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  1. Kate: You went from Windstar newbie to expert in a transatlantic voyage. 😇 Info from the front!
  2. There are different kinds of drinkers. Give me a good Manhattan. Okay, a martini on occasion. I can't take the frou-frou.🤣 But that's how you figure out if the package works for you or not.
  3. Okay. It helps me to figure out that the All-In deal doesn't work for us. We like a bottle of wine with dinner (you get wine by the glass only) and a couple of cocktails before dinner. But there is always that group at the Star Bar from open to close. I guess they get their money's worth. 😂 We use boat time to disconnect from the internet. And you can do laundry piece by piece. It takes a lot to add up to $112... But as new Windstar people, you'll find this is one of the top discussions here...
  4. Typical of the taxi association, they only list some destinations. Taxi drivers will know the name Smith Bay Beach or Lindqvist. Secret Beach is a name invented by the marketing department of one of the cruise lines. It is closer to Sapphire, and so that would probably be what you are charged. If you use the name Secret, they might assume you want Secret Harbour, so be clear. Also, there is plenty of shopping at West Indian Company/WICO/Havensight dock, not as much at Crown Bay.
  5. In case you haven't seen this thread: All Hail, Misty Morning for doing this!
  6. Spanky: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22415-new-engines-installed-on-star-breeze.html This is dated February 7th. Not sure you are going to get anything newer.
  7. If you don't need lots of entertainment, you'll be fine...😉
  8. Kate: Well that's a good sign. I really have been wondering about you. 😉 ahottoddie: We signed up on our last cruise. When I got home, I found cheaper fares through my TA. Easy to shift your reservation to them. We did get some OBC, which I've never had before, LOL. I think people either "get" and like the Windstar experience or not. I read one review that was obviously the latter. If you are expecting white glove service, you may be disappointed. If you enjoy casual (but not to the point of tank tops on guys or holey jeans in the dining room!) but sincere service, you might be a Windstar person...
  9. You don't need a ticket, your invoice is fine. We've never done the All-In, but the laundry is pretty straight forward. There is a bag in your room, you put your items in it with an inventory slip, hang it on your door. Things magically return to your room, folded and pressed. There are drinks available at the Star Bar, Compass Rose, Verandah. Also, if there are events in the lounge, someone will come by and to get you a drink.The Yacht Club is coffee/tea only, but it backs to the Star Bar. Make Candles reservations when you embark. Ask the officer who is signing you up about best days. They are closed for the deck BBQ. It's a steakhouse concept with the same menu each night. Yes, just show up between the hours listed for the Amphora. They will ask if you want to share or not.
  10. Kate: I do hope you will come back and give us a review of your experience as a first time Windstar passenger.... 😊
  11. Magens is much closer to Crown Bay than Secret Harbour is. It is difficult to get a taxi for two- you would be charged extra. Most of the transportation is in vans or open safari vehicles. When you charge per person, you want to maximize your trip. Believe me, there will be no problem getting back from any of the beaches. There are more taxis than people on St Thomas. You can see Water Island from Crown Bay, very close. There can be a problem with return as the ferry is very small. If you want close, restaurant, chairs, Lindbergh Bay (Emerald Beach Resort) would be top of the list.
  12. "Would love to go back to the Virgin Islands. Any suggestions on how to make things better that next time? " You can make a land based visit and have plenty of time to see all the beaches, enjoy the sunsets, wave to the people on the cruise ships as they leave... LOL
  13. Lindqvist/Smith Bay and Magens are both part of a territorial park system. There is an entry fee, lifeguards, etc. Magens has a bit more infrastructure, having been in existence much longer.
  14. How about Love City Food Tours?: stjohnfoodtours.com
  15. Mitsugirly: The video is all of boat dives. The first part is the Ledges of Little St James (aka Jeffery Epstein's island "St. Jeff's") and the second is off Cow Rock, part of a formation called Cow and Calf. I highly recommend Red Hook Dive Center, they also go to these spots. Their boat is docked, so you don't have to get in the water to get on the boat, like at Secret Harbour. I do think the best off the beach dives are at Coki.
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