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  1. Were taxis available to go back to the ship at Bikini beach or do you need to arrange for driver to come back? thank you
  2. Hi Am I able to pack a few gifts already wrapped in birthday wrapping paper? Celebrating my husband’s birthday on board and will do most gifts pre or post cruise rather than lugging them but a few small gifts wrapped for his actual birthday on board for him to open that day. Wondering if it’s a security issue but assume the scanners can see through wrapping paper if it sees through the luggage Thank you in advance Noreen
  3. Tuesday 2/12/19 - At Sea - Continued We showered and changed for the evening. We went to the Concierge Lounge for a drink. It was crowded so we didn’t stay very long. We noticed the odd animal pictures that used to be in the elevators are gone. Now it’s just a blank wall. Those pictures were a bit bizarre, but they were a great conversation starter. We had dinner in Coastal Kitchen with Rich and Eileen. For appetizers, Scott had Tuna Tartare and Shrimp Cocktail. I had tomato and mozzarella. Rich and Eileen must have had the same since I don’t have pictures of any other appetizers. For our entrees I had the tomato crusted flounder. Scott had the chicken parmigiana from the dining room menu. Rich and Eileen both had lamb from the dining room menu. Rajeev also brought us the garlic shrimp from the dining room menu to share. Everyone enjoyed their meals. It’s really nice that you can get something from the dining room menu if you see something you liked. We would try to remember to take a look at it on the TV each day. For dessert Scott and I had the tres leches cake from the dining room. It was just OK. Rich had Ricotta Cheesecake and Eileen had Ice Cream. Rich and Eileen booked an 11 night cruise on Serenade for winter 2020 and asked if we wanted to come. We tried to convince them to come on our Celebrity Silhouette 14 night cruise but they don’t think they can be gone that long. The 14 night cruise ended up being cancelled by Celebrity as the ship won’t be done with it’s revolution in time. But that’s a story for another day. That cancellation didn’t happen until May 2019. There were no regular shows tonight since both the Gift and Spectre’s Caberet are showing. We went to the casino. We went back to the cabin a little after 1am and Scott was hungry so ordered room service. We moved the clocks back tonight.
  4. Tuesday 2/12/19 - At Sea We both went to the gym in the morning. We made our usual stop at the Patisserie. After showering and getting dressed, we went to breakfast in the Windjammer. We went to the 11am Galley tour. We signed up via a card that was left in our room the first day as a Diamond Plus tour (no charge). There were others to choose from if we wanted and could have chosen all of them. We just chose this one. The confirmation showed up on the TV. The tour was pretty good. There were a few annoying people in the group. The person hosting was soft spoken and at times it was hard to hear everything he said. As he wold move through the different areas sometimes you were near the front and sometimes you were near the back. The two annoying couples no matter what would rush to get ahead of/around everyone else to be right near the host. I am not sure if they were being rude or maybe they were hard of hearing and needed to be close. Everyone else basically took turns who was closer and could hear better. We went to the arcade and Scott played one of the racing car games. We played Ping Pong. We weren’t playing a competitive game but were trying to keep the ball going. We played Baggo also. These were such simple things to do but we had fun doing it. How often do you get to just play games like this? We walked around deck 15 on the jogging path. We stopped to watch the flowrider for a bit. It was not crowded at all and people were able to get a decent amount of time when they went. We went to the 1pm line dance class in the Music Hall. I thought we would participate but we were a few minutes late and they already started so we just watched instead. We went back to our cabin and hung out on the balcony reading and playing with the IPad. We packed one of the suitcases with the snorkel gear, water shoes, etc. We weren’t going to need those things so wanted to get it out of the way.
