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  1. So sad to hear this. Did cruise from Singapore to Tilbury UK in 2018 on Columbus, previously Pacific Pearl. Below standards of Princess world cruise but less than half the price. Saw so many wonderful places.
  2. Most insurance companies won’t cover pandemics.
  3. December this year would be iffy with the rate of Covid19 in South America. However don’t despair, book one for another time. I have over 30 cruises all over the world and the Antarctica one is still my favourite. We did this on Celebrity, I could not manage the expedition ships, getting in and out of zodiacs would be too difficult for me. The sights we saw were amazing, huge icebergs, one calving as we sailed last, seals floating past sunning themselves on ice floes, whales and the penguins. Skipping through the waves is the only way I can describe them, hopefully the Leopard seal we saw following them did not get any. This cruise is a must for anyone.
  4. No not suggesting that at all. Just saying with all the protesters in massive crowds all over the US, then lining up with a few people who have chosen to go on a cruise is probably safer.
  5. Not much social distancing going on in the US at the moment. Boarding a cruise ship seems a no brainer.
  6. Booked on that one as well. However, dependent as well on flights to Singapore. Not counting my chickens yet. Already two cancelled. Supposed to be boarding Star Princess to Alaska today from SAN Francisco. First time I have managed to have both “kids” free to sail with me at same time.
  7. Do a basic wipe down, remote, phone etc, then that’s it, also do this in hotel rooms and on planes, wipe screen and tray table. i travel (until this year) 3 or 4 times a year mostly international to catch cruises. Over 30 cruises and only been sick once, bronchitis when everyone else was very ill with same or pneumonia. 8 day cruise to South Pacific, rained and blew a gale every day. Be sensible but not paranoid.
  8. Good to see some refunds coming in. I’m still waiting, for Princess and travel agent who is less than interested. have had no problems getting through to Princess just keep telling me it’s in the system
  9. Good to hear. In retrospect I think Celebrity Australian office were a bit p****d off that we went elsewhere and tried to make it stressful for us. We also had a balcony for less than the inside price that was quoted in Aus site but was not available.
  10. We booked a cruise leaving from South America a few years ago. Booked on a Us site as Australian site said cruise was booked out, no cabins available. Celebrity notified us that we may not be able to board due to Aus passports but booked from US. Lots of to and fro and eventually said it was ok, but I was a bit nervous until I actually boarded the ship. I had already planned, in my head, how I was going to spend the 14 days of the cruise in Argentina if we couldn’t board. Too stressful.
  11. I often take ship excursions as I travel on my own.Just easier sometimes. Most generally give you what they state in brochure and I get to see lots of different sights. However last year on Queen Elizabeth Northern lights tour, travelling with my daughter we took the ship’s tour to view Northern Lights. First we stopped at side of road with traffic going past continually, then in car park, well lit, of a golf club and then a lot of driving around in circles. We saw lights at end of tour, but also saw them from the deck of the ship about an hour later. Spoke to excursion desk and pointed out what brochure offered and what we got. Full refund.
  12. July 30 cruise cancelled.OBC offered more than cost of cruise. Have to think whether to take FCC or refund.
  13. Booked on Carnival Splendour for July 30. Not confident if sailing, not confident if New Caledonia will accept cruise ships. Bought cruise at bargain price, thought it was worth the gamble.
  14. May be different here in Australia than in US. Last year I used Princess personal Planner after she emailed me and introduced herself. Absolute nightmare, not familiar with cruise I was booking, a 54 night cruise in a single cabin she offered me $100 OBC. I eventually negotiated more but it was hard work, had to chase up air details and then just before I flew out she left and handed my booking to someone else who was just as inefficient. No feedback at all after I had paid my money. First and last time I will ever use them. Back to TA or do it myself.
  15. So sad for these lovely places and their people. They are also suffering as the big white ATMs are no longer visiting. This was the term used by a shopkeeper in Vila, I thought it was very appropriate.
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