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  1. I am using Viking Air and just received the info that my flight back to ATL is not until 5:06 pm . Does Viking just dump you at the airport to sit all day?? I am assuming will be required to be off the ship by 9:30 am at the latest. If anyone has had a similar situation, I'd be interested to know what happens.
  2. We got our free drinks on the Caribbean Princess in August but it took 45 minutes for them to deliver mine and over an hour to deliver my husbands - and we were just outside the bar area. We each had a nice glass of wine but Ocean Now is not very ocean now.
  3. My husband and I have only cruised once on Viking Ocean and really enjoyed the experience. We weren’t terribly impressed with our choices at Manfredi’s however. We have another cruise coming up soon. Does anyone have suggestions for their favorite dishes at Manfredi’s? Maybe you can steer us to something we’ll love.
  4. We were really looking forward to our meet and mingle on our recent Cultural Cuba cruise, however, we received our invitation the evening after the meet and mingle occurred. We don’t know if it was the fault of our room steward in the invitation delivery or what but the invitation was late. We also felt it was strange that our meet and mingle was scheduled for 9:30 am. Not exactly the time for cocktails! We carefully examined this late invitation because it seemed so strange. Even talked with Viking personnel who were apologetic about the late invitation. Don’t automatically assume that people are ignoring their invitation. We didn’t receive ours in time and were very disappointed.
  5. On our recent Viking Star cruise we received our Meet and Mingle invitation the evening after the event was held.
  6. This season it was 299 pp for the full day trip to Havana. 799 pp for the overnight Havana trip. Of course prices could change for next year.
  7. Yes it was actually a surprise to us. We were told we would be tendering but then it was announced the night before arrival that we would dock. I don’t know why we were granted permission but we were the only ship in town that day.
  8. The Princess cruise I am taking in July has a tender port listed as Portimao (it's along the Algarve coast). Has anyone anchored here before? Where do tenders actually drop passengers? I'm just curious if the tender drop-off is closer to the main town of Portimao (up an inlet a bit) or closer to the beach that is actually on the coast line. Thanks for any information.
  9. It sounds like our cruise was one of the lucky ones. We were on the Cultural Cuba cruise Jan 31-Feb 7. We made it to both ports. We tendered in Cienfuegos (kind of a normal tender time). We actually docked in Santiago de Cuba. We arrived about one hour late in Santiago, but our time ashore was extended by one hour so that our tour time was complete. On the first night of the cruise, my husband and I were a bit concerned because the excursion discussion held in the Theater seemed pretty bleak, warning us that this was Cuba and tours had received quite a few complaints in the past. It seemed they spent a lot of time warning us about all of all the complaints they had received in the past cruisings and even suggesting that if these tours did not seem like a good fit, we still had time to cancel (but right away). We kind of looked at each other and thought let's give it a go anyway. We ended up liking all of our tours. Of course, you must factor in that we had marvelous weather - blue skies, lower humidity, no muddy streets, etc. That automatically put us in a good mood. We had great Cuban tour guides. Some highlights - Bay of Pigs tour was great (probably due to the personality of our guide and the fact that Viking had downplayed this tour so much), fantastic ride in the vintage convertible in Havana on our Day in Havana tour (plus our tour guide sat in the front seat of the convertible we were riding in and gave us a great description of every site we passed on the 30+ minute drive - again, marvelous weather), our Cienfuegos "included" walking tour was on Monday so we were actually able to visit the cigar factory which was fascinating (tours on the weekend could not tour the factory because it is closed on the weekend - I think they went to a cigar store instead), and our optional tour choice in Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba in Photographs) was probably the best because were were able to visit the El Morro fort, San Juan Hill, and the cemetery where Fidel is buried for the changing of the guard ceremony, ending with a mojito on top of the main hotel downtown - we also had a panoramic description of all the other sights in town such as Desi Arnaz' home, etc as we traveled between locations. We felt that this trip could not have been any better, but we also realize that part of that was due to weather, lucky choices of tours and tour times, and the whims of the Cuban government for actually letting us dock in Santiago (so nice to not even have a short tender ride). I'm sure if we had had the problems the other cruise dates have had, we would be so upset, too. All cruise lines need to understand that when problems arise, the best thing is to be immediately straightforward about what is happening and why. This was our first Viking cruise so we left with a very good impression.
  10. I'm new to Viking Ocean. If my cruise document says that I can access my stateroom any time from 2:00 pm on, how early can I actually board the ship? I am departing from Miami. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.
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