  5. You are 100% correct. He humors me taking the pictures. But he’s gotten so used to it, he’ll even arrange the plate or move things around on it to get a better picture. Thank you
  6. Monday 2/11/19 - St Kitts - Continued We showered and changed for dinner at Coastal Kitchen with Rich and Eileen. For appetizers Scott and I both had the crab cake. Scott also had shrimp cocktail. Rich had sugar snap pea salad. Eileen had seafood veloute. I like the crab cake but think I will ask for it without the sauce next time as it’s a bit spicy for me. For our entrees Rajeev brought tortellini for the table. I had the Beef Wellington from the dining room menu. This was very good. Eileen and Rich both had some sort of shank from the dining room menu. Scott had the lamb loin. For dessert I had the ivory mousse. Eileen had ice cream. Scott and Rich went to the Windjammer to get a few cupcakes that they brought into Coastal Kitchen. After dinner we went to the 9pm Edge Effect show in the theater. We went to the casino for a little while. At 10:15 we went to the Quest in 270. It was very funny. The performer who plays Spectre was the host of the Quest. After the Quest we went back to the casino until they closed. Back at the cabin, Scott modeled his new Sweatshirt from St Kitts
  7. Monday 2/11/19 - St Kitts I went to the gym in the morning and Scott slept. He is planning to go later as he enjoyed his afternoon gym time yesterday. After the normal Patisserie stop, we showered and got dressed. We had breakfast in the dining room. We both had pancakes. We got our beach bag from the cabin and were ready to go ashore. We went up to the pool deck to wait for the all clear. We took a cab to Carambola Beach Club. We have come here the last few visits to St Kitts and really like it. It was much more crowded than in the past. Even when we first arrived there was a long line to check in at the desk to pay for the chairs/umbrellas. Then it was crowded on the beach trying to find available chairs. They even had the old hard wood uncomfortable chairs out along with the newer/lighter more comfortable chairs. We walked further away from the main area and found available comfortable lounge chairs. It doesn’t look crowded where we set up but we walked pretty far away from the main area where most of the people were. It got crowded here a little later too. We got settled in our chairs. I went to the changing room to put on my bathing suit. We swam and played in the water for a while. We stopped back at our chairs and there was a sudden huge rain storm. We tried to pull the chair backs up towards us and under the umbrella to keep what we can dry. It passed in a few minutes and the sun was back. We walked to the other side of the beach (past the main area) where there was a lagoon that had turtles. Scott snorkeled here. I think next time we are here we may try to get lounge chairs in this area instead of where we are. We walked back to the area where our lounge chairs are and we both snorkeled. After snorkeling for a while we dropped our snorkel gear at our chairs and went back in the water and swam for a while. It is so pretty here. It was just about time for our driver to come back for us so I changed out of my bathing suit in the changing room. Our cab came back for us around 2:30. Back at the pier we found several T shirts, a sweatshirt, and a hat for Scott. There was a chocolate shop so we bought some candy. Then we headed back onboard Anthem. It’s always a little sad getting back on the ship at the last port knowing the next time we get off the ship will be back in Bayonne. But we still have a few days at sea to enjoy before we’re home. When we got back to the cabin there was wine from the casino and chocolate covered strawberries from the room service team. We sat on the balcony reading and playing on the IPad. We really like the lounge chairs on the balcony and spending some time out there. Scott went to the gym.
  8. Hi They all go so fast. The first few days you feel like it’s moving at a nice pace then suddenly it’s time to pack and go home. Yes we would do that sailing again. We have done it the last few winters. We love the convenience of sailing out of Bayonne. Next winter there aren’t 12 night sailings from Bayonne only shorter ones to the Bahamas when we looked at Feb 2020 so we will be cruising on Celebrity Silhouette but out of Fort Lauderdale. We have not booked Alaska yet. We were thinking about it for my Husband’s 50th bday but he said he would rather do Alaska another time not when we are tied to a specific date since I wanted to be away on his actual birthday since it is a big bday. He wants to go back on Anthem for his birthday so we will be doing a nine night to Bermuda, St Maarten, Puerto Rico, and Labadee. I will do a review for that one too after the trip. Noreen
  9. Thank you. Glad you are enjoying. It is taking me longer than I hoped to finish but work has been busy so squeezing in writing on weekends. I will finish as that’s a pet peeve of mine when people leave them unfinished. Noreen
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