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  1. Great to hear! We will be onboard for the Dec 8th sailing out of Miami. How is the internet??
  2. Thanks for the info, but yeah.....I am not in the Grand Suites!! Guess I will test the limits when I meet the butler!
  3. We will be staying in a Splendor Suite for the cruise. It does have butler service, just not sure the extent of that service.
  4. Given the uptick in virus cases, we might dine in our room more often on our December cruise. Does anyone know whether the butler can serve in room dining from all menus (Compass Rose, Prime7, Chartreuse, Pacific Rim, Sette Mara), or just from Compass Rose? Thanks!
  5. We were paid in full when Regent cancelled our March 2020 cruise due to Covid. We were offered a full refund or a future cruise credit. You may want to double check on that!
  6. Good morning everyone, On the RSSC site, there is now a new section of documentation under the booked cruises. Of particular concern is the Health Attestation/Ticket Contract. I am fully vaccinated, but as I read this, I am not sure about a couple of things. 1. It seems that there will be a COVID antigen test prior to embarkation. Is this test taken at the port in the morning of embarkation? What is the turnaround time on the results? 2. What happens if you are one of the breakthrough infections? Will your cruise fare be refunded? I am going to call Regent, unless someone already has and replies to this message!!
  7. Agree with you, RonRick. Since I have stopped working, I only wear ties at funerals!
  8. Hello All, I have reviewed other thread and could not find anything definitive. So....are collared golf shirts with slacs/shoes ok to wear in the evening? Would certainly make pacing a lot easier!!
  9. What time do the shows usually start in the theatre? Just planning out dinner reservations to ensure that my wife can make it to the shows on time. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for all the information. We looked at a few YouTube videos about GSC and decided that if a large ship were scheduled to be there, we would probably pay for a villa to avoid the crowds, if they were still available. We will make that a game time decision!
  11. On our planned (fingers crossed) Dec 2021 cruise, Miami - Miami on RSSC Splendor, they have changed the first port from Dominican Republic to Great Stirrup Cay. Has anyone been there on Regent? Are food and alcoholic beverages included? Is the zip line free? Any information would be helpful.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but........ How does the laundry service work? I have used it to have shirts cleaned and pressed, but do you just bundle underwear and socks the same way??
  13. Will be sailing on Regent Miami to Miami on March 24, and one of the stops is Harvest Caye. Two questions: 1. How do you access the beach area? Is it a short walk from the dock? Do you have to tender to the port area? 2. Are there lockers available to store a backpack with wallets, camera gear, etc.? Thanks!
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