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  1. These are my offers right now. I wish i could book one of the 50% off casino rates cruises--they are dirt cheap, but they only go thru December and my husband works retail and cannot take any vacation in November or December.☹️ VIFP CLUB MEMBERS-ONLY OFFERS $20K Weekend Tournaments: Up to $280 off with Casino Rates + Free Drinks On Us! while playing in the casino + a Free Seat in our Tournaments Book by December 18, 2019 Exclusive Carnival Players Club® offer Invitation Only: Available on select Carnival Dream®, Carnival Valor®, Carnival Liberty®, Carnival Sunshine®, Carnival Miracle®, Carnival Victory®, and Carnival Imagination® sailings Up to $280 off with Casino Rates Up to two tournament seats (1 Blackjack tournament seat and 1 Slot tournament seat) per sailing Free drinks while playing in the casino. Terms apply Rate Code P0X will be automatically applied at checkout From $148* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ► Getaway Cruises: Up to $340 off with Casino Rates + Free Drinks On Us! for you and one travel companion Book by December 19, 2019 Exclusive Carnival Players Club® Getaway Cruises offer Invitation Only: Available on Getaway Cruises Enjoy Up to $340 off with Casino Rates Free drinks while playing in the casino for you and one travel companion. Terms apply. Rate Code P4V will be automatically applied at checkout From $143* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ► Dealer’s Choice: Up to $450 off with Casino Rates + $50 in FunPlay™ credits Book by October 24, 2019 Exclusive Carnival Players Club® offer Available on a wide variety of sailings through April 30, 2021 Up to $450 off Fun Select with Casino Rates + $50 in FunPlay credits Rate Code P2R will be automatically applied at checkout HURRY! ONLY 11:33:01 HOURS LEFT From $128* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ► Exclusive offer: 50% off Casino Rates on select sailings. Book By October 31,2019 Get 50% off Casino Rates Offer available on select sailing only Request Rate Code PUC From $89.5* Avg. Per Person SHOP NOW ►
  2. We were on the September 15th sailing on the Horizon. There were several Havana rooms that were not booked. They were giving upgrades from regular interiors to aft extended balconies for $200. We took the upgrade. We were sailing on a very reduced casino rate to begin with, then upgraded for only $200 to the Havana. We paid less than a regular priced interior for our Havana room. It was great to have that pool all to ourselves. The last day was the busiest with maybe 15 people in the Havana area. All other times there were only maybe 6 people utilizing the area. But come 7 pm, it was packed.
  3. I was on the Horizon last week, and had the 18 hour brisket @ the Pig N Anchor. My husband thought I was having a Harry met Sally moment while eating it. Was soooooooo good!
  4. I would have to agree Nachi Cocom is the best. We just got back from there last week, there was maybe 50 people total all day--never crowded, service was awesome. The view is great, no water toys to look at. Paradise Beach now has an all inclusive rate, i believe they are all the same price $55. Paradise Beach and Mr. Sancho's have a limit of 450 per day. They were both very crowded. It was a $17 taxi ride from the port.
  5. In Progresso, the best excursion we have taken was the "Mexican Beer Tasting & Pub Crawl & Beach." It took us to a couple authentic cantina's, we tried all kinds of Mexican Craft Beer, that were delicious! We also tried authentic food (even tried fried grassshoppers!) They also took us to a Speakeasy that was lit by just candle light--here we were taught the correct way to drink Mezcal. If we ever go back to Progresso, we will do this excursion again.
  6. It depends on what fare you booked. I have done a name change and was charged $50 for the change--this was 7 days prior to the cruise. It was not an Early Saver fare. I would call Carnival.
  7. We just get travel medical insurance. I have a pre-existing condition and it is covered under GeoBlue. It connects to my primary insurance thru Blue Cross. Even though it is secondary coverage, it will process and pay upfront as the primary payor then subrogates to my primary coverage. Its relatively cheap, we pay $55 for 2 people for $500,000 medical with a $500 deductible and I buy it 2 weeks before we leave.
  8. I have stage 4 lung disease, I wear a mask! Perfume/cologne is worst than cigarette smoke, at least for me. Getting stuck in an elevator with someone that has drenched themselves in perfume will put me into respiratory distress almost immediately.
  9. Last cruise I only gambled with $300, did not reach 1500 points (oh the horror!) I play the slots and did not spent a lot of time in there due to the smoke (have lung disease). And have gotten several different offers this year. One was a Premier Getaway with $100 in free play, another one was the Summer $20K weekend tournaments with $100 in free play + drinks on us + free tournament seats, another one is the normal Dealers Choice with $50 in fun play, and I booked the Hot Streak Bonus with $100 OBC + drinks on us. I did take a few hundred home more than what I started out with, so maybe that's the reason for so many offers all of a sudden, they want their money back.😮
  10. I have not booked the oasis cabana before, but if i remember correctly it does have stairs. I would check to see if you can get your boot wet. My husband had a broken ankle a couple years ago, he had an air cast boot on and could not get it wet.
  11. I just booked a Hot Streak bonus offer. It includes: $500 off fun select rates with a 2 category upgrade; $100 on OBC and Drinks on us card.
  12. "uninsured motorist" coverage pays for your bodily injury if the other driver (vehicle) is either un/or underinsured. You would have to have Un/Underinsured motorist coverage with property damage to pay for any damage to your vehicle. In my state, you cannot have collision coverage with un/underinsured with property damage.
  13. This is incorrect--Mandatory Liability Insurance is required by the US in all states. The financial responsibility insurance (SR-22) is required for individual with safety responsibility suspensions, unsatisfied judgment suspensions, revocations, mandatory insurance supervisions and individuals who receive 3 or more convictions for mandatory insurance violations. If you are required to file SR-22 then you can post a $70,000 deposit with the State Treasurer, file a surety bond, or file a real estate bond approved by the court. You have to go thru an insurance company to file SR-22, its attached to a car insurance policy. You cannot even get your vehicle plates renewed without proof of insurance.
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