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  1. I can't find a link either...can see the blog you might be referring to but there's no way to link from it. In any case, we're not up for hiring a vehicle and doing the drive ourselves. I think we, personally, will get more out of doing a tour with a small vehicle, just a few passengers, and a guide who knows the roads and points out places of interest. Thanks for trying to help though!!
  2. I realize that and sorry if I wasn't clear in my post, but I meant that perhaps since they've replaced the reclining chairs with loungers you no longer need a footstool since the lounger incorporates a foot rest already.
  3. It does say though that both CC and Aqua classes come with balcony lounge seating...do you need a footstool if you have a lounge chair? Maybe that's why they eliminated the footstools because they replaced the regular chairs with loungers? Or maybe I'm just reading it incorrectly...
  4. We do have that in Canada, our credit cards have a "tap" feature which is what you're describing. Most cards do have a $ limit to use the tap feature tho. Usually $100 or so.
  5. Thank you for this info. You did like the company to deal with? And their vehicles were clean and modern? I'm hoping we get the Maori performance at the village. Do you remember what lunch was and how much it cost? Was it the same thing for everyone or more like a regular restaurant?
  6. Which tour did you take with Arrow? I see they offer a couple different ones. We're not interested in doing anything Hobbitish. Were you happy with the service from Arrow? Was it a small group tour or a large bus? Thanks for any info on your experience. Any other recommendations for tour companies here?
  7. It does say "up to 20%". Our booking shows 10% off a couple first night speciality dining discounts but the dining packages don't seem discounted at all. I'll keep waiting....
  8. Great advice everyone!! Thanks for the input. I'll check with the CC host/ess onboard and go from there. Unfortunately we'll have to go through immigration when we arrive in port as well so this could put a big delay in our plans! We'll see how it goes, fingers crossed!!
  9. We will have Elite status for the first time on our next cruise. We have a couple of tender ports and at one of them will be wanting to take advantage of the Elite priority tendering. Can I get priority tickets for the others in our private excursion group (14 of us) or will we be limited to tickets for just DH and I? No worries if just us but want to know what others have done when doing a private excursion with some Elite and others not.
  10. Am enjoying your live review and had to post when I saw this comment. We (from Canada) were in Holland a few weeks ago and noticed the same thing...drivers parked left or right wheels to curb on two-way streets and it also made me think twice about whether we were on a one-way or two-way street. In Canada, you have to park right wheels to curb (unless on a one way street) or face a costly traffic ticket. Glad I'm not the only one confused by foreign parking lol!!! Keep up the great work on the review!!
  11. See post #19...The figure of 6-7 was referenced by the poster that I was responding to. Celebrity doesn't have a max drinks per day policy...at least not yet!
  12. You may not go over 6-7 alcoholic drinks per day but the package also includes bottled water, pop, and coffee and teas from Al Bacio...easy to go over when you include those!
  13. Yes, thanks Freckles for the most recent review and good tips as well! Glad you had a good time, hopefully we'll be there at the start of the season and it won't be too busy! Cathy
  14. When we've been to NZ we've always needed to have a PIN for our credit card as well as the debit card in the ATM's. The tap option is handy but occasionally that doesn't work and you need the PIN to complete the purchase. Don't all credit cards have PINs now? Is that just an American issued cc thing, not having a PIN? 🤔
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