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    Seaside 3/23/19

    Hi, Arzeena! We will be on the first two weeks of June. 😔Sorry we will miss you! But now you can virtually cruise with us for those two weeks while you wait for your turn. Hopefully the wifi works well! 😁 Look out for “My View” to start around June 1st...
  2. Thank you for all this helpful information! 🙂

    Seaside 3/23/19

    I tried a Gooogle search, but came up empty. As a newbie sailing Seaside in June, what are the brown huts? 🙂
  4. MSC is very inconsistent with this. I did not hear back from them, but when I booked our cruise, I was able to enter the member area with the e-mail address I had provided for status match, and saw that my status had been matched (black card). After we booked the cruise, I tried to sign DH up. This was at least a month ago. There was no reply again, and I am unable to access his membership with the e-mail we used to sign him up. It does say that he is a voyager member on our reservation, but does not provide a number or status. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Thank you for the link! 🙂
  6. For $135? That sounds really high for only these three services. Are you sure this is the price you paid? The spa pass I purchased for Seaside this morning was $195 for 14 days... Onboard, a one day pass reportedly costs $45 (although it may differ for different itineraries?). Edit to add... just saw the 30 min Bali massage is $50... so, it does seem like it may only include one day thermal spa acceess. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Hi, mnocket! Did you already go on your Seaside cruise? We are booked for June and I would like to have feedback on your experience. We have the 14-day booked and I am wondering about the price of the daily pass. It is $195 in our cruise planner... This seems good for 14 days. Am I right?
  8. Yes, we had 2 loungers, 2 chairs, and the round table. 🙂 They were already on the balcony when we arrived. (Did not have to make a request)
  9. My latest Review: Brilliance of the Seas March 2019 Instagram: apdmomcruzr Up Next:  Celebrity Equinox (December 2018) Review and Pictures Harmony of the Seas (November 2018) Review, Pictures and Tips Adventure of the Seas B2B (June 2018) Review Norwegian Epic (March 2018) Review Navigator of the Seas (Nov 2017) Review Oasis of the Seas (June 2017) Review Freedom of the Seas (March 2017)Review CCL Magic (November 2016)Review&FunTimes NCL Escape (July2016) Review&Dailies Allure of the Seas (May 2016) Photo Review/Tips Navigator of the Seas (March 2016) Review Freedom of the Seas (November 2015) Review Oasis of the Seas (June 2015) Review Freedom of the Seas (Dec 2014) CCL Liberty (June 2014) Independence of the Seas (March 2014) Freedom of the Seas (June 2013) CCL Freedom (March 2013) CCL Fascination (July 2012) Review CCL Liberty (June 2012) NCL Dawn (A Caribbean Christmas 2011) CCL Legend (June 2011) CCL Dream (March 2011) X Infinity (July 2010) Costa Atlantica (April 2010) NCL Dawn (April 2009) Majesty of the Seas (July 2006) Enchantment of the Seas (October 2005) CCL Fantasy (April 2004) Still to come... Harmony of the Seas November 2019 Adventure of the Seas March 2020 Norwegian Encore June 2020 Allure of the Seas November 2020 Oasis of the Seas March 2021
  10. Hi, LuCruise! Great to “see” you again! We were in 8088. It is right off the atrium. We book d it for the large balcony and thought we could deal with the noise if we could enjoy the boardwalk balcony despite the noise. Well, the noise on Brilliance is MUCH worse than the boardwalk. We could hear songs word for word - even ones we did not know 😂 I think we will look at 8034 or 8534 next time. They are close to the forward stairs and you would not look down on the ‘roof’ over the lifeboats:
  11. You are welcome, Dennis! Thank you for keeping me company throughout the week! I will see you for an amaretto sour if we ever land on the same ship. 😁
  12. I will definitely try the live review from Seaside 🙂 We only have “basic” wifi with our booking, so I will have to see how that works.
  13. Love, love, love the stories about your girls and their cruises! What a wise young lady who already knows cruising is better than Disney. 😁 Enjoy your trip!
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