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  1. If the life boat occupancy fills up your're still saying you can add another person just because the cabin can accommodate them...Hmmm...didn't know that.
  2. Booked three 1 bedroom GS's for extended family group of ten for May 2021 on Symphony. Everyone gets just Voom or Voom Surf & Stream?
  3. Just keep in mind what the chance is you might possibly want someone to cruise with you...I would then opt for booking with the 2nd person as a TBD.
  4. They also use to have Mimosa's at the consecutive cruiser's meeting .. not on they last few we've been on.
  5. I hope you are and we are able to also. We're doing another B2B on Freedom out of San Juan.
  6. No...regardless of your category...you're a consecutive cruiser and will meet with all the other's at the location designated. A detailed information sheet will be left in your cabin near or at the end of your first leg.
  7. The Thrill Water Park for our May 2021 prices are not out yet. I opted to get the cruise planner refund rather than let them keep our $$'s. Sorry I didn't ask about doing that.
  8. I also have called recently (twice) and it was only a matter of minutes each time to get through....Both very friendly and helpful and they each were working from home...great service !!!!
  9. I had two Thrill Water Park cabana's booked for our May 2020 cruise that was canceled by RCI....I got a great price $499.00 per cabana...hoping to get a similar price for our May 2021.
  10. We had #8590 on the Greece/Med itinerary on Vision last year and it was amazing. I would think that any of those afts would be great. Someone suggested asking to be put on a waitlist...good luck with that...better to keep checking yourself.
  11. I have an old family recipe (sorry can't exactly share) but it does include rice krispie's and old fashioned oatmeal in them...Their just amazing.
  12. You're very welcome...The free buffet when booking with VT changed some time ago. If you have transportation try the breakfast at either Grandpa's Bakery & Restaurant or Lester's Diner our two favorite places.
  13. Agree....it was quick for my FCC's. However my cruise planner purchases are just recently showing up as credits to my credit card. I opted to take the FCC's for 125% but refunds for the planner back to my card.
  14. They can call it whatever they want.....just don't get rid of it.
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