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  1. We did it once and were a bit disappointed. It is, as others have mentioned, extremely informal - we were hoping for more of a guided experience where we might learn something from an experience sommelier. That is definitely NOT what this is - this is simply DIY tasting and can be kind of a nightmare with people elbowing each other out of the way for wine, depending on how many attendees there are. If you have a drink package I wouldn't bother - you can just go to Cellar Masters and put together your own tasting.
  2. Hiccups, does that 4-perks "Best Value" fare include a refundable deposit? Because normally, "Best Value" fares are refundable no matter how many perks you buy. The Veteran's Day sale is supposed to apply only to non-refundable fares, which are normally shown on the "Best Rate" portion of the screen. I am just wondering if there is another, lower price available for the cruise in question involving all four perks and a non-refundable fare (a price you might have to call X or your TA to discover).
  3. I was never able to get the sale pricing to come up online with this cruise - I had to contact my TA to find out whether this one was eligible and what the actual cost of a non-refundable fare plus 4 perks for the price of two would be. However, the "Best Value" option is not what you should be looking at if you are trying to take advantage of this sale - the sale applies to the "Best Rate" (non-refundable) fare.
  4. I think this varies by cruise, but in my case, the base price of my cruise/A2 room (May 21 2020 Solstice) didn't change much - it was $1839 non-refundable and $2174 refundable with two perks before the sale, and now it's $1789 non-refundable and $2124 refundable with two perks. What gets a bit confusing is that the price of two perks is not really listed anywhere, so you don't know how much they normally cost. However, I priced this cruise last week before a lot of this madness started and the refundable fare was listed without the perks included, so they showed the actual price of the perks on the following screen (this option has since disappeared from X's website): This screenshot is from an 8-day cruise so the price of two perks is $20pppd, with the beverage package upcharge working out to an additional $14pppd, for a total of $34pppd. $34 times 8 days is $272. I ended up rebooking our cruise during the sale and my new base fare is almost exactly $1789 plus $272 (off by a couple of dollars presumably due to taxes, etc.). Anyway, I don't know if that will be true for everyone, but it's as a good starting point if you need to figure out the cost of two perks to see if you are really getting a good deal on all four.
  5. We found out on our last cruise that they will allow you to use it for extra gratuities, if you want to tip specific people like your wait staff, etc. We had some left at the end our last cruise and asked at Customer Service to have it go to the team that served us in Luminae.
  6. I saw that thread - if that becomes a regular thing, we'll definitely start waiting until after final payment to book. What a mess they are making.
  7. I think the unlimited Wifi for two retails for around $350 for a 7-9 night cruise.
  8. I just logged into my cruise planner and for my May 21, 2020 Solstice cruise, there is an offer for something called the Premier Pass package, for the low low price of $535 for two. Here's what you get: Introducing Premier Pass, our newest and most innovative vacation package for 2 guests. It offers a series of unique cruise experiences to elevate your vacation to the next luxurious level. Purchase the Premier Pass before you sail and enjoy VIP access to the ship, including priority boarding. You’ll have a bottle of Veuve Clicquot waiting in your stateroom when you arrive - just our way of saying, “Welcome aboard.” Your pass includes our most popular Inside Access Tour where you’ll discover the inner workings of the ship from the bridge to the engine room. Your pass also includes a meal with one of the ship’s officers - complete with a photo of you and the captain. During your sailing, you’ll savor an exclusive food and wine pairing, keep in touch with unlimited internet access for two devices, and look your best in every port with personal laundry service on board. The Premier Pass includes all this - for one set price: • Priority embarkation and debarkation • Welcome bottle of Veuve Clicquot • Unlimited internet access (two devices) • Inside Access tour (two guests) • Officer’s lunch (two guests) • Captain’s toast and photo • Wine pairing with sommelier (two guests) - wine is complimentary • Laundry service (one bag per stateroom) Learn how to redeem this package by downloading the pdf. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/Premier-Pass-Package-Redemption-V1.pdf I couldn't care less about any of these things (except the Veuve, but I can buy that anywhere!), so to me it looks like a great way to monetize stuff that is basically worthless. Any takers? 🙂
  9. I rebooked during this sale and my total price was basically the "lowest price" plus $34pppd for the 2 perk package. $20pppd seems to be the base price for two non-drink perks, although that is not widely advertised. I only know this because one of my cruises had the option of booking them separate from the refundable fare a few days ago (an option which has since disappeared). $14pppd is the upcharge for the drink package for a total of $34pppd.
  10. I emailed our TA to see if he could get the deal for our May 21 2020 cruise and he was able to do so. The base fare for our A2 was actually higher by about $150 than what we previously paid, and of course we had to pay the 2-perk plus drinks charge, but with the extra OBC, included gratuities and internet we came out slightly ahead (we ended up paying a total of $405 more than our previous total but getting tips worth $240, drink upgrade worth $192, internet which we don't really need but which retails for $350 and an extra $200 OBC, for a total retail value of $982). It is pretty unlikely that we will need to change or cancel at this point so I'm comfortable with a non-refundable fare.
  11. Truer words were never spoken, LOL. I can't even log into my Celebrity account right now!
  12. It's not working for me either - I tried a dummy booking on my existing Alaska cruise (May 21, 2020), which is listed under the sale, but choosing the non-refundable rate gets me this, which I don't believe includes the perks:
  13. In that case it is highly likely that you will pay MUCH more than the retail cost of the perks in order to get the refundable fare. Take the pricing on the OP's cruise: $1540 non-refundable no perks or $2381 refundable two perks. That's a difference of $841pp. The tips plus OBC are worth less than $300pp on a 7-9 day cruise. I know a refundable fare has value, but is it worth over $500pp when the fee to change is only $100pp?
  14. My mom has more energy than I do, but we do have to watch the walking for my dad. Luckily, he is content to relax at the hotel if he's not feeling up to a given activity, and more than happy to pay for a cab/Uber if it will make his life easier.
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