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  1. One of my favourite cruises was on the Oasis. We heard a lot of negative comments before we sailed but I just wanted to try it. I loved it. It never felt crowded because it was so huge - people spread out. I loved the "New York Neighbourhoods" theme. Several times I sat in "Central Park" and all I could hear were the birds chirping in the trees. Loved the choice of restaurants and entertainment - and they had the fastest elevators! When I'm washing dishes at the sink and I start to cruise-dream - I always dream about another cruise on the Oasis.
  2. We've had cruises and vacations with family and friends in the past, and while none of them could be considered a disaster, we have over the years decided that we prefer to cruise alone. We go on cruises to relax, and I am the type of person who is constantly worrying if the others are having a good time, or if Friend A seems unhappy with Friend B and how can I fix it. That's not fun or relaxing. We always meet many interesting and friendly people on our cruises - and have kept in touch with some after the cruise is done - and that is enough for us. I won't say that I haven't looked with envy on wonderful (or so it seems) family reunions and sometimes wish we could be part of something like that - but we don't have a large family for one thing; and secondly, looks can be deceiving.
  3. It's nice to dream about. For us it would be Australia and New Zealand.
  4. We did the Inside Passage last year on our way across the Pacific to Japan on HAL. To be honest with you I wasn't that excited about - we get more than our fair share of snow in the winter and the wilderness is no more than an hour out of the city any where you go - but we did go on the last Whale Watching excursion out of Juno. Our guide was a wonderful young man from the University in Juno who had a huge passion for whales. It was late afternoon and we were standing on the deck of the boat, hoping to see a whale "breach" (That's when they jump high in the air, dive down deep and slap their tails hard on the water). He didn't think they would, because they were preserving their strength for the long trip to Hawaii breeding grounds when, suddenly, without any warning two huge whales leaped high into the air, in perfect tandem, diving down deep and smacking their tails hard on the surface of the water. They were so close that they splashed us! He had never seen anything like it before and there were literally tears in his eyes. We told him that they were saying "good-bye" for the season and that they would see him again in Spring. Soon we all had tears. Sadly, it happened so fast that I didn't get a picture, but it'll remain in my mind's eye forever. So I guess what I am saying is press on with your plans. Do it. I guarantee you will have such an amazing adventure and you never know what amazing sights nature has in store for you.
  5. The sort of cruises you take also play a factor. 3 or 4 day cruises usually attract partyers and they're determined to have a good time in that short space. I don't like "judging" which cruise lines people choose or their reasons for it, but I have to admit the only time I have seen real "partying" was on a Carnival ship. Like others have said - RCCL, Norwegian, Princess, Celebrity and HAL would all be good - but you have to factor in other things too. Like age. If you're young to early middle-age HAL might be too sedate for you. RCCL and Norwegian are good ships for families (as well as couples). Cost too is also a factor. I hope you find the right cruise for you.
  6. I thought about this overnight - and tried to remember if I had any of those feelings and I have to honestly say "no". How can I be envious of another ship when I was the one who chose the ship I'm sailing on? Did the research, read about the ports, maybe sacrificed a bit to save money for it. Of course I've seen gorgeous ships in port, but my thoughts run more to "wow, I'd like to sail on that ship, maybe I'll research it when I get home". People who are always looking for "something better", rarely are satisfied.
  7. I am trying to arrange a cruise on the Disney Wonder for some friends. It has been a long time since we took a Disney Cruise. They will be 5 people. Two adults, two children and a baby. Would Disney allow a baby in a 4 person suite? I am looking at a one-bedroom suite, which would have ample room for a one year old in a pack & play. I just don't know if this is allowed or if they would have to book a 5 person suite (more money obviously). Thanks for any information.
  8. Please don't crawl back under the rock....if anxiety was an Olympic sport I'd win Gold for Canada. I understand exactly how you feel. I envy those who "just don't care", but I do - and being inappropriately dressed can ruin an evening for me. I promise you - hand on heart - that your husband will definitely NOT be out of place in his suit. Ignore the snarky comments about Main Dining Room attire. He, in his suit (or sports coat, or long sleeved shirt & tie, or collared shirt or polo shirt - whatever he chooses), will be completely appropriate.
  9. Breakfast Sticky Buns in the Lido. Very dangerous, but so delicious.
  10. Try "Cherry Blooms" from Australia. They are brush on cellulite fibre lash extensions. As simple as using mascara and the results are amazing.
  11. Love them. I gave a set to my daughter a couple of years ago and she raved so much about them that I got a set for myself. Now I'm getting a second set for my husband. I got ours from Amazon. For things like t-shirts, underwear, etc. you don't even have to bother to take them out of the cube - just lay it open on a shelf.
  12. I like them both - and I don't really bother trying to compare - if I'm happy and the cruise is enjoyable, that's enough for me. I do like "Blu" in Celebrity. We were upgraded on our last summer's cruise to Bermuda and Blu was one of the perks. I liked the smaller dining room, the menu and the wait staff was wonderful. On the other hand, on our cruise to Japan with HAL in October, the lecture series couldn't be beat! So thoroughly enjoyable. I kept thinking that school was really wasted on the young.
  13. I'm not sure whether you are a man or woman.....but I would take 2 pair of jeans and (if a woman), yoga pants, leggings or even nice sweats. They are far more comfortable than jeans, dry faster than jeans and you can dress them up or down. You won't be alone. Most everyone wears more comfortable clothes on board. If you're a man - well...relaxed pants or sweats. I'd take a good wind-proof jacket and a heavy sweater or hoodie. It might be nice on land, but if you're out on the water it can get pretty chilly. We went whale watching last October and we all needed hats, gloves and I wish I had a scarf.
  14. . If you aren't lucky enough to pass her, do make an effort to view the beautiful "Tear Drop" Sculpture sent to the USA from Russia to commemorate 9/11. It is on the right-hand side of the ship at the end of the little park at Cape Liberty. Truly touching.
  15. I, too, would recommend a RCC ship. Our cruise on the Oasis was amazing! You might also enjoy a Norwegian Cruise because some of their ships (I know the Epic does) have dedicated inside cabins for single cruisers, they also have their own lounge, dining arrangements and tours. My daughter took an Epic cruise several years ago and absolutely loved it. She still keeps in touch with the people she met (all in their 30's).
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