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  1. I have read that you can take advantage of the half price specials with your Fun Pass, but I have no personal experience, so hopefully someone who has actually done this will weigh in.
  2. How was your sailing for kids? Did you feel like there were lots of kids? Not a lot of kids? Did they seem to be well behaved or running wild?
  3. Thank you! I actually have used public transportation to get to a cruise. For our honeymoon cruise, we spent so much on cruise and excursions that we saved everywhere we could. So subway, train, and even a one mile hike with all our luggage.🤣 But with two kids, I am looking for easier than that. So easier than public transportation but cheaper than renting a limo. I think after your recommendations, I’m leaning towards Uber/Lyft. I just didn’t know if there was some kind of shuttle or something between these areas (like between Orlando hotels and Port Canaveral).
  4. What is the best way/easiest way to get 3 adults and 2 kids from a hotel in Times Square to the Red Hook cruise port?
  5. Any of Guy’s burgers Breakfast burrito and lunch tacos from Blue Iguana Quatro Formaggio pizza In MDR: Calamari Black bean enchiladas Lasagna Chocolate melting cake Grand Mariner souffle Bitter and blanc
  6. I have read lots of good things about Captain Marvin’s on here, so was planning to use them for our upcoming visit (want to do Stingray City plus snorkeling if possible). Even though we are docked for 7+ hours, because of our timing, it looks like we won’t be able to make any of Captain Marvin’s tours work. 😢. Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that would do a similar tour? Thank you!
  7. The only requirement is beach and loungers. Don’t need water sports or snorkeling this trip. Pool is fine, but not a requirement. I just want a nice beach.
  8. We are going in December. We have the drink package on the ship so I think we may be ready to “dry out” a little by this point. 🤣. So really just looking for a beautiful beach with some loungers to have a laidback day for a low price. I know some of the beach clubs have a pay as you go option, but they say they give preference to AI guests. I’d hate to pay for a cab and then have them be full. So does anyone know which beach club may be least likely to fill up or are there other great beach options available in Cozumel not affiliated with beach clubs that I should consider?
  9. I’m pretty sure the pitchers they used for ours last time were plastic.
  10. Basically what the title says. We will be cruising with small kids who won’t want to just sit in the pub while we drink these (sailing on Valor). Can we get them “to go” and enjoy them on the pool deck?
  11. Any recent experience with them? Thinking of booking a “Dolphin Encounter” for my family (my youngest isn’t ready for any kind of dolphin swim). Was it a good experience? Was the company good?
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