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  1. Is it possible to walk to the Botanic garden from the cruise ship dock and if yes how long of a walk? Thanks.
  2. When we became empty nesters and wanted to resume cruising I checked the Pearl to Alaska in the lowest cost cabin I would feel comfortable in (it did include a balcony) and then priced airfare. Didn't have the money. So I told my husband that I would start clipping grocery coupons again and put what I saved aside in an envelope for our Cruise fund. It took over two years but I made my goal. So I know what you are saying.
  3. I was wondering if there is a beach right there that we can go to. It shows one in the promotional pictures but wasn't sure. Thank you.
  4. We tip $140 per cabin for a 7 day cruise if we don't utilize the butler for anything extra. We once tipped $200 total for the week when we had the butler set up a small party in our room. For a 16 day cruise if the butler is a good one I would tip more. Only once when our butler did a disappearing act did I tip less. Aprox. $50. for a 7 day Alaska cruise.
  5. Is there any way to get an earlier tour? We once had our taxi break down in Curacao (not Bonaire but I have been to Bonaire and am familiar with it). If you are talking about the 1 hour Tuk Tuk tour of the main town no problem. If you are talking about something further out I would try not to cut it so close.
  6. I saw this show on Broadway tour at a local arts center. I enjoyed it but would not have taken children to it. It is not so much the language as the other content. I have a niece who is 15 years old and lives in Manhattan and is pretty worldly so maybe her but no way my 11 year old grandaughter.
  7. I am wondering if the policy on NCL is the same as the last time I cruised an RCCL 5 day to Bermuda. Informal get togethers are certainly an option but on our cruise they said no official M&G sponsored by crew and officers on Liberty of the Seas 5 day was possible.
  8. There are real people here behind our screen names. Calling someone Mary Poppins is not really an insult but the way you said it seems to indicate you think it is. If you disagree with her thoughts it would be kinder to just say what you disagree with.
  9. I sometimes book way in advance. We like to fly first class and in our case for an April 2020 trip first class was only $150 more per ticket than coach. So we grabbed it. I wouldn't have done that if it was the usual $500 difference in fare that it usually is leaving from our airport.
  10. I guess I will answer my own question.We would probably go with one. We spend quite a bit of time in our cabin so there is the question of some not having chairs or couches too. But if we were decades younger and only used our cabin to sleep and shower I can see that two cruises would be a valid choice.
  11. Would you go on two cruises that cost $2,000 each (1,000pp) or one cruise that cost $4,000 (2,000 pp in a fancier cabin)if it was the same ship, length of cruise but probably different ports. This would be a specific to NCL question as I am thinking of their less expensive cabins vs. more expensive specifically the Jewell class ships.
  12. You have a point up to a point. I recently got over a very scary painful illness where I could have died. Time and time again people said to me "at least you don't have cancer". There are all levels of suffering. I feel for those affected and those who died. And yes the OP troubles seem to pale in comparison however they did sustain a (potential) loss.
  13. I feel for you. I have been in similar situations (not a cruise but air travel) and once had to make a split second decision as to whether to rebook myself due to a snowstorm or wait for the airline robocall. It cost me over $2,000 to rebook, airfare, extra hotel stay, extra days on the car rental. The airline assured me that the airline portion would be covered which was around $1600 of that. They ended up giving us aprox. $250. It took a long time for us to get over this. In your case you might still be able to recoup.
  14. On every NCL ship I have been on (have not been on the POA) there have been one or two coffee machines that grind the beans on demand in the buffet. And it is free. Self serve.
  15. I have never seen this much of a difference in different weeks. A 2 bedroom Haven villa 4699 pp right before Christmas and the last time I checked close to 13,000 pp over New Year's. Is it always this way? Makes me glad to be retired and not to have to sail during school holidays.
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