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  1. Not far. To get through the resort to get to the wristband area was a bit of a hike. But after getting wristbands, we just walked through the dig aquarium area, and then we came out at pool/Aquapark area. Taxi rates were $5 per person.
  2. Wanted to follow up and let everyone know things went smoothly when we went this past week. Arrived around 10. Check in and out took about 30 minutes as there was a large group ahead of us. But they had no issues giving us vouchers right away. Walk to Atlantis took about 5 minutes. Wristband process at Atlantis was pretty quick (except same large group still in front of us 🤣). Out to pools and slides by 11. We had 5 full hours to enjoy the waterpark, beaches, and pools. Kids absolutely loved it. Our family of 4 would have been ~$600 for day passes, but with the hack we paid $200. Very pleased.
  3. Agree with other comments…we also bring those storage cubes and a collapsible hamper. Additionally, we like magnet hooks for lanyards, suction cup hooks for swimsuits, and a hanging toiletry bag for organizing/storage.
  4. I’m sure it’s very subjective, but my personal favorites were Italian night and Caribbean night. And MDR was not open for embarkation lunch on my May 2023 sailing from NY.
  5. Thank you! How was the walk? Where do you go when you arrive? Any advice overall? (Doing this same thing in a few days.)
  6. Did you have any trouble with getting the vouchers from Comfort Suites when you arrived (instead of having to wait until 3 pm like some have been saying they were told)?
  7. Thank you! How were you able to do chat? I didn’t see anywhere to do that.
  8. I booked with points and confirmation said that we’d be responsible for another $45 per person in taxes and fees upon arrival.
  9. Would you mind terribly to forward that email to me so I can have it too in case they give me any trouble? I would really really appreciate it. My email is krdague@yahoo.com
  10. You can buy additional points. This was considerably cheaper for us than the actual hotel rate.
  11. Correct, you can still get passes but cannot book the hotel that morning and still get them. I was told on the phone to book at least 48 hours in advance. As far as the voucher time, that’s what I’m hoping to find out as I’ve gotten some conflicting info. So hoping to find someone who has been recently so I can get feedback.
  12. Hmmm…that’s strange, because they still promote it heavily on their website. I also called and emailed and they said they still offer it. Plus, I know another person here on CC did it in September 2023, so that would have been after they told you no.
  13. How long ago did you do this? Did they give you the vouchers upon arrival or did they make you wait until the official check in time at 3?
  14. Hoping to try this “hack” for our upcoming cruise, but had read some conflicting reports on whether you could pick up your Atlantis vouchers as soon as you got to Comfort Suites, or whether you’d have to wait until check in time at 3.
  15. Found the info I needed! Here are some photos that someone onboard now sent me in case anyone else needs this info.
  16. It doesn’t. But when I try to sign up again it says my email is taken. 🤔
  17. I did my first MSC sailing in May 2023. At that time, I tried to do the status match, but never heard anything back, so I let it go. Now I have booked my second MSC cruise. I should have a Voyagers Club number from my first sailing, but I can’t find it anywhere. I tried “sign up for Voyagers club” and it said my email was already in use, so I know I should have one. But I have checked email, website, app, and I cannot find it anywhere. Is there anywhere to find this number so I can apply it to my new booking? Trying to avoid calling if possible.
  18. Bumping this up! Now that Seashore is stateside, hoping to find someone sailing that can check this for me.
  19. If you are still on board, would you mind to pop by the arcade/VR section and find out the height requirements for the simulators (Formula One car and Run the River rafting)? I would greatly appreciate it as I’m trying to decide if I should pre-purchase the Fun Pass.
  20. Sending my prayers for a speedy recovery for Ted. Hope he is able to do the second leg of his B2B.
  21. Despite having read that they didn’t, we found the Meriviglia had free soft serve almost all day by the pool as well as a small selection of food (pizza, burgers, hot dogs). Does Seashore have this, and if so, what pool is it located by?
  22. Hoping someone can help me by getting the height requirements for the Formula One racing simulator and Run the River raft simulator. We learned on our last Meriviglia cruise that the ones listed on MSC’s website are NOT accurate. The website listed the Formula One racer as having a 3’6” height requirement, so I pre-purchased the Fun Pass and then my daughter (either 4’4” or 4’5” at the time) was too short to ride, leading to lots of disappointment. I wish I had thought to take a photo of what the height actually was, but I didn’t. And I can’t find anything on Run the River. Looking to know height requirement and if it is included on Fun Pass. Don’t want to pre-purchase the pass again and have a repeat. So if anyone wouldn’t mind to check, I would greatly appreciate it!!!
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