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  1. Hi I never knew you could get a win/loss statement from a cruise casino. We get them from the land based casinos we visit. How do you request it from Royal? Thank you Noreen
  2. Hi We ate at Brass and Bock on Anthem and enjoyed it very much. Noreen
  3. The pier at Bayonne has very easy parking. We have cruised from there many times. Pull up and drop luggage with porters (tip them) Drive into the parking garage and you are directed to the next available spot (kind of like they do at Disney World) I take a picture of where I parked so I remember at the end of the trip When the cruise is over a porter (if you have a lot of luggage) brings you and your bags to an easy to load the car spot. Otherwise you can do that yourself. Pay for parking at the little kiosk before getting in the car. Then you are on your way Noreen
  4. We like to get a Christmas ornament from the ship. Also from the various islands or places we visit.
  5. Hi. I see the number of rows are now unlimited as noted above, but what about linking to trip reports for the listed trips? I have multiple rows and many have a link to the trip report. Will I be able to add more or will I lose the links? I saw several people linked to a google document to have just one link but I haven’t figured that one out yet. If that’s my only option I’ll do that. Ideally I can continue to add my links on each row with the trip Thank you Noreen
  6. Hi. We were on Anthem in August and were able to get money right at the slot machine. You just would transfer from room charge to the machine. We were not charged a fee but I don’t know if that’s because we are Prime in the casino or if there is no fee for everyone at the slot machine self transfer. Noreen
  7. Thank you. I love the Dooney Bags too. But not quite as subtle. I had one that was sort of subtle - black with colorful small Mickey Heads. You had to look closely to realize it was Mickey Mouse. Whenever I see someone with a Disney Dooney in the real world I’m always complimenting them on it since I like them a lot also.
  8. Final Thoughts The trip was a lot of fun. We always enjoy our trips whether it’s Cruising, Disney, or something else. I’m not sure I’m a big fan of the combination trip with both a cruise and Disney. There was a lot of checking in, checking out, and logistics. Maybe if we did Disney first it would have been easier eliminating the pre-cruise hotel stay. We felt like we didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted to since each part of the trip wasn’t as long as we normally would do. I’m not ruling out another combination trip in the future but don’t think it would be my first choice. We will probably do more of our usual types of trip of either a longer cruise or longer Disney trip. I don’t mean this to be negative; we had a great time. I just think our preference is to get settled in one place for the duration of the trip. We really liked the Mariner. This is a great class of ship. It’s a great size - not too big and not too small. We enjoyed spending time on the ship. The water slides were a lot of fun. We liked the ice show. The cabin had plenty of room and a great layout. Our room steward was probably one of the best ones we’ve had. There were a lot of things we didn’t even get to try with the shorter cruise. I thought we would miss not having Coastal Kitchen since our last cruises had that option, but we were pleasantly surprised with the dining room. The food we had was very good. Our waiter and assistant waiter were very good. They got to know us pretty quickly and our preferences. We liked that personalized touch. Coco Cay is beautiful. The amenities of the island are wonderful. I know they are still doing some building which may have led to the water being turned up a bit and not that beautiful crystal clear blue. Disney is always great. We love going there. It was hotter and more crowded than we expected. We had some really good dinners; better than we expected. We did more park hopping than we normally would and that takes a lot of time. We enjoyed Vistana Villages and appreciate the villa experience over a small hotel room. Driving to Florida was still fun for us. It’s definitely a long drive. We’re still experimenting and trying to figure out the best way to do it and what time to leave. We may break it up next time rather than driving straight through. Thank you for sticking with me since it took me a long time to get this finished. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I love talking about vacations. Noreen
  9. Friday 10/11/19 We should have been starting our drive home today but since we left Thursday instead we were already home. We tried keeping the vacation theme going all weekend. Instead of just doing regular stuff around the house, we went out and did fun things all weekend like the casino, going out to dinner, and basically just enjoying spending time together.
