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  1. Pitcairn Island circled it twice, very isolated no locals visible at all, only a curious whale. They deserve medals for living there such an isolated place, weather is warmer, so off to spa, pool a bit cold for me but others went in. I come from Qld so it has to be pretty warm before I venture in. there are lots of niggly things but a cruise from hell. no. The itinerary is great, what’s not to like about cruising, suck it up and realise how lucky you are to be here. Sorry I said twelve sea days, it is only ten, just feels like twenty, lol i think some of the ones who have been on since Sydney or Auckland are getting to be over it and getting a bit edgy. Service this morning for Vietnam Veterans Day, used to be Long Tan commemoration day. Looking forward to Papeete tomorrow.
  2. All 500 mins of complimentary internet gone but I gotta good deal on unlimited internet for remainder of cruise however internet is very patchy, no news channels available on tv due to where we are middle of nowhere. Disappointing we couldn’t land at Easter Island wind was very strong with moderate swell and undercurrent. I am sure the demographics swayed Captain’s decision not to tender. If I get coughed on or sneezed over one more time you nay read of a murder at sea, there are only a small number who are ill but they are of the caring, sharing kind. One woman sat behind me on a bus on a shore excursion and coughed non stop. She looked really ill, flushed. Why not stay in cabin? Lots if whinging, complaining about everything. Lots of know it alls The ship could have put tenders out, etc etc ports visited so far, I have found them interesting and enjoyed all my visits, sorry I didn’t get to see any monkeys in Costa Rica but the aerial tram ride through the treetops was fantastic. Callao, Lima a bit ho hum but that could gave been my choice of tour. Still saw lots of great things. Local sellers at markets on,pier were delightful and their goods were so cheap. in the middle of 12 TWELVE sea days. I may go insane, can’t work out whether activities remind me of a retirement village or nursing home. i will retire to my cabin for a few hours each day to become as my daughter says fit for human company instead of a grumpy puss
  3. St John’s changed dramatically from morning to afternoon, almost had to do a striptease, the coat went, the beanie went, the scarf went, decided to keep rest on lol Brilliant warm sunshine as we sailed out, even whales cameto say hello or goodbye.
  4. https://gwenkelly51.weebly.com/ seems to be working again if anyone is interested.
  5. St Johns started off cold windy rainy but turned into a lovely sunny day, too hot for coat,scarf and beanie I was wearing. Took HOHO bus for 2 hr trip around city sights and out to Cape Spear $33 CAD for seniors. Saw whales in distance, a really lovely spot but very windy. Wanted to stop at Quidi Vidi brewery to get some iceberg beer but busses were full and if you got off the next bus would be full and you were left waiting. Sorry to my son you have missed out on tasting beer made with water from an iceberg. Lol interesting town but very hilly and steep, some streets so steep they gave steps built in. Thought about a whale watching and puffin tour but too wet in morning and too late when I got back. Two Newfoundland dogs at wharf, very large but really friendly.
  6. Dover took ages to board, no information given out. Muster was in theatre, then wheelhouse bar, then no seats available, did whole thing, then tape was fixed and did it all again. on way down from Heathrow stopped at Battle of Britain memorial with a spitfire and hurricane, and a very moving statue of a pilot looking over the channel towards France. Portland I went to Swannery where there were hundreds of mute swans and even some babies (cygnets) very cute, lovely rolling hills. Thomas Hardy country. The local port authority ran a free bus into Weymouth and many people took advantage of that. Cobh, this was a return visit for me, so I took a taxi to the cathedral, my knees couldn’t handle those hills. Very beautiful and lovely views, the Catholics do seem to get the best positions in any town all over the world. Then wandered the town, had the obligatory Guinness in Kelly’s bar and back to ship. Cathedral bells played Waltzing Matilda in our honour.
  7. Sorry no blog, could be one or all of the reasons below, I’m probably going with third. poor internet connection poor website, I took the free option ID ten T error (ID10T) Ports so far have been great, lots to see and do ship not so good, staff in restaurants, buffet, room stewards, excellent rest very ordinary. other passengers, strangest I have come across, you say good morning and they walk on past you, no reaction, you hold the door open for them on decks and they barge through, no acknowledgement at all. I am on deck 8 and use the casino as a walk through sometimes, never seen more than five people in there, no one at tables. bars very quiet, pretty much a ghost ship after 10 pm Elite lounge is only on about every third night, venue too small, took 35 mins to order a drink. Laundry is taking 4 days. Very poor organisation, just lots of niggly things which should be smooth sailing lol However I took the cruise for the different ports so will suck it up.
  8. I might be one of the cranky Aussies. Don’t think so though. I love to cruise and enjoy every moment. Love seeing new places and things.
  9. I am doing a very basic blog for my trip from Dover to Brisbane, mainly so I don’t overload Facebook. Main purpose is to let my kids know what I am doing. Anyone is very welcome to have a look as the trip progresses, website is https://gwenkelly51.weebly.com/ Also it is best viewed on a mobile phone, doesn’t display well on an IPad. I fly out tomorrow morning 2.35 am and get to Heathrow at 8.15 pm so no posts until I board on Tuesday.
  10. Appreciate your comments but he was quite ok with English, he was just not going to serve coffee before or with my meal. Had a laugh and moved on, not worth making a fuss. Travelled all over the world, each country has their own way of doing things, I try to blend in.
  11. I like my coffee with my meal. Once in a French restaurant in Noumea I ordered my meal and coffee and asked for coffee to come straight away. “Non Non Madame, only after meal”. Oh well when in Rome, or Noumea do as they do.
  12. I generally find the quiet spots. As I get older I have become more intolerant of people who just like to talk about themselves.
  13. Yeah 3 days away from flying out, bit too close. This is probably my last long cruise on my own, will have to convince the “kids” (in their late forties) to come with me.
  14. Must be overbooked from Dover, have now had FIVE emails with a moveover offer, full refund of cruise fare as OBC, hard to think how I could spend over $20,000,$800 air credit and free cruise up to 52 days. Hmm let me think, bedroom looks like a bomb hit it, big decisions what to pack and what to not. All organisational things such as currency, DFAT, banks, blog started etc done. Probably too old to do another long cruise on my own. Not taking it but will accept upgrade to balcony. Lol
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