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  1. Part of me wants to say Oasis, because that is our favorite RCL class... Part of me wants to say Freedom, because the you will know which class YOU like best. Many People prefer Freedom. We find Freedom much more crowded. For kids, Oasis! 🙂
  2. These are from Harmony. We told our room steward he could just leave the couch as a bed, as it worked for us and it saved him some time. As you can see, it take no more space as a bed than as a sofa:
  3. I personally think the location and views of bella balconies are better on Seaside. We like the area around 10183, but it is port side. Starboard has the smoking area on deck 8, so if that would bother you, go for port. If not, book starboard if you want to see Ocean Cay from your balcony - recommend around 10182. PS: These balconies overlook the infinity bridge on either side. Nicer view and quiet.
  4. The salon sells Keratin Complex and Kerastase. The last time we were on Harmony, I price checked with Amazon. The products on the ship were basically the same price, but tax free. I buy only 2 specific items of those brands, but it saves tax and it does not get hot in a delivery truck from Amazon. So, I do buy from the ship for specific products. PS: This obviously does not apply to your situation... more informative for those who consider buying products on the ship. Salon is not always more expensive than on land. Same is true for skin products... tax free. 🙂
  5. Thanks! Yes, we did it through the post office too. I guess service slowed down in the past few years. When we renewed mine and our son’s in 2017. It only took 2 weeks without asking for expedited service. At least DH only needs a birth certificate and Driver’s license to sail if the passport comes late. For me, it would be 4 documents! 🤦‍♀️ Glad my passport does not need to be renewed now.
  6. Thanks! Was this a renewal or new passport you are referring to?
  7. Did you get the passport yet? Just curious, since we did DH’s renewal March 17th and we are still waiting. The previous time we renewed a passport it took about two weeks. That was without expedited service.
  8. Thank you for the input! DH wants to try Hooked, but we are going to wait a month or so to decide about the package for Symphony, since that is coming up July 25th... We are fairly confident that cruise will not be cancelled, but decided to rather book Unlimited Dining for Oasis in March 2021. If it looks like Symphony is a definite ‘go’, we may just splurge on that one too. 🙂 Being in this “lock down” has been good for the cruise budget... even though I work 10-12 hrs a day for the price/pay of 7.5 hours. I am definitely earning that next cruise! 🏆
  9. Looks like Oasis is it. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  10. 😂 “Imagine” is the right word, Hoopster 😂 We don’t even eat out at home unless we have a gift card. I fear you underestimate the “stinginess”. We live on a very strict cruise budget. Our first Oasis class cruise is Symphony... I guess that makes one vote for Symphony. Thank you for your input! Now, I am afraid we will find out what we have been missing all along and our cruise budget will suffer. 🧐
  11. I absolutely agree with this! I can understand and support a rule about every cruise passenger buying insurance so that the ship or Coast Guard (aka US taxpayer) is not stuck with a potential bill for illness or evacuation, but everyone should have the choice if they want to cruise. I am not afraid to die, but I would resent it if my freedom to choose a cruise is stripped away. You can not predict illness at sea - my husband’s unexpected appendectomy is proof of that.
  12. I am right there with you! 🙂 Balcony sailaway drink on us, because great cruise addicted minds think alike!
  13. I hope everyone enjoys this “normal” cruise question 😁 Contrary to our usual “Cruise budget”, we are considering the Unlimited Dining Package. We are booked on Oasis, Allure, and Symphony in the next year. Prices for the Unlimited Dining Package only vary by $10 per person. Which ship would you choose to splurge on the Unlimited Dining Package? I will appreciate any input from those who have experience with specialty restaurants. Our usual “stingy” (ahem frugal😉) budget does not allow for this splurge, but we decided to try it one time on one of the BIG ships. We are not picky eaters and we have never tried any of the specialty restaurants.
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