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  1. I believe the transfers apply to those kids booked under 12 also.
  2. I'm kinda optimistic about my July 30, 2021 X Reflection....interesting that you're not about yours. We'll make our decision when final is due in May.
  3. I moved two early RCI 2021 cruises too and keeping my fingers crossed for July 30, 2021 British Isles. I booked with X and came so close at the time to book July 15th with RCI and so glad now I didn't since it was cancelled.
  4. That's my hope too. We got an amazing rate for just the two of us in the newish 2 bedroom panoramic oceanview suite.
  5. Unless you've booked a refundable rate you may just have to pay a $100 pp change fee...I've had to do that once...not as bad as I thought and worth it to us at the time.
  6. I've sailed on Vision a few times...Most recently a Med/Greece 2019. It was perfect for this itinerary and my true aft JS...views and location just amazing!. We missed nothing that the big ships offer. We always opt for the itinerary....ship doesn't matter.
  7. I would actually consider my Oct 2021 cruise kinda winter....and hoping it sails for Canada/New England.
  8. I always check the box...You never know when the senior or state discount may apply...at least on RCI. I've been lucky with the KSF when we take the extended family...I was even able to take it with us on a L/S for 2022.
  9. As the one who is also the "payer" I like your thinking !!
  10. I thought it was only applicable when a Sr. rate is offered...many of my cruises it hasn't been. For us it doesn't matter who the lead guest is we're both way into that senior zone but since I do all the travel managing I'm the lead
  11. Sorry you weren't but several of us have recently on ship changes..I guess this varies.
  12. I think the cabin stewards know more...Ours has been left on our cabin bed or mailed to us.
  13. Alaska flights for a cruise..........I would be waiting to see if those ships will even be sailing.
  14. And all those big trucks that seem to be the number 1 selling vehicle right now.
  15. My Freedom B2B March 20 & March 27 changed to Explorer too. I did get two emails the day it was announced. I called and was told the sailing date same and same itinerary. Said they were working on cabin assignments and I would get an email confirmation. That my cabin (OS) location/category would be same..just a different number. My cruises are not showing on their website still as of today. Some said to go onto RCI account but it's still showing Freedom. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed everything they told me is correct However they did say the $100 OBC would be pp but many on this board have said no it's per cabin...so...there's the first bit of wrong info !
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