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  1. Your cruise sounds wonderful! I've never done that itinerary so can't recommend one side or the other. I've cruised many times on Spirit class ships though and have several cabin types that we always book. As far as not needing a balcony on port intensive cruises, I want to add that sitting on your balcony while the ship arrives or departs ports is a big deal to us. We love our little slice of outside, so we always book at least a balcony. I would avoid the couple of lower decks that have the life boats obstructing your view from the balcony. The extended balconies are 2 feet deeper. We like them, but not necessary for us. We usually book suites now. We love the extra room, but we spend more time in our cabin then we used to. Carnival's suite benefits are pretty slim compared to other cruise lines. Only you can decide if the extra dollars are worth it to you. I've listed my favorite Sprit class cabins, they go fast. 1. Vista Suites are the best! Aft wraparound balcony with a separate living and sleeping area. Great bath, closet, and dressing area. We love the deck 4 Vistas (4228 and 4237). 2. Premium balcony (9B) cabins are a best kept secret. Cabin 7299 is our favorite. The room is like a suite, but the bathroom is like a regular balcony. No noise from the elevators. 3. The "bowling alley" balconies (7258) are a regular balcony cabin with a triple long balcony. Lots of room for a couple of loungers as well as tables and chairs. Whatever you decide, enjoy!
  2. Thanks Cruise Raider. We are leaning towards keeping our mini suite with large balcony. With already having the drink package and the upgraded dining I think the upgrade price is pretty steep. We are supposed to have priority embarkation and debarkation with the CC mini, too. That leaves me with more $$ for the casino! 😁 I will look into the forward mini-suites. They sound great.
  3. Thanks Treasure Hunter. The cruise on the Apex will be our first Celebrity cruise. We enjoy having fun on our cruises. Don't want to have a stuffy, too formal experience. Heck, we enjoy Carnival on their newer ships. Always loads of fun! We decided to give Celebrity a try because we have found some people's opinions of a cruise line to not match our personal experiences once onboard. I agree on the Princess casino rate. Don't quite understand the downward sliding scale for better cabins. All of the other lines seem to offer the same percentage off no matter the cabin category. I am looking forward to trying Club Class dining. Last fall on the Harmony we enjoyed the expanded dinner menus in Coastal Kitchen. More like a traditional menu with more options and nightly chef specials.
  4. Ferd Berfle, The Retreat on Celebrity is new on Edge class vessels. It is like the suites having their own private Sanctuary.
  5. Cruise Raider, it is for a 7 day cruise. The $2000 upcharge does seem high, but I just don't know enough about Princess.
  6. Thank you Treasure Hunter. I agree that having a regular shower is wonderful. I am so afraid of slipping with my creaky knees. That is a big plus for me. I also get up earlier than my husband. Having a quiet place to have room service delivery that won't disturb him would be nice. It is nice to hear that the concierge is helpful. On Oasis class having the escorted exit on disembarkation is almost worth the price of a suite. We have our first (now lifted and shifted) Apex suite cruise and am so looking forward to the Retreat. I think Princess should look at added benefits to their Suite Class. The suite pricing on Princess is not a value compared to the benefits on other lines. Of course, I am not experienced on Princess, so I don't have the number of cruises with them to compare properly.
  7. Thank you Mears Family. We have only cruised on Princess twice, so we are not Elite or Platinum. We have cruised several times on RCCL in suites on Oasis Class and having an ocean view suite lounge area and private restaurant are hard to match. We are on a 7 day cruise, so laundry isn't a big deal. The room size is nice, but oh, those tiny balconies.
  8. Princess has indoor enclosed smoking rooms with nice seating and ocean views. Somewhat like the old smoking lounges at the airports, but a lot nicer.
  9. For me, the newer the better. I want big, with all the bells and whistles. We have sailed over 30 times, 24 on Carnival. We never get less than a balcony anymore. We are older now and retired. The kids are on there own. We have so much flexibility on when and where we cruise. A luxury that many people don't have. We will never sail on Fantasy class again.
  10. I would like to see a grill station added. Other lines have them. Steak, pork chops, chicken, shrimp, veggies, the list in endless. I know these are more expensive items. Maybe a small upcharge for a good quality steak. At any rate, I definitely would love to see all self service go away. It has to be more sanitary.
  11. We cruise on several lines, either in mini or full suites mostly. I've only cruised in minis on Princess. I have a club class mini on the Enchanted in a larger angled balcony next March. We are pondering an upgrade to the side penthouse suites located near the concierge lounge. Things I don't like are the tiny balcony and the $2000 upgrade price. Things I do like are the larger bathroom with shower and of course the extra room. My mini has the club class dining experience already, along with priority embarkation and debarkation. I bought the plus package with included drinks, gratuities, and wi fi. Do you think the extra amenities in the suite would be worth the upgrade? Thanks!
  12. BTW....we haven't put the breakfast order hangar out in quite a while. I find it easier to just call room service when I wake up. Usually there in 10 to 15 minutes. We don't always know when we will get up, so not having a set delivery time works better for us.
  13. Well, in reality we go out for Bloody Mary's on the way to get food. Sometimes we don't make it to lido until it's time for a Guy's burger. We are on vacation after all. Lol. 😉
  14. A BLT for breakfast is our go to item. We get it toasted with extra bacon and a side of ranch for dipping. A pot of coffee, split the BLT and we are good to go until we are dressed to go out for more food. They are free after 6am, I believe. We have been doing this for years and never had to pay.
  15. I am booked on a January Enchanted cruise, also. I've left it as is.....for now. I also booked another cruise on Enchanted in late March. I am not confident that either cruise will sail. I thought Enchanted started sailing in Ft. Lauderdale in late November. Why do people think that Enchanted won't be in Ft. Lauderdale in January? Perhaps the TA was canceled because of questions of international travel. I have to admit that I have been absent from the boards a bit lately.
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