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  1. Anyone know what time they start to run the minibus's from the dockyard?
  2. Don't go for the book, but do go to the shop talk, sit with her towards the front row. And make lots of noise or do the weird stuff they ask for the free stuff they give out. There's usually something from the Del Sol (changes color in the sun) shop they give away, jewelry, t-shirts, bags etc... 🙂 She'll like any of that stuff better than the crappy charms they give away for free. Plus you can get her a cuter piece of jewelry for a lot less, spend more time seeing nicer things than stopping in at all these jewelry shops that you (unless you like over priced jewelry) see in the malls and probably pass by anyway LOL
  3. They prolly won't do too many port things due to staffing since thats times staff can do things off ship too, dunno how the scheduling goes.
  4. Ellusionz

    Bermuda Beach

    Snorkel Park is the one right next to the port, http://snorkelparkbeach.com/
  5. Theresa ferry from the Dockyard to St George, it would be closer to taxi from there.
  6. As everyones said make sure you can drink the minimum OR be on a ship that has every bar option/drink option possible and make the use of that plan to the max and try every drink available (not just alcoholic but cuban sodas, coffees, etc) 🙂
  7. Yea I was leaning toward Lobster Pot cause the reviews were a lil better but then saw LITT has the shark too, so since I can hopefully get both there (always an availability thing with some foods) talking my group into that place instead 🙂
  8. we're going to Hamilton the first night. I searched a few restaurants there and really want to try something called shark hash, they have it at this place called Lost in the Triangle. Also wanting to try the bermuda spiny lobsters since they in season i believe
  9. One of the websites I saw mentioned their local honey. If that Swizzle drink is any good I may get the mixer for it.
  10. Speed of Dorian reminds me of that Summertime song when I was younger... 2 miles an hour so everybody sees you...
  11. I'm wondering if a lot of those cars parked may end up flooded due to the king tides and water surges or whatever they call them that may rise up while people are away.
  12. Does anyone know if the day passes are per day or per 24 hours? We arrive on Monday 4pm and leave Tuesday 4pm.. Would we be able to purchase 1 day pass for both days? And are day passes good for both ferries and buses?
  13. Anyone know if the porthole couches turned into beds are as comfortable as the actual beds? Do they use the same mattress?
  14. I've always found Carnival is comparable with other sites I've searched. I'm not concerned about getting scammed, there's usually an OBC offer, etc... I booked once with another site that offered OBC (little issue with getting it but got it later) due to also being able to get additional money back with Ebates. It wasn't too bad but I felt more secure using Carnivals site directly. I've never used a TA or PVP cause I prefer researching things on my own.
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