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  1. Let's check the other factors you note: Combine that with the drought - climate change. We've always had droughts, but this is far more severe - why, climate change. extreme dry weather, - climate change lack of hazard reduction burns, - there were hazard reduction burns. Sure, there could have been more but given the funding constraints from the government, and weather conditions they did as many as they could. lack of land clearing - 1) mass land clearing encourages climate change 2) if you mean local, that's covered in hazard reduction and the warming planet - again, climate change So your outcome is pretty apparent even though dressed up in a more complicated manner.
  2. Then it would probably be "Newspapers have ruined cruising." i.e. not something that invented them, not something actually involved, but just something that made use of a related item to the underlying issue.
  3. Wouldn't be any changes as yet. Too early to see how this pans out. Only Wuhan is closed down which ships aren't sailing to, and the ports are a LONG way away.
  4. No, you will not be able to unless the gift is small in value e.g. fridge magnet or similar low value item. Low value jewellery e.g. ~$20 may or may not be allowed, but high value will not. Regarding Lissie's comment, I wish that were true, but they instead have blanket banned sales instead of just adding GST.
  5. Not sure which date you're travelling, or which terminal, but it sounds like they're referring to the Grain Wharf. Yes, it has been docked at in the past. There are no public transport options. The only option is taxi from the wharf, aside from cruise tours/shuttles or any private transport. RCL does have shuttles, about $25USD return.
  6. Actually, the only thing I've read in this thread that displays intentions to destroy anything to get what they want, ignore facts and create some of their own, and refuse to listen to anything not in line with that... are posts from you.
  7. Haha, you did better than me working out "who the horse is in the above links"!
  8. Stop. Lying. The above links you posted were from 1) an online newspaper 2) yes, this forum. But you HAVE NOT posted any links from the cruise industry nor the CEO about this terminal. Neither of those two links you posted is at issue, and nobody has said they don't believe them. But it doesn't prove any imaginary point you're making either.
  9. I read it the way it is written. You making stuff up about horses and imaginary 4 hour harbour cruises doesn't make it real.
  10. How is having a conversation on facetime or skype any different from a conversation with anyone else you're with, or even as mentioned above, strangers at the bar? The only issue is people running it with speakers loud, which applies to whatever is on there whether a movie, or facetime, or music. Don't see any need to run to your cabin if you have facetime and have earphones in.
  11. I've given a lot more facts than your unrelated fears and attempted scare campaign. Just the very post above has two more facts... as against the two things you made up to try to pretend you actually have any basis to your claims.
  12. The comment that brought this on from you was "if you read royal carribeans report " Neither of the above are reports from Royal Caribbean, so don't say it's us making things up - it's you. The first is a story in traveller, which is a Fairfax newspaper, and the second is an article on this site. Your second instance in just that post of making things up is you claimed "they still plan on taking a cruise up to Sydney harbor for those passengers that get on at botany bay so they can see the views and linger around for 4 odd hrs not docked " NOWHERE in what you claim is their official report (which it isn't: https://www.traveller.com.au/bound-for-botany-bay-as-the-harbour-overflows-with-cruise-passengers-2bgc3) does it say anything like the above. It will be a replacement terminal for people to get on and off the ship from in Sydney, not spend another 4 hours doing a harbour cruise in Sydney.
  13. Just as those masks have been available despite the sudden emergency hazards, there is always industrial supply available of things like water as well. Retail sales don't affect other production, they're just another market. And in the meantime there's been a lot of pollution and waste when they're not needed.
  14. The same as your comment that all the local fish was sold to overseas markets, so "all about the bottom dollar" as well. And don't worry, the cruise lines all have a sustainable business model as there is no benefit in visiting over populated or damaged destinations. Doesn't sound like much difference between local fishermen and cruise companies as far as their business practices and what motivates them.
  15. That's what reinsurance is for. There won't be any going under or government assistance requested.
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