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  1. If you’re on vista or horizon it’s great. Any other ship could be questionable.
  2. I was trying to figure out how the dream had a hypnotist in October when it didn’t for my August and December cruises. Now I see it was October 2011.
  3. @h_blond2 posted them on her review. I'll be posting mine in 70 days.
  4. I probably will since I'm bringing a smaller suitcase than usual. But If it's like Galveston that may or my not be faster. Looking back at my Vista review where I recorded the times, my luggage tag was actually called before my deck was called for self assist. But also...I haven't even been inside an airport in seven years. I have no idea how early you're supposed to get there. How long it takes to get through security...or any of that these days.
  5. I know the day I boarded Vista in February RCCL passengers were struggling to get off of their ship. I heard it was a computer problem. Whatever it was didn't affect Vista though.
  6. What time did you leave the ship? I leave when they call my luggage tag and it seems like its usually around 9:15. I did have a time on Freedom when the ship had a customs delay in Galveston and I didn't get off until after 11am. Looking back at my Vista cruise from February I didn't get through customs in Galveston until 10:12.
  7. When I apply a gift card to my account and don't use it all...which is almost every cruise...they send me a new card with the amount I didn't use. They do tell you to keep the old one just in case. But for me it's never been on the old one.
  8. Thanks for the review! Doing basically the same one next year except Bonaire instead of Curacao.
  9. My first choice would probably be the 8-day Key West, Nassau, Half Moon Cay, Freeport route. I saw a lot in Key West and Nassau without excursions. I haven't been to HMC yet but it looks nice with a free beach. There wasn't much to do in Freeport. I did the brewery tour which included about 45 mins of drinking whatever you want. I think they only do that 8 day eastern on Freedom so if you want the newer ship, I'd do Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Montego on Vista. If you want a free beach right off of the ship you may switch that to Cozumel, Roatan, Belize. Belize and Montego are the stinkers where you really have to have an excursion and a lot of people don't like going there. At least Belize has a port area you can walk around, eat, drink, and shop. Montego had a few vendors set up and that was it.
  10. “Four of the dead were staying at Bahia Príncipe resorts, which are part of a group of 14 hotels in the Dominican Republic that are popular among tourists because they are all-inclusive. The Luxury Bahia Príncipe Bouganville, where Ms. Schaup-Werner died, is less than a five-minute walk away from the Grand Bahia Príncipe La Romana, where Mr. Holmes and Ms. Day died. Both are near the town of San Pedro De Macoris. The Hard Rock is across the island from the other two hotels in Punta Cana. It is not known which Bahia Príncipe resort Ms. Sport was staying in.” https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/travel/dominican-republic-deaths.html
  11. Let us know how it was. I’m curious to know if business has picked up. There were only about 25 cars in there the week I went. It’s such a great deal, I couldn’t believe how empty it was.
  12. Vista class as well. Smaller comedy club to make room for Havana. At least they got a couple of comedy shows in the main theater.
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