into Hoonah and see a real Alaska working town.
  11. I agree that it doesn't matter whether port or starboard. But I would say not to get your hopes up for wildlife viewing from the ship. You may get lucky while on the ship, but, by far, the best wildlife viewing will be on well-planned excursions while in port.
  12. No cruises this year. I am doing a 12 day photography tour in Alaska in July. Denali to Katmai.
  13. Just going by the itinerary on Holland website. Ketchikan is 7am to 1 pm
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