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  1. Cuba was on my short list but I recently thought about what it would be like if that port got canceled...even for weather...it would be a total ruined cruise. I’d be flying in to go on a ship I don’t really want to go on to ports I don’t have to buy a plane ticket to cruise to. I decided too much is riding on that one port so I bumped it way down my list.
  2. A couple cruises ago my app was freaking me out because it was saying my cruise was a day earlier than it was.
  3. I was on lido of a Dream Class twice last year and one deck down once and didn’t notice any movement. Smaller ships you’ll notice it more.
  4. I would say late since the PG comedy shows are early. Or do YTD and get there right when they open. Even doing that I miss PG comedy at least once per cruise.
  5. You’re going to have to go somewhere to wash that straw between drinks if you’re getting something different. I don’t like drinking out of metal cans so I doubt I’d like a metal straw. Stryofoam cup with a plastic straw is the way to drink a soda.
  6. I ate at a shake shack in Texas yesterday. Didn’t seem like they had any straws or lids. It’s a chain from the northeast so not surprising.
  7. We had plastic straws on vista six weeks ago. Someone on here said they had paper straws on vista out of Florida. Maybe it depends on the port. Vista out of Galveston had plenty of plastic straws...but I brought my own just in case.
  8. Or it depends on the person. I’d get bored after 5-10 minutes and be on the move to where something is going on.
  9. I know they have a train from Chicago to New Orleans. And the station isn’t far from the port.
  10. Like activities on the ship? It's a lot of the same stuff but with different people. Like I find the lip synch auditions, hairy chest contest, and mixology contest entertaining. They're different each time because it's different people each time. If you're a trivia person the topics may vary ship to ship. I was on Vista and didn't do the sky ride. Other ships I've been on didn't have it. Next time I'm on Vista I need to do it. I was on Dream in August and December. In December they had a bunch of Christmas themed activities they didn't have in August.
  11. For me a plane ticket to Florida vs. driving to New Orleans or Galveston would likely offset any savings in cruise fare. I'm looking into cruises out of Florida only because they go to ports that I can't get to from New Orleans or Galveston.
  12. Wet lizard is always packed. I couldn’t get a seat at either of the port bars last time.
  13. Depends on what you want. Grand Cayman and Mahogany Bay are the popular ones. You’re probably going to want excursions in Belize or Jamaica. I did Lamanai in Belize which is a long ride, long day. I did Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica which is in Ocho Rios but we were docked at Montego Bay. So that was a long ride long day from Montego, but it wouldn’t have been from Ocho Rios. If I were picking between those two I’d like to do Dunn’s while in Ocho Rios.A lot of the Jamaica excursions from Montego are in Ocho Rios so you may want to look at those excursions first.
  14. Every...even 5 days. I don’t like dirty clothes in the suitcase.
  15. Glory should be doing the 4 and 5 day cruises right now. When the Dream leaves and Valor comes in Glory goes to 7 day cruises. I believe that's next month. I'll be doing a live review and posting the fun times when I'm on glory but that's not until August. In the meantime, I'd like to see glory fun times if someone is cruising before then.
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