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  1. Yes, this!! The Panama Canal is so special. The ABCs are unique, very different than typical Caribbean ports. Don't care for the older ships, so the updated newer ship would be my choice.
  2. I've found that I can do without a straw for most situations. I always used straws before. An easy change for me. I can't figure out how they are doing mixed alcoholic drinks. Any input? The way it has been done for decades....ice, booze, mixer, stirrer and passed to consumer. Now what do they do? Do they use a stirrer to mix the drinks? Do they do it the same old way and you receive an unmixed drink? I don't order my drinks directly at the bar for the most part, so how would you know? Doesn't seem well thought out to me.
  3. I guess I will have to see what is available on the Legend in a couple of weeks. It looks like the ships are using up what they have on stock so there are many differences. I will bring on some of my own supplies and see how it goes.
  4. Oh my, I didn't want to get involved in another straw discussion, but I cruise in 2 weeks and I need some help. I've cruised on Carnival several times since the straw situation began. For the most part, I have received a straw or stirrer with all of the drinks when I requested them. I have adjusted to only having a straw in certain situations. That's a good thing in my opinion. I don't mind doing my part, but toting around a reusable straw is unsanitary in my book. Too much hand to mouth contamination. Rinsing them off in a public restroom? Not for me. What about stirrers for mixed drinks? When you order a vodka cranberry, how do you stir it? With your fingers? What about those olives floating around in your martini or bloody mary? Are you supposed to fish them out with your fingers? How are the ships currently handling these situations? I'm looking for what to expect so that I can bring on environmentally friendly options. I found cornstarch individually wrapped straws and individually wrapped bamboo stirrers. I have a compromised immune system and really can't take too many chances.
  5. We are in 4228. We had this cabin for our Hawaii cruise several years ago. It was on the Spirit though. We love the Spirit class and have sailed on each of them several times. Heard there was a flood on that deck a few weeks ago and hope that everything is back to normal now. Looking forward to your review. Happy cruising.
  6. Following. We are in an aft vista suite (deck 4) in a couple of weeks on the partial Panama Canal cruise.
  7. Have any of the "Mardi Gras like" ships actually been delivered and completed any sailings? Sorry, but I don't remember the names of the ships, but I believe they were Costa and MSC ships.
  8. Enjoying your review! We will be on the Legend doing a partial Panama Canal transit in a few months.
  9. Sorry, just got back from another cruise. 😁 I am the OP. We were able to order drinks in the suite lounge during our dinner service. We didn't have access to the suite lounge except while we were actually having dinner.
  10. Sorry, but I don't know if the dividers can be opened. We were traveling alone. We very much enjoyed the extra balcony space and will look to book one of these balconies again! As far as the elevators, I just left an extra 10 minutes to get where I was going. It made for a lot less stress. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. It seems like there are a lot more Premier cruises than there used to be. It seems that all of the unique and longer cruises are becoming Premier, Elite, or Ultra. I don't begrudge the Premiers, they earned their offers. I just wish Carnival would lessen the number of people allowed to book those offers for each cruise. It makes Carnival a ton of money so doubt they will do that. I have adjusted my gambling times, also. With 4 sea days it should be quite an adventure!
  12. Thanks reps23. I figured it was a casino cruise, but just couldn't verify. While we booked under a casino rate, we are not part of the Premier. I will cross my fingers that there will be a balance and I can actually play in the casino. My last cruise on the Breeze was also a surprise Premier cruise and I had a heck of a time getting to play at the slots. Good luck to you and hope to see you on board!
  13. They were definitely upgraded. Can't remember the name right now. I bring my own hair products, but I actually used them. I don't use the shampoo in the regular dispensers because I end up with scary hair. Lol. I also bring my own travel size of the items I use at home. For me, it's not a big loss to not have them, but I would have been disappointed to have counted on them and then found out they were not available. It's not like you can run out to a store and pick something up.
  14. Carnival's brand ambassador said that they were doing away with individual toiletries a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be in all cabin types if I remember correctly. Not sure why your steward said they were included in spa and Havana suites. For suites, the wall dispensers are supposed to be filled with upgraded quality shampoo and gel. I don't know how you could really tell, though. I would prefer to have the individual containers, but I believe they are becoming a thing of the past. Even some hotel chains are doing away with them. Glad you are having a good time! We will be on the Legend in a few months.
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