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  1. I make a short list of things that I would like and then add to it if there is something amiss in the room like a burned out light bulb. I leave the list by the bar set up if I don't see the butler before muster drill. Sometimes he comes by and I will ask him in person and offer the list but he usually has a notepad. As to what things, like a certain type of snack in the afternoon or extra bottles of water (if we are in a suite that includes them). Sometimes extra supplies for the bathroom. Since the steward and butler work as a team if one is not responsible for an item they will inform the other. Very hard working people.
  2. Has anyone been in this cabin recently? I was specifically interested in if it was noisy from the upstairs deck. Thank you!
  3. Sunday morning is a good time to return to LGA. Usually little to no traffic.We have done 12:30 before and once we got to the airport had quite a long wait as the trip to the airport was quick. I would rather have that then cut it close.
  4. If it were me and RCCL is 90 days out I would book both and if you can't be sure of your son's dates cancel NCL at 121 days and go with RCCL. I know it is double booking which means double deposits but if you can afford to do it that is the way I would go.
  5. My concern is that they dragged their companion out of the Haven supposedly to her room and then returned. They didn't seem concerned that the passed out passenger might have alcohol poisoning or some other medical type emergency. Maybe her husband was in the suite?
  6. So does anyone have any thoughts about the wife? She didn't say anything to support or not support her husband (that I know of). She was only upset that the incident happened at the beginning not the end as if he misbehaved at the end and had to wait until Miami to disembark it would have been OK as she would have at least gotten her cruise in. LOL
  7. I am going to add to what I said in my comment above. If I had shown up and my family was in the show and I was denied access I would have called the Concierge. And if it took half the show to straighten out that's better than what he did. Worst case you wait for your family and chalk it up to things happen.
  8. If you are acting this way in Starbucks on land it's one thing. They can ask you to leave and then have the police as a back up. In the middle of the ocean? No way!! The Captain did the right thing. He showed himself to be either unwilling or unable to control his behavior and the Captain had no way of knowing if it would escalate.
  9. Here is my story that I posted on another thread. It was a blistering hot day (not Atlantis's fault) and the complex is massive. They opened the box office 20 min late(their fault ). We stood in line for 45 min. so thank goodness I had water with us. The complex is massive with poor signage. Little things like "the lazy river has multiple access points so pay attention to where you got on so you can reunite with family" was not told to us so we ended up wasting almost an hour trying to find each other. Texting didn't work even though we had signed up for a plan. Lunch was overpriced. A wrap and bottle of water was $20 each. But for me the worst was the employees either because they were new or in a bad mood consistently pointed in the opposite direction of where we asked to go. Which way is the children's play area? They pointed in the exact opposite way. So when family tried to find us they were directed to a sand dune. Now writing this I see it was a bit of an exaggeration but if you have ever been hot to the point of fainting and alarmed because you couldn't find your family in a big park and pay $800 for the priviledge you can see why I was upset. PS I had tried to download a map before we left home and it was not detailed at all and sure enough it was the same useless map handed out.
  10. I can totally understand that. Right around the time we were there they announced they were cutting way back on the day passes for the cruise passengers for just that reason.
  11. We did it but made sure we booked a room with convenient access to a public bathroom. In our case we just walked out the door, up the stairs and the public restroom was right there. You wouldn't want to send your Dad out of course but if someone is showering if necessary you could very easily run out for a minute.
  12. I have been on the Jade and Gem in the OS. They do not have two bedrooms. Never been in the DOS but pretty sure they don't either.
  13. About cultural norms.....very often I read in a newspaper about how not understanding each other's cultural norms can lead to tragedy. There was a shop owner who would routinely put the customer's change on the counter instead of handing it to them. In his country it was considered impolite to touch another person's hand that they did not know. The customer got really mad because he felt the shop owner was disrespecting them because in his country if you think someone is lower class than you that is what you do. Can't exactly remember what happened but I think someone really got hurt. One of the greatest strengths of the US is our diversity but it also causes challenges. I agree with the person who said that culturally it is different in the north and the south. Once when living in the south I told someone they didn't need to bring anything to contribute to the dinner. Where I used to live it was normal for the hostess to supply all the food. On two separate occasions people got mad and said that you don't tell people around here not to bring food. It is the highest insult ?????So from now on I just say bring anything you want LOL
  14. I bought our passes through an outside company. Easy to get transportation and you can come and go on your own terms plus buy which food you want from the stands. That said, read some reviews to decide whether you want to do this. Some people have a great time but we didn't.
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