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  1. Queensland tourism just sent me an email telling me how good a holiday in QLD to the Great Barrier Reef would be: "Seeking an extraordinary adventure?" Think they need to get their act together!
  2. Agreed. Plus they install heavy duty sorting equipment at the distribution centres to make the sorting process very efficient. Which is not cost effective to do everywhere, as well as needing more space, and/or having less reliable manual sorting occur locally. So some specific near destination letters/parcels lose out, whereas most letters/parcels gain.
  3. All guests and crew have been tested onboard Seadream and found to be negative. It's unlikely the passenger either got it onboard, nor spread it onboard. Quite possibly that passenger only picked up the virus in his travels home.
  4. This is one thing I agree with the Department of Health on. If no government agency above them, including the CDNA, is recommending parties keep up to date - including to now - I don't see that that department would be responsible to require a cruise line to keep up to date. Basically, this issue is broader than just the cruise line or state level; it's a federal issue. That would mean different state departments have different guidelines for the ships as they visit each port which makes no sense for a national issue.
  5. The 2 weeks won't make much difference. Still be very hot. Will have a few more children on, but not a big deal.
  6. It's only one reported person, so how is that "flooding the lines"? And moreover, better to raise issues earlier so it gets fixed earlier instead of then having a possible extended wait when you try to checkin. I'm not sure the company prefers not to be informed of errors when they arise.
  7. Just economics. Letter postage is dying out as everything goes to email/online, or skype. To keep up the service with the same regularlity but diminished volume, it'd need to cost $2 plus and rapidly escalating to post a letter. Who'd want to pay that? Which would make it increase even more. Their just isn't the volume to sustain that frequency.
  8. I'm not sure how you don't. They are cancelling cruises in Oct in the Europe and US for "the health and safety of their passengers, crew and community." They are continuing offering cruises in Australia and China in October this year, which is operating way earlier than your mid next year estimate - so apparently not for their health and safety, since the same coronavirus issues exist in these places.
  9. But they put a proviso they can restart earlier if deemed suitable. Plus it only applies to the US. So RCL group have only extended that to October for some places but left cruises in Australia and China still on the charts. Though supposedly the suspension is because "The health and safety of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit is their top priority". So apparently it's not their top priority in China and Australia!
  10. So really a commendation that they were applying social distancing.
  11. "The health and safety of our guests, crew, and the communities we visit is our top priority. As we work with the CDC and others toward this shared goal, Royal Caribbean Group will be extending the suspension of sailings to include those departing on or before October 31, 2020, excluding sailings from China and Australia." So apparently the health and safety of their guests, crew and community in China and Australia is not their top priority. Since they cancel cruises elsewhere due to that except in those locations.
  12. I'd been looking at NSW which doesn't even have that. https://covidlive.com.au/nsw It's a bunch of numbers, but not much information.
  13. At this stage it also comes without a cruise.
  14. Another issue is the lack of transparency from the government. They have tracers but they don't reveal where all these cases are popping up from in most cases.
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