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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if P&O copied Cunard and did pub lunches in the Red Lion or similar. Not many choices but all yummy. fishnchips chicken tikka masala steak kidney pudding ploughmans and a couple more I cannot remember. served 12 to 2.
  2. In July we did the P&O organised 2 day small group tour in 14 person minibus included boat trip church of spilled blood peter and Paul cathedral where tsars are buried peterhof palace including hydrofoil back into town hermitage catherines Palace price same as alla. Thoroughly recommended.
  3. Good Morning Back in 2009 we had a very good holiday on Arcadia. But gosh how time flies. That is 10 years ago. Next June we are back on the old girl. so my question is simple. How is Arcadia. I have no doubt she will be spotless and clean, but how has she changed. What new delights await us. Thank you.
  4. Just back from a super holiday to Alaska with Princess. Now Princess are using Southampton a bit more these days so you may be thinking of giving them a try. Ship - Coral Princess. c2000 pax. Whittier to Vancouver. 7 days. Cabin. We treated ourselves to a mini suite and it was lovely. Up in the top 3 of cabins with Oceania whose lowest grade of balcony is bigger and better than Cunard or P&O, and Noble Caledonia’s Island Sky, pure luxury. But no kettle so a walk to the buffet to get a cuppa. Buffet restaurant. Well it closes during the night. Closed 1130 to 0600. much better offerings than P&O. Except for the dire American idea of breakfast. They simply have no idea. Truly awful. Really truly awful. And not a nice sight watching gross obese people tucking away plates of waffles washed down by pints and pints of Coca Cola. Entertainment. Not as much daytime activity. Not many quizzes but easy to win. We did two. Just the two of us against a room full of 6 member teams and won both comfortably. Their version of Headliners were excellent but in 7 days only did one show. While the dreadful Whitney tribute did 2 as did a dodgy ‘comedy magician ‘. MDR. No complaints here about the grub. Very good. Desserts not so clever but leg it up to the buffet for that. Excellent selection up there. Freedom dining meant waiting for a table for 2 or being sociable on an 8 or 10 table. So a bit slow. Only 6 Brits on board and the other 4 were in a group. Not one pax guessed we were English. They all said Australian. But actually they were all very friendly and had either been to the UK or wanted to go so lots to chat about. Formal nights. 2 of them. About 10 tuxedos spotted. Maybe 60% in jacket but no tie. The rest in jeans and t shirts. So not enforced at all. Up to you if you think this is good or bad. Tipping. 15.50USD a day. They do love tipping over the pond don’t they. Enough now. Any questions answered. Yes we saw loads of Orcas and Humpbacks and brown bears and black bears. Brilliant.
  5. I bought 300 shares at £22 so am obviously happy with their performance, even though they are down £10 or so from their high. The OBC is handy too. We have also sailed with HAL, Cunard and Princess and got OBC with them too. To me it seems a bit of a no brainer to buy some if you are a regular cruiser.
  6. Thank you all for these various suggestions. Looks like we will have to check out the Princess disembarkation tour. Then airport and fly overnight back to London. All starts next week so not long to go now.
  7. So last day on Coral. Vancouver. Princess have arranged transfer from ship to airport, but our flight is not until 9 that night. What alternative is there to sitting in the airport all day. This must happen all the time so what do you happy Princess customers do.
  8. Good Morning we are frequent cruisers with many companies but Princess will be a first. Alaska. A few questions. We are expecting the ship to be a much younger set than the adult only P&O ships. And Alaska will not be scorching weather so... What temperature can we expect inside the ship. Americans often like the AC up high and a cool temperature. Will I need a long sleeve shirt and pullover. Do the cabins have tea coffee making facilities. Us Brits love a cuppa morning and evening. Will most passengers be from Canadaand USA. Will we see many of us Brits. What is the tipping situation. Is it a set rate per day added to your account. More and more British ships are scrapping this outdated process. Is there anything else nice to know on this new line to us. Thanking you all in anticipation of helpful answers.
  9. Dai so you went to Skagen. I think us on Aurora doubled the population. I wonder what they thought of the thousands descending on them from Brittania. BTW nice to see you are still posting away. We used to talk a lot but I am much quieter now. Happy cruising sir.
  10. The taxi man had an email from the passenger saying they would be late because the ship had broken down. The email also said there was a lot of norovirus on board. And he actually cancelled their booking as he had another job to do afterwards. But as somebody says it is just one of those things. We have cruised a lot for over 15 years with lots of different ships, companies and this is the first time we have had the dreaded lurgie on board. as for Brittania I am sure some one on board will tell all. But enough of that. After the refit Aurora looks a bit spruced. Lots of new carpets. New cabins where the kids stuff used to be. She is a lovely ship. She looks like a ship not a block of flats. Yes if it was up to me I would half the size of the casino and make Champions bar a lot bigger and better. And the Horizon canteen is smaller than most and poorly laid out. The cinema equipment is poor, not a great picture and a bit jerky. These days this stuff is cheap as chips to upgrade and it would really improve the experience. Gosh this sounds like I am a moaner. I am not. I would happily book another Aurora trip anytime.
  11. Just back from the Baltic on the lovely Aurora. Ok not as nice as Oriana but still nice. Ship went into ultra health awareness for last few days after a Norovirus outbreak. Of course no one knows how many people were affected but obviously enough to warrant announcements and everyone being ultra careful. We couldn’t even swap papers for marking the quizzes! Quickly on this topic our taxi driver at Southampton said Britannia had come in late the previous day after breaking down and she too was riddled with the virus. He also said one of their drivers had caught it when picking up a passenger a couple of days previously and was still off work. Back to Aurora. The food in the MDR was very good indeed. P&O seem to have upped their game. No complaints at all. So good in fact that we didn’t bother trying the 3 select restaurants. Well done Aurora. Entertainment generally good but they did turn the volume up far too high for a few shows. The RunAround Boys were painfully loud and lots walked out with blood streaming from their lugholes. Visby. Too windy so Port missed. Instead they arranged Tallin at very short notice. Well done Aurora again. I think you can guess lots of moaners were not happy. ‘I’ve been there and don’t want to go again’ bla bla bla. Sometimes I despair of us Brits. We used to be so much nicer. For the first time ever we didn’t win a quiz. We are quite good but some seriously fine quizzers on board. Overall another excellent holiday. We are off to Alaska with Princess in September. Brilliant. This retirement lark has a lot going for it.
  12. Deposits are low. Be a devil and chance it that you won’t be cancelling early. Then book insurance when inside 12 months.Wwe actually have a rolling annual travel insurance policy but then we do 3 holidays a year one of which is usually an expedition trip. Bizarrely our annual cover was cheaper than getting a single trip cover for our last Antarctica adventure.
  13. Relax. You will be fine. Lovely cruise. lovely ship. wrap up warm!
  14. We did not on Oriana March 2017.
  15. I was there in 1974 as cadet on my first trip to sea. No shore leave allowed due to ongoing civil unrest. Shame as it had taken 6 weeks to get there from London, in 74 the Suez Canal was still closed after 6 day war so we had to go round South Africa to get there.
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