  10. Thursday 10/10/19 Scott went to the gym at 3:30am; I went at 5:30am. We used the jacuzzi, showered and got dressed. We finished packing since we decided we are going to head home a day early. I know that sounds crazy but we have a long drive ahead of us and wanted to get back a little sooner and have the weekend before going back to work. We left about 10am to head home. In Georgia we stopped at one of the Peach Worlds (there are more than one) but they are out of peaches; it’s not in season. We bought peach jam, peach preserves and some candied nuts. We were in North Carolina by about 6 and walked around a bit. There was a pond with turtles in it at the rest area. In Maryland we napped in the car for about 30 minutes We got home around 6am. It took us about 20 hours including stops. We think we may break up the trip next time. Drive about 10 hours or so the first day, stop for dinner and a hotel to sleep, then drive the rest of the way the next day. We played with the cats. They all inspected the Minnie Mouse bed but they didn’t go in it. Eventually one of the cats, Princess, decided it looked safe and she went in. We brought the rest of the stuff into the house. We did some unpacking and more laundry. Scott went to get a haircut and brought home bagels and Starbucks. Keeping the vacation theme going, we went to a local casino that night. We were tired but ended up having a lot of fun.
  11. Wednesday 10/9/19 Scott went to the gym at 5; I went about 6:15. We both really like the gym here; it’s big and open 24 hours. We are debating coming back to Vistana Villages next year rather than Vistana Resort mainly because of the gym. We went in the jacuzzi, showered, and got dressed. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I felt light headed in the shower. I sat on the couch for a little while. Scott wanted to stay with me but I sent him to Hollywood Studios to try the new Star Wars ride (Millenium Falcon) if he could get on. I wasn’t sick sick where I needed to be taken care of. I think I just needed to rest a bit. Scott went on the single rider line in about an hour for Millenium Falcon. He said it is kind of like Star Tours but more advanced. He surprisingly said he prefers the regular star tours ride. He was going to head back after the ride but I told him he should stay and use the fast passes. I did some internet shopping and laundry while I was in the villa. I was starting to feel much better. He said he felt weird being at the park without me. He went on Tower of Terror and Star Tours with the fast passes. He also did the single rider line at Rock N Roller Coaster and said it didn’t take long at all. He said the park in general was less crowded than it’s been and he was able to get on the rides quickly. He wanted to build a droid but will wait until we are both there to do that. Scott got back around 12:30 and we did some packing. We drove around the resort to see some of the other sections. The Key West section looked pretty and quiet but the gym is very small and doesn’t open until 6 and closes at 10. We drove to Disney Springs. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Homecoming. We didn’t have a reservation but were able to be seated right away. We sat at the bar. We shared the chicken biscuits appetizer and a burger. We ordered the burger with fries instead of chips since the chips came with a sauce on it that we didn’t think we would like. They brought the chips out accidentally then brought the fries we wanted. I had Sprite and Scott had the bourbon he liked. We shared a piece of hummingbird cake. We really like Homecoming. It’s probably one of our favorite Disney restaurants. I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad meal here. We walked around Disney Springs after eating. At the Coach store I found a cute Mickey shaped head to hang off my purse. My normal purse (not for Disney or Vacation but what I use at home) is a Coach bag. I liked it because it’s cute but it’s not over the top. This picture is after were were home and I ended up disappointed with this. The little chain that attached it to the purse kept opening and the Mickey tag kept falling off. The little chain is missing. Luckily I found the Mickey head each time but after it fell off a few times I gave up. Scott said he’ll put something better on it if I want to put it back on my bag. I like the item but not having to constantly worry about it falling off. We started talking about possibly leaving a day early to head home. I know it sounds so weird to want to leave vacation early. We were having a great time but started tossing around the idea. Back at Vistana Villages we did more laundry and packing. We watched The Good Witch and fell asleep early.
  12. This is perfect - thank you so much for sharing.
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