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  1. I’ll join previous posters that are hesitant to book Edge and now looking forward to your live review to see if I should be more open! Have a great time and I wish you the clearest skies and smooth seas! Cathy
  2. On those cocktails with Baileys are they using the actual baileys or maybe a generic Irish cream?
  3. Haven't tried Sabra but love Cointreau...it's also orange flavoured and really good. Have you tried it? It's on the premium package but thought it was $11 on our January cruise.
  4. We are hoping, if the weather cooperates, to walk down from the top of the cable car through the Botanical Gardens so where that exits it looks farther than from the base of the car? Otherwise, yes, it'd probably be better to just walk to Te Papa. Thanks!
  5. Can you get on the shuttle at LQ and ride it to Te Papa? We were planning to take it to LQ from the ship, do the cable car and then ride the shuttle to Te Papa and visit there.
  6. That's good to know!! Makes sense considering the distance. Wish they'd stock more NZ wines too...like they do for beer in Alaska. Love those NZ Sauv Blancs!!
  7. There is no ship called Horizon with Celebrity...must be a different line the poster was on. Thank you for your review, great info and pics, glad you had a good time. We are looking forward to exploring Equinox sometime!
  8. Is the lamb served on the ships actually local? I'm thinking the lamb, and most other meats, served on Celebrity ships at least, are all packed frozen from the States. Hopefully I'm wrong...
  9. Have to chime in regarding the beavertails...as a Canadian I've had my fair share but still always revert to the original cinnamon and sugar...feel like they're the best. Great trip report, have been enjoying very much so thank you for all the work and pictures you've put into it. So glad you had great weather while visiting our beautiful country and your photos are showing it off nicely! Too bad about the crowds at the Maritime Museum, we visited many years ago while on a family camping trip to the East Coast and enjoyed it very much...great section on the Titanic disaster. Although we live in Canada this cruise is def on my bucket list, would love to revisit all these Canadian cities from a ship and discover some of the American ones too!
  10. Have enjoyed this review both live and postcruise very much so thank you for that!! As to the champagne dinner, did Edward stay behind while you went to the restroom? Does he have any input as to what happened with your dinner companions? I'm also thinking perhaps the mother might've been feeling ill from something she ate and needed a toilet quickly and the daughter wanted to accompany her without making the situation a TMI event!! Just my thoughts. People like "Bill" make me glad they now offer Select Dining!
  11. I think I'm one of those that inadvertently used the wrong site...could swear I went to the direct site but when I went to my credit card account expecting to see a charge of $47NZ ($12 for eTA and $35 for the tourism levy) I noticed I was charged $61US!!! That came out to over $90 Cdn. Times two for both mine and my spouse. The main page clearly stated eta for Canadian visitors and all my info entered re passport and address clearly is Canada but there's the $US charge which is still way more than it should be. I did enter a complaint on the eta site but who knows what'll happen there. I've read all the previous advice to make sure you're on the correct site and I was sure I was but there you go! No problems whatsoever with the Aus application. Will never affect my trip however just want to let everyone know to make double sure where you're applying!
  12. Thank you both for this information! Very reassuring!
  13. Haven't stayed there before but we're booked at the M Social on Dec 1 prior to our cruise on the Solstice on the 2nd. It gets great reviews and is walking distance to the port. Many of our roll call are staying there as well. Good luck!
  14. Can anyone tell me where muster station E2 is on the Solstice? We've twice been relegated to the Photo studio and it was crowded, hot and noisy both times. No seating and both times I couldn't see the screen or hear the crew speak...hoping this time we'll get a better location like the times we were either in the theatre or dining room. Thanks!
  15. Interesting....I did our NZ and Aus applications by the website yesterday and never had to submit a photo for either. Is this just an app thing? Don't imagine I missed a step as I received approval within minutes...
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