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  1. Spanky: *All* cruise ship excursions are more expensive than independent ones. Basically, they add on percentage for booking them. Many people are willing to pay the extra money because they don't want to chance getting left behind for some reason or another. Just another way for the cruise lines to make some $$$.
  2. One more question from the PITA...😂 What about Fuerte Amador? I'd be more interested in Panama Canal history than birds at this point. LOL
  3. The last time I was in a taxi on St Thomas, the guy was driving like a maniac. I looked over to see how fast he was going. He had a piece of cardboard taped over the speedometer. 😆
  4. Spanky My: I just read our travel documents for Panama-Costa Rica. There is a picture of the Zodiac filled with people. There is a warning that you will get wet and to protect cameras, etc.They also have pictures of water shoes and basically say you must have them due to the nature of the possible landing site.
  5. Never mind. It helps to read your travel documents. LOL. All anchoring, wet landing at Golfo Dulce and Isla Parida...
  6. Thanks for the help everyone! Another question...Do you dock anywhere or anchor at all stops? I'm wondering if you can get off the ship and wander a town at all. I guess it would be between the Quepos and Golfo Dulce stops.
  7. The two stops are: Quepos (Manuel Antonio National Park) and Golfo Dulce (Puerto Jimenez). I would not worry about private tours in the Caribbean, mostly because I understand the language and culture, but I don't have the same confidence in Central America. Where do you find your independent tours?
  8. After watching the price drop, then stabilize, I got on the phone yesterday and booked a December trip! The airfare through Windstar was cheaper than what I could find, so I'm happy. Since my main object was to transit the canal, I really haven't a clue about what to do in Costa Rica. Not one for getting on a bus for an hour or more for a short sightseeing trip. Does anyone have a recommendation for either of of the stops? Would rather see birds and things than sit on a beach, LOL. I believe the picnic is at Isla Parida, so that's good. Yes, I've read "The Path Between the Seas" 😊 Thanks everyone.
  9. If you are looking at the water, go down to the far left end of the beach.
  10. We had the same issue on our transatlantic. We arrived in Lisbon a day early and stayed on the ship as a waterfront hotel. They got us safely across an ocean. I'm not complaining. 😊
  11. buchbim: You should go back and read your contract to see what was really promised or not...
  12. Cruising can be a crapshoot, especially if you are traveling in areas with typically rough seas or unpredictable weather. Look at the people who complain about river cruises. I don't understand cruising to cold climates, but I like warm weather LOL. Still, you pays your money and you takes your chances. 😉
  13. The only storms that cause problems in the Caribbean in February are the ones in the north Atlantic. They can cause ground swell with waves that impact some beaches. Which beaches depend on the direction of the swell, but usually northerly facing ones.
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