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  1. Yes in CK on Anthem. We didn’t like the heavy sauce and asked for it plain with some butter. We did the same the night they had a lobster salad type appetizer, no sauce They have always been very accommodating Noreen
  2. Totally agree, we order the lobster naked with some melted butter on the side.
  3. Hi We are big fans of Coastal Kitchen. We like that we normally have the same waiter who gets to know you and what you like (similar to fixed dining in the dining room). If there is something from the main dining room menu that you like they can bring it. That may vary by ship but it was never a problem on Anthem. We may go to a specialty restaurant if we want something different but usually are very happy in Coastal Kitchen. I have a lot of reviews in my signature with menu and food pictures if you want to take a look. Noreen
  4. Hi Just a quick update... I checked Celebrity’s website This morning to see if my original Reflection Jan 2021 sailing showed my cabin available. It did so then I checked the Feb 2022 Constellation sailing to see what Royal Suites were showing (just being curious to see what my options would be to change if I didn’t like where they’ve placed me). Next step was logging in to check...they put me in the one I would have chosen (aside from the originally booked one that I already have). I’ve just on the other side of the ship. I won’t bother my TA right away since the Lift/Shift part seemed to work and I’m guessing she’ll see an updated confirmation to send me. Next step will be cancelling the more expensive, non refundable booking for the FCC, but it doesn’t seem like that’s a rush to do immediately. I will continue to update as we move along with the process Thank you all for your help/advice Noreen
  5. Thank you for the update. Sounds like you were able to get it solved quickly with your TA. I agree the two rooms for 4 people sounds much better than 1 room. I forgot about the shareholder OBC but the cruise is so far away I will do that as it gets closer. Most of the time they find some reason to deny it for me. I will post once my lift and shift is resolved as it’s still in process. Thank you Noreen
  6. I knew I wouldn’t be the only one in such a situation. Thank you for posting about yours. Would you mind keeping me posted on your progress? I am thinking that since we have similar situations we can leverage each other’s experiences if either of us run into any issues. Noreen
  7. Hi OK - step 1 is done. I went on line and requested the Lift & Shift I will keep you posted as things move along Thank you all for your help Noreen
  8. Next easy question... Should I do the Lift and Shift online or wait for my TA to call to do it? I am guessing she would need to call anyway to change the cabin number if I don’t like where they place us. Should we wait to cancel the current 2022 cruise until after L&S is squared away? Thank you Noreen
  9. Hi. This is great info, thank you very much for sharing. Your situation sounds the closest to ours that I have read about. I didn’t even think of holding off on using the FCC until close to final payment but that makes a lot of sense. Thank you
  10. Our deposits have been $900 per person for Royal Suites. Could it be based on length of sailing? Ours were 11 or 12 nights. We are definitely leaning towards the L & S and then applying the FCC (if we can) thank you
  11. I don’t think that would work, there was an older thread about people looking for discounts on one of the other ships that didn’t get the full renovation (maybe Eclipse) after they booked assuming it would be done but it didn’t fly.
  12. Thank you for confirming it makes sense
  13. Hi I searched through the various lift and shift threads but haven’t found my situation so I’m hoping I can get some advice here. My TA will be calling Celebrity (probably with me on the phone) to ask our options also, but I know that sometimes you get more accurate information here than when you call depending who answers. I also want to have a suggestion ready to provide. Here’s the story: We are booked to sail on Reflection January 2021 in a Royal Suite with a refundable deposit. It’s 11 nights ABC itinerary. This has been booked for a while so we have a good price. I don’t think it will sail given the pandemic and even if it does I don’t think we’re ready to be among the first group of cruisers. When I looked online at the Lift and Shift Options there are 3 choices and only 1 is an ABC itinerary - on the Constellation for February 2022. Normally that would be the end of the story and we would just go forward with that. Here’s the wrinkle...when we were on our last cruise, we booked on board - that same February Constellation ABC for February 2022, in a Royal Suite, but with a non refundable deposit. At the time it was pre-Covid so they also sold us on the renovations that were scheduled. The cost is about $5,000 more than our Jan 2021 sailing. I’m looking for advice on my options. Here is what I was wondering if I can do: Can I Lift & Shift my January 2021 Reflection to the February 2022 Constellation and be double booked for February 2022? With Lift & Shift I keep my lower price and my refundable status for the deposit. Then what should I do with my currently booked more expensive non refundable Constellation reservation? Do I cancel under Cruise with Confidence and get a FCC for the $1,800 deposit, then apply that FCC to my Lifted and Shifted Constellation at the lower price? If I do that would moving the FCC that came from a non refundable deposit automatically make my booking non refundable? Can I even use FCC on the same sailing that I received it from for cancelling? If I can’t apply the FCC back to the same date sailing, how long is it valid for? Is it valid for 1 year from sail date so February 2023? Or could I just have them move my non refundable $1,800 deposit to the newly lifted and shifted refundable one? If I did that would that then make the booking non refundable and now they are holding double deposits of $3,600 for the sailing? I’m open to any suggestions. Sorry for the long winded question, but I wanted to explain the situation as best as I could. Thank you in advance for any suggestions/advice Noreen
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