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  1. We had an Aft cabin which was awesome on our full transit. We did a forward on our partial transit. One suggestion though is to roam the ship during the transit. They will open the bow to passengers which is a great view. We also went to deck 7 during the last locks and could almost touch the wall of the canal.
  2. I also just found this thread...can you send me a copy of your map. send to premiercrowns@gmail.com Thanks we will be in San Juan for the 3rd time in January. Want to do what you did and just go out of our own
  3. I have done several....all of the posts have great information already. My biggest tip would be to bring change, i.e. ones, fives and tens. I have run across several ships that were very stingy with their change. Especially at the start of the cruise. I check out the machines the night before, usually a Wheel of Fortune. About 30 minutes before the schedule pull time, my husband will sit and play at the machine to "hold" it for us. We always had ours right after the Meet & Mingle. Made it easy to just go from the meet to the casino. We even schedule a second one later in the cruise if it is a longer cruise. Good luck and let us know if you have any more questions.
  4. To add to this...anyone know the email address for the Cruise Director? I believe it is now Leigh X.
  5. Did you happen to get his contact information? His Facebook page is old, so not sure he would get a message if I post there. Would like to contact him before our November 23rd cruise. Just an email address for him would be great. Want to get with him about out M&M before hand. Tried going through John H. on his page and he said to get with the ship.
  6. We use these....just to hold our towel to the chair, not to show that they are reserved. We also only use them while we are actually sitting on the chairs.
  7. We got an email from NCL with our dining reservations and it showed up on our cruise planner under each day. I have heard from others that they had issues with making reservations and them not showing up. They ended up booking each one separately and that seemed to work.
  8. Thanks...I am leaning towards just getting the package and not having to worry about it. Especially since I have 119 days to budget for it. Thanks for the input...
  9. Anyone know where there might be current menus posted with prices? The only ones I found either didn't have prices or were years old, like 2012, 2014.
  10. The 230.00 includes the gratuity. We are not big eaters, probably just an appetizer each and main dish. Husband might get a dessert, but not me. Normally I have the dining package included, not this time though, the rate was too good through the casino.
  11. We are sailing in January 2020 on the Dawn. My booking was through the casino - great rate - but it only included the drink package and WIFI. We are platinum so we will get our 2 free specialty dinners but I am also trying to decide whether or not to do more. This is a 12 day cruise so we have lots of dinner options. We are already using our platinum certificates for Le Bistro and Cucina. Want to also do Los Lobos, Le Bistro again and Cagneys. So, it would cost a total of $230.00 for the 2 of us to get the 3-night dining package. Any idea of what the ala carte price would be? I can't locate any current menus with prices on the internet. I can find menus but no prices. Just trying to decide if the cost of the package is worth it or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Yes, if you have registered. You can click on the meet & mingle link at the top of the page - the same link you clicked on to register. After you select your cruise line there will be another link that says "View Your Registered Party Information" click on that and it will give you another link that says " who's going" This will give you a total number and list of people who have registered.
  13. I will try him again. The last time I contacted John through his page, he said that it was up to the ship when and where we would have it. I told him our numbers too. I will try him again when it gets closer. Will also try to find the CD social media page and email. Thanks for all of the responses.
  14. Thanks. I will try all of those. I have been hesitant about posting on John's facebook page because I read on here that he does not like CC and didn't want that to deter the Meet & Mingle. Is this true?
  15. Hello, We are cruising on the Magic November 23rd. Right now we have 106 people registered for the Meet & Mingle through cruise critic. We also have a group page with 250+ members. I have been posting on the group page for them to come here and register for the M&M, which is working out great. My question is: how can I contact the cruise director ahead of time to set up a specific day and time for the meet? We also have a slot pull scheduled and would like to have the m&m first and then the slot pull right after. I read somewhere that the current CD, Simon, is leaving the Magic before our cruise. So, how do I find out the new CD and their email address? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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