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  1. Reflection...however I'm now pretty sure my July 2021 British Isles cruise will be cancelled...but I do appreciate your response for future bookings.
  2. Many many great moments but most eventful was onboard Harmony March 2017 sailing with extended family and friends and our youngest son got engaged....He was so prepared...we were all so surprised and elated !!! That entire cruise was a celebration !!!!!
  3. I'm going to assume my 9 night Oct 2021 Canada/NE cruise out of Cape Liberty will cancel at some point.
  4. So you do get a confirmation from US Gov that it is being processed...even if it was sent 1st class?
  5. It's looking very doubtful my October 14, 2021 9 night Canada/NE will sail from Cape Liberty.
  6. Just waiting for Celebrity to cancel our British Isles July 30, 2021 out of Amsterdam.
  7. Forensic Entomologist and then they'll leave us alone.
  8. We as Americans have been in a very small minority onboard an RCI ship for Exotic Asia. English was still the first language noted as were the meals and currency onboard.
  9. Choose your location onboard based on the areas of the ship that are applicable to you rather than what you can maybe see from your balcony or window. JMHO.
  10. One of the perks of flying first class. I know that other class of service is different...but aren't you annoyed when you have to go back farther to find a bin.....common courtesy should be to use the bins above/near your seat is lost on many. Makes it difficult when deplaning also.
  11. My July 2022 Arctic Circle OS...has skyrocketed !!!! Whew... glad I booked it the night it opened.
  12. We enjoy the fact that we don't have to pack after the first leg or put our luggage out. We do sleep in a bit then go grab a pool lounger and relax. Love our B2B's and always book the same cabin.
  13. Nope never a luggage problem (fingers crossed)...Be "that guy" just don't try to cram your stuff into overhead's that aren't above or near your seat...so glad the FA's keep an eye out for those that try to at least in first/business.
  14. We were probably those "people" ..... we fly first/business ... and check our luggage. We prefer to not drag luggage down the aisle or try to cram everything into the overhead. Kudos to those of you that can travel light..it'll never be me
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