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  1. If you as well as your cabin mate purchased the +package then shouldn't you each get two bottles of wine?
  2. I will join everyone else in wishing you and Jeremy congratulations and many more happy years and cruises together!! We did Solstice to Alaska a few years ago and enjoyed it much more than we ever thought we would, so much so that we expect to go again in the future! Your fantastic review is making me think we need to bump that one up the list! Great job! Noticed Danny Smart was one of the entertainers on your cruise. We enjoyed his music on the Reflection back in January...did you get a chance to hear him? He played lots of great artists in the Celebrity Central little theatre beside the main theatre and we were like groupies following him from venue to venue lol! Glad you've been having a great time and seeing so much wildlife. Def do a b2b someday, great to sit in Al Bacio with a coffee and snack and watch everyone leaving and new passengers arriving while you're already unpacked and familiar with the ship and crew! Cathy
  3. Sorry to be so dense but does the Opal card include the state transport system or just Sydney? Good to know there's a ferry from CQ to DH...we like to walk but at the end of the day it might come in handy!
  4. How much does the Opal card cost to purchase? We get off the Solstice on the 17th so we have that day as well as a full day on the 18th to use it. Not staying at a hotel (have an airbnb reserved) so we'll look at CQ for an outlet. Does the Opal card work for the ferry to Taronga Zoo or is that a private ferry that takes you over there. We're staying near the Aquarium in Darling Harbour
  5. This sounds perfect for us for our first day in Sydney. How easy is it to find a place to buy an Opal card? And just to clarify, on Sundays, you can ride ferries busses and trains for $2 for the day or $2 each ride? Also, the Sunday that we're in Sydney is Dec 18th...is that holidays time yet? We do the Blue Mountains on Monday so a ferry to the beach and lunch in a cafe on Sunday sounds right up our alley!
  6. Who would want to sit looking at a blank wall?? Very strange.
  7. Depending on which package you have, you can order from any menu and they will let you know if your choice is within your package or if there's an upcharge. We had the premium package last cruise on the Reflection in January and my usual order was Villa Maria SB...wasn't listed on the menu in every venue but that's what I'd ask for and it was never a problem. We dined in the MDR as well as each of the Specialities. On our previous cruise we only had the Classic package and I'd just ask for a Sauv Blanc in the Classic package and was always accommodated without an upcharge. I know some of the glasses I drank weren't within the package limits but it never seemed to be an issue. Maybe I just was lucky but it was less of a worry than I'd thought it would be.
  8. I would agree here, the last few cruises we've been on I haven't seen any actual sommeliers...to gain the actual accreditation of a sommelier is a long process and you wouldn't get to that status without more knowledge than the onboard wine stewards have. Although some of the wine stewards have very good wine knowledge there are definitely those who know less than me...and I've set the bar low lol. The best advice I could give is to let your wine steward know what you like to drink at home ie Sauv Blanc from NZ and see what they come up with. Most of them will try their best and accommodate and if you don't like what they give you then ask for something different, letting them know why you don't like that particular one so they can adjust their selection. Also, we always ask for the wine steward before ordering any food...find we get faster service that way as they don't want to hold up the food ordering pace. Of course I drink white with everything and NZ Sauv Blanc is my go to so ymmv!! Oh, and don't think you have to order only from the present restaurants wine list...you can order off menu for something that's a favourite and they'll be happy to get it for you! Enjoy your cruise OP!!
  9. Just as on that topic and thread the OP never came back to answer questions or clarify their situation...
  10. I can't find a link either...can see the blog you might be referring to but there's no way to link from it. In any case, we're not up for hiring a vehicle and doing the drive ourselves. I think we, personally, will get more out of doing a tour with a small vehicle, just a few passengers, and a guide who knows the roads and points out places of interest. Thanks for trying to help though!!
  11. I realize that and sorry if I wasn't clear in my post, but I meant that perhaps since they've replaced the reclining chairs with loungers you no longer need a footstool since the lounger incorporates a foot rest already.
  12. It does say though that both CC and Aqua classes come with balcony lounge seating...do you need a footstool if you have a lounge chair? Maybe that's why they eliminated the footstools because they replaced the regular chairs with loungers? Or maybe I'm just reading it incorrectly...
  13. We do have that in Canada, our credit cards have a "tap" feature which is what you're describing. Most cards do have a $ limit to use the tap feature tho. Usually $100 or so.
  14. Thank you for this info. You did like the company to deal with? And their vehicles were clean and modern? I'm hoping we get the Maori performance at the village. Do you remember what lunch was and how much it cost? Was it the same thing for everyone or more like a regular restaurant?
  15. Which tour did you take with Arrow? I see they offer a couple different ones. We're not interested in doing anything Hobbitish. Were you happy with the service from Arrow? Was it a small group tour or a large bus? Thanks for any info on your experience. Any other recommendations for tour companies here?
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