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  1. That’s not really what this is. I mean veterans can gather there. Anyone can. This is going to be where anyone who wants to watch sports has to go because from what I can tell it’s the only place to watch sports on the ship. What they did was after vista and horizon they opened up the sports bar area on Panorama and changed the name and decor to the hero’s tribute bar. Now they’ve pushed that into the back room of the BBQ place and called it the heros tribute room. But this is going to be where everyone watches their sports. And sometimes they’re going to have to listen to whatever band is pla
  2. I don't know what to tell you. I just happened to be looking at 2024 Feb-Mar cruises and Panorama has the cheapest 7-day cruise. Cheaper than Glory, Pride, and Legend. It's 8 day is the same price as Dream. There has to be a reason and it isn't the ship.
  3. There are a lot of people in Texas and Galveston is the only show in town.
  4. Maybe leaving out of Long Beach instead of LA or San Diego.
  5. They have one on Panorama but it's like three times as big with a bar instead of just being a back room in the BBQ place.
  6. You won't see that for Mardi Gras or Horizon. Panorama seems to be among the cheaper 7 day cruises pretty consistently. But it's an hour away from a major airport , you only have 1 itinerary, and it can get pretty chilly on sea days depending on the time of year.
  7. yeah if you want to bring the string and the metal pieces and the crimper and mess with all of that and not be able to get into your room I guess everything short of a tattoo can be moved. It’s not a rubber bracelet you slide on and off. And it’s more comfortable.
  8. I have 7 sets of pre-COVID Magic fun times you can download. Mine was the 12/1/19 sailing which was a 6-day and ours were nights 2 and 5. https://saintgregtravel.com/fun-times/
  9. They have good ones at the resorts in Mexico. Not tight. Not something you can transfer to someone else. They use a piece of metal and a tool to put it on. And they serve as your room key as well.
  10. I also noticed they combined the pizza and deli into one place. I wonder if that means sandwiches are going to be available 24/7 now. If so that’s good. I just hope they have the proper staffing to handle the pizza and deli lines combined.
  11. The punchliner looks even smaller than on vista class. Hopefully they have some comedy shows in the theater which has the theater style seating everyone wants. It has more seating than the punchliner but for a main theater it looks like they’re really packed in. No cup holders but it looks like there may be a tray table on the seat back in front of you that folds down. They have almost totally eliminated the sports bar. On panorama it seemed to be expanded with the wide open hero’s bar. Now it’s just a room in the back of the smokehouse. No bar. Hopefully they change that
  12. I'll have to keep my eye out for it on those captain's dishes.
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