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  1. And who is to say none of them will catch it when you release thousands of people into multiple foreign countries and then let them back on the ship? You would have to test them each time they board. Or keep them in a private island and controlled port area bubble where everyone has been tested. But if they did something like that there would be no reason for reduced capacity or social distancing or any of that on the ship. It seems more likely they’re just going to try to control the spread of anything onboard.
  2. And at our building you won't get past security if you have a temperature. I set it off once at like 99.4. I immediately retook it and it was 97 something which is where I'm always coming up. You can wait it out and retest. But I wonder what they will do when someone tests high getting on the ship and it doesn't go down. Or if they do this returning to the ship in a foreign port and someone has that problem. Are they going to be left behind or are they going to be quarantined in their room?
  3. We're using a device at work that's like a mounted ipad. You look at it and the camera detects your temperature. It makes some people feel better but It's not a substitute for a covid19 test.
  4. I believe we should be getting $100 OBC for august cruises. At one point they were offering OBC for people who didn't cancel and I remember $100 being what I was supposed to receive for my 8/29 cruise. Actually I think they started that for a week after my 2/29 Panorama cruise. I remember just missing the cut on that one.
  5. Of course it’s not for everyone. I wouldn’t do it. But I won’t watch a movie by the pool either. A lot of people do it. A lot of people want to hook up things to the TVs so they can watch movies or play games. If it keeps some people happy and reduces the number of people in the lounges it works for me.
  6. Haha yeah.. Most of my vacations as a kid were like in a trailer at a Toledo bend. “Go catch some fish we can eat next week.” The only beach I knew was Galveston. Carnival is luxury to me.
  7. I agree. If one port stays open it would be HMC. And really as soon as I posted that I thought to myself “someone is going to point out HMC is a private island that won’t be canceled.” I was just saying it wouldn’t bother me if we missed it since I’m going back next year. Aruba and Bonaire are why I booked that particular cruise.
  8. something like that. I’m still noodling with it.
  9. It wouldn’t actually bother me if Grand Turk and HMC got canceled. I’m going back to both a couple times next year. The ones that will hurt are Aruba and Bonaire. New ports for me and the reason I’m flying to Florida for a cruise instead of just driving to Galveston. But if Grand Turk does happen...I may need to change my policy of not trying to be the first person off of the ship. To be the first cruiser in Grand Turk in months...this could be my Neil Armstrong moment.
  10. I don’t know if the boxed lunches are going to take off but I have been thinking a one year moratorium on room service charges would be a good way to promote social distancing on the ship. Free in room movies was another idea I had.
  11. Cutting it close. I’m scheduled to be in Grand Turk August 31st.
  12. If you're still able to climb the ruins in Uxmal, I would recommend doing that one from Progreso because you never know when they may change the rules on that. Save Chichen Itza for a future trip. I would recommend checking out the autoprogreso pricing. They are the company that provides shuttles to and from the ship so I feel pretty confident about getting back on time with them and their prices may be lower. If you do Chichen Itza you may want to book through carnival and use the price match that was reported here: I am planning on doing Tulum from Cozumel later this year and would highly recommend booking a carnival excursion for that one since it is so long. No price matches reported on that one yet but it doesn't hurt to try.
  13. Never heard of it but good news. Hopefully they don't screw it up.
  14. All I can think is it's a way for kids to spend their parents money
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