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  1. Princess really needs to get their act together, really badly organised compared to other cruise lines. Last cruise we were directed to theatre, no just go to wheel house bar, it’s full just stand somewhere, start drill, nearly over and automated one from bridge comes in, let’s do it again meanwhile people just about keeling over from length of time standing in hot stuffy area. who knows how they would cope in a real emergency. oh I forgot the other drill on a sea day, where rough conditions made standing just about impossible but jammed into wheelhouse bar again
  2. Got confused reading about RCI Legend of the Seas, then looked at date, old thread resurrected.
  3. Some years ago in a Princess excursion in Vietnam passengers were offered the opportunity to shoot with ex army machine guns for a small extra cost. I was surprised/shocked at how many did it.
  4. Thank goodness for translation app on phone. Now know what I am buying overseas. Have had some dubious purchases in years gone by.
  5. Sailed into and out of SAN Francisco 4 times. Never really saw the bridge, foggy every time. Going to try again in May next year. Fingers crossed.
  6. It’s a cruise, a break from your normal life. Do what you want, if you are happy with the buffet, good for you, others can choose what they want. Each to their own. On longer cruises over 25 days I do MDR, buffet, speciality restaurants, roomservice, pizza, terrace grill. Whatever takes my fancy on that night, Thats why cruise ships offer a variety of dining options, we are all different. Either way you won’t starve.
  7. Apologies for poor proof reading in original post. This is one of my pet hates so will go to the naughty corner for the day. Lol
  8. What grates on me is the question “is this lift going up or down?” Look at the arrows,
  9. Have to laugh on a sea day while waiting for a lift (elevator), if one arrives at other end if foyer people run to get that one. Hey this I be will be here in a few seconds. Running back and forth in the lift foyer to get the first lift us not a priority for ne,
  10. If you are venturing onto the open decks everything you own. Lol. Went to Norway in October, very brisk on outside decks.
  11. OBC is generally all put on my daughters account when we travel together as she is usually the lead name in the booking. We just go to pursers desk and request half be transferred to my account. Never had any issues on a number of cruise lines. Only time we had an issue was when we received a partial refund for very unsatisfactory shore excursion and this was put on her account only. Attendant explained it could be done but would require a number of transactions ? Told them to leave it and we sorted it out between us.
  12. Another daily checker either with app or on tv or failing all of those paper. Cunard only does paper printouts of accounts. On Sea Princess earlier this year when at times you just give your cabin no, no card required, I had four or five instances where my drinks never reached my account. Maybe they were charged to other people who knows.
  13. Wish I could use stairs, dodgy knee. Had one “gentleman” on world cruise snigger at back of lift when I went one deck up. Wish he could see me without medication and realise how disabled I am without medication.
  14. Longer cruises attract the older demographic. On these I feel like a youngster, lol (closer to 70 than any other number). The older ones on these cruises, are what I call whingers, nothing ever suits. They also seem to like the older smaller ships such as Sea and Sun Princess. sometimes you just have to paste on your smile and do your own thing.
  15. On a 52 night cruise only got around to giving out book club books about 20th day. On discussion day Princess cruise staffer who was there to lead discussion admitted she had not read book but downloaded comments from internet. Again discussion dominated by 1 or 2 people. think I will read books in future just for my own enjoyment and not participate in “book club”.
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