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  1. Thank you for your info. doesn't surprise me!!!! Marlster
  2. This is true. Did they have small tables set up on the 1st and 2nd day of the cruise, usually somewhere near the pool/buffet area on the ship. They have a special of 7 bottles, 10 bottles and 12 bottles of wine. I cant seem to get an answer from Princess themselves. You can talk to 3 different people and get 3 different answers. Marlster
  3. Has anyone done the Asia cruise on Sapphire Princess lately and know if they had the gold wine package available to purchase, I think they usually have small tables set up when you board to purchase the Gold wine package, not sure if it is 10 or 12 bottles of wine, thank you. Marlster
  4. Great please let me know, thanks. Marlster
  5. That is so weird, I did read online that the Marina Bay Cruise Centre DOES NOT have a duty free only the International Passenger Terminal has one. Have things changed and they now have one at the Marina Bay termianl? Thanks. Marlster
  6. What a lovely story, great pictures. Now I can see what he looks like. We (8 of us) have hired Dewa Feb. 20/2020., I will mention reading your letter on CC. Marlene
  7. I was going to do the same thing, but after checking with Princess on the chatline it is cheaper to buy it onboard in USD than CAD. offered to me online. Marlster
  8. I can book mine for my Feb./2020 cruise. Sometimes it takes a few phone calls to Princess to get the right answer. Marlster
  9. Thank you for the info. My TA is very good and works from home, so on top of things all the time. Marlster
  10. Thanks you for the information, never heard of it. Would I get the e-mail or would my travel agent get it? Marlster
  11. What is a move over offer? Thanks. Marlster
  12. Does Alfredos Pizzaria only serve pizza? Marlster
  13. I agree. I have only been on 1 Oceania and it was the BEST, at that time you could take as much alcohol on board as you wanted, I understand that has changed. The food was top notch, not much of a comparison, its like one is a volkswagon and one a Cadillac. Oceania is much more expensive than Princess, depends on your budget. If I could afford it I would do Oceania, but I also like Princess. Marlster.
  14. Good one, thank you all for your comments. Its too bad I have always enjoyed the Happy Hour.. Marlster
  15. Have you noticed any happy hours in any of the bars? Have a great cruise. Marlster
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