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  1. To date we have moved March 2021 to March 2022 (a B2B) and May 2021 to Apr 2022.
  2. Again..many thanks for your expert advice....definitely a huge asset to this board and those of us who rely on you for answers !!
  3. At that point in time you should have options to choose.
  4. We saw this on tv recently also....what isn't that people can't understand...Thanks Bill Nye !!!!
  5. Would only the parents be able to use them or if I added two new adults to the existing booking (GS cabin will hold four) would it apply to them or will it just be applied to the entire cabin price ?
  6. Just a bit of an update to my above post (#125). I received an email that Global Entry appointments will resume after Sept 8th.
  7. Can you explain this a bit more ? If kids (under 6) received an FCC for a cancelled trip (they cancelled) and they were under the KSF why did they receive FCC's? Then can the parents use them (they have FCC's also) if the kids won't be sailing or is this stacking which isn't allowed?
  8. I was told yesterday that since I'm using an FCC for a cruise sailing in April 2022 the left over amount on my FCC will be reissued after that cruise is completed to a new FCC with new expiration date...correct?
  9. Be patient as they are overwhelmed but your credits from your purchases will eventually be processed...it's just taking a varying amount of time now. Best of luck !
  10. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23355-royal-caribbean-newbuilds-will-be-delayed.html Sorry if this is a repeat of an already posted and discussed article on this board.
  11. Absolutely one of the best groups we've seen was "MO5AIC" on Oasis !!!!
  12. Thanks ! Yes, I know where Simi Valley is...have been here for over 35 years
  13. The good advice I received about my particular situation was from ourusualbeach (always very helpful) In my case it wasn't the list of options that were in question, it was the policy and the specifics of my request to L/S that the rep and supervisor's were saying that it wasn't eligible ...which proved to be wrong.
  14. No...I seem to prefer to do things with a real human and so many details involved with these FCC's and KSF bookings and needing to keep the same exact cabins next to each other for the ten of us. I didn't want to take a chance. I've learned over the years that I can be our best advocate when necessary and this was one of those times. I've gotten some great advice on the L/S policy on this board and read it several times and actually just did a L/S on another cruise a few weeks ago...so I actually knew what I was talking about. I just had to get them to finally agree and apply their policy correctly. I knew exactly what I wanted to change to.....I had already done the research. Whew...worth the time it took !!!
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