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  1. Besides checking the cruise planner often...you might also check your rollcall...we've found that many of those cruising with us will post this info when it happens. And once you purchase something if it goes on sale...easy to cancel and re-purchase. I've been doing this a lot recently...with internet and one excursion in particular I've canceled and re-purchased 4 x's so far. I have to agree also...don't depend on RCI to contact you...if they have you're one of the few.
  2. AAA doesn't have some type of currency available any longer. I prefer to now order it online from my bank (BofA)...easy to do....so OP check with your bank.
  3. Interesting about the cruiseline train transfer going on to the downtown depot when it leaves ANC. I assumed that the train just headed back to Seward as there were lot's of cruiser's waiting to take this train to the cruise ship we saw as we got off from Seward at ANC.
  4. We have done the (RCI) cruiseline train transfer option that leaves from right next to where our ship docked in Seward. It's a 126 mile guided tour that leaves at approx 7:30am and arrives right to ANC at 11:30am. This can only be booked through the cruiseline directly and you must have a flight leaving no earlier than 2:30pm if departing cruise end day. We've used a bus service when we've had an earlier flight https://alaskacruisetransfer.com/ .
  5. I always prefer to take plenty of local currency (Euros for these ports) I pre-order them from my local BofA. I'm not a fan of having to find and depend on foreign ATM's. And I certainly don't use the ATM's onboard with their high service charge. I'll only use my credit card (no foreign transaction fee) at major well established places and only when necessary.
  6. Egg crate "foam" topper.....I thought RCI stopped using this foam type due to sanitation concerns? The mattress toppers (comforter type) is what's been available.
  7. As long as your kid's are with you I don't believe there is an age restriction at any time...unless this has recently changed...which I find doubtful.
  8. Go to the taxi stand they are very organized with prices posted going to different area's. I think we paid around $12.00pp for roundtrip to Maho and back into town. Their shared large van type taxi's that hold about 10-12 people. They drop you off right in front of Sunset Bar & Grill and are there lined up when people want to go back into town .....Very easy to do this on your own we do it every time we're in port...absolutely no reason to even consider booking this with the cruiseline....Enjoy !!
  9. Correct...no hotels offer a shuttle..taxi's are easily available.
  10. Sorry, I was thinking about there being no pool in the Solarium where the adult pool usually is. We only went to Splashaway Bay last time on HOTS as we had grandkid's with us.
  11. HOTS doesn't have an adults only pool I believe.
  12. I think the first time we did it was on RCI Viking Serenade in Cabo in the early 90's.
  13. Don't be concerned they'll have a makeup one for those that don't make the 5:45pm one.
  14. They made great lemon drops (even sugar rimmed the glass) for me on Freedom last September.
  15. Another vote for Alaska Fish House (right next to the lumber jack show) great fish-n-chips. And if you like candy try KetchiCandies !!
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