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  1. Most tour providers certainly are aware of the process and will usually wait...but it's your responsibility to know the time frame and do your best to tender as quickly as you can.
  2. This is just easier on everyone involved You can still get those points by using your card in conjunction with your on board account either by linking it as the method to pay or using it at the end to pay your final balance.
  3. Ship tour...Eeeek.....Our private tour (6 of us) in Malta with a cast member (Seasons 1 & 2) was just WOW !! We went all over the island to all the filming sites even out to the cliffs and where Khal Drogo died and where Daenerys walked through the fire. Just amazing how using blue screen they made the ocean look like sand for some shots. Being there and seeing the professional pictures Malcolm had of how it looked then and his funny behind the scenes stories made this a tour to remember. Google Malta Film Tours with Malcolm Ellul to see what I mean.
  4. We just returned from our port stop (May 24th) in Athens and followed many recommendations to use PK Travel....We were not disappointed...A wonderful full day tour with an amazing driver & guide !! Check out their website and contact them .. I'm sure they'll have a tour (private or small group shared) that will work out for your specifics needs...Best of luck and enjoy Athens.
  5. Your timing for October should be great...we've done the same. And yes, Acadia National Park is in Bar Harbor Maine...Arcadia is a city here in my home state of California hardly a national park A plaque near the entrance on the sprawling grounds of the Santa Anita racetrack is the sole reminder of the track's place in World War II history as the nation's largest assembly center for Japanese Americans on their way to internment camps.
  6. You're very correct and will gladly add my two cents to your's on this subject.
  7. That's your opinion...Perhaps not everyone agrees with you about "long term investment" or just what long term to them actually means. I gave a suggestion on a well known brand....and that's all that was asked for....a back-n-forth debate from you was not.
  8. And whoopie pie's too.
  9. Hyatt Place (convention center). Do you really need a pool in January ? Hyatt is a great location also try checking pricing with ValueTrips but their not out yet for January 2020. Embassy Suites needs some updating.
  10. Two cabins..I think would be the best comfort wise. I would also be surprised if you can find two double beds most of the time it will be two twins. Price out the variables and choose what's best for the three of you.
  11. That's too bad as this would seem to be (I was told at my branch) an option "USPS" does offer and certainly not based on personality. Why would the personality of your Postmaster have any bearing on service offered ? Have you ever "asked" for this service and been denied ?
  12. Not crazy about this set up (redesign) at all...but for those that do...enjoy.
  13. No need to book transportation with the cruiseline. Lot's of private shuttle options or Uber/Lyft. We have found hotels to be cheaper in Fort Lauderdale....one we like is Hyatt Place book directly as a member (sign up) or use ValueTrips.
  14. Most on these boards are going to tell you "NO...NEVER do it". However we've done this many times from the west coast (LAX) arriving very early morning before 9:00am sometimes around 6:30am (FLL) usually a non-stop or a connecting flight (ATL). We prefer to fly in day before but this hasn't always been possible. Do whatever works out best for you personally. Also take into consideration the month you'll be traveling. Have a plan B and travel insurance.
  15. No.....there will be a lot of local families with kids. We sailed in September and there were a lot !!!!!
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