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  1. As you noted, there are a lot of factors to consider. With that in mind, I'd suggest going immediately to the ship from the airport. By the time you've checked your luggage onto the ship, you'll know exactly how much time you have to work with. There will be plenty of taxis around the pier. Grab one and head to the Acropolis. IIRC it was about a 30 minute drive. Since you'll be arriving later in the day, perhaps the lines won't be as long. ( I guess you could buy a skip the line ticket but be willing to eat the cost if you can't get there.) If your ship departs at 11, you p
  2. A different option to explore ..... take the train from Rome to Salerno, then use the ferry to visit towns along the Amalfi Coast. Take the train back to Rome for your flight. Our cruise in Sept '19 stopped in Naples, and we had a private driver for the 4 of us to travel along the Amalfi coast . In Positano, we took the ferry to Amalfi, where we met up with the driver again, continued to Ravello, and then back to Naples. While the drive was beautiful, I much preferred the views from the sea. And this would be far more relaxing for you than driving a car; there was a lot o
  3. Can't find my Daily for Barcelona, but there was a blurb on the previous day's Daily about buying Airport Transfers. It says that flight departures from BCN should be after 10am LAST CALL AIRPORT & PLAZA CATALUNA TRANSFER Purchase your transfer ticket latest by 12:00p tomorrow, to Barcelona Airport (BCN) $25 per person (Flight departure time should not be before 10:00a) or to Plaza Catalufia (Pier to City Stop) $10 per person. Booking Deadline: Saturday - Palma at 12:00p. Register at the Guest Services Desk, Deck 5, Mid.
  4. We did this cruise in Sept 2019. AWESOME trip! Our flight wasn't until 1pm so we weren't in any rush to get off the ship, but when we went to bfast at 7am we noticed LOTS of people were disembarking and heading to the taxi line. I'm sure you'd be fine with the earlier flight, but since there's only an hr difference, i'd go for the later one. Less stress.
  5. I wouldn't recommend staying near the airport. The cruise port hotels are around Piazzale Roma, which is the last point of land travel in Venice; about 20 minutes from the airport by car or bus. A taxi is about 45E or the ATVO Airport express bus is 8E. There are a few hotels right at Piazzale Roma, or you can walk a few blocks and over a bridge or 2 to find many more hotels. Depends on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend. When you're ready to board the ship, since you're travelling light, you can walk a few blocks and take the People Mover to the pie
  6. I was concerned about the lack of promenade deck / forward facing viewing areas but we were in port all day so it wasn't an issue. We got back to the ship most days around 5pm, had a shower, and then the ship was underway again during dinner, so there was nothing to view in the dark. I didn't consider it an issue for the Med itinerary, but perhaps for others. We did find that quiet viewing area on the Deck 16 or 17 that was very enjoyable on our one sea day.
  7. Well, MSC had it's first sailing out of Venice yesterday. It was met with lots of protesters, but according to this article in BBC, the ban was only to be in effect when another route/port was ready. I wonder if the ships that had switched to Ravenna or elsewhere will move back to Venice. Venice residents in environmental protest against first post-Covid cruise ship - BBC News
  8. I was on the EPIC out of Barcelona in Sept 2019. AWESOME cruise. First of all, we LOVED the bathroom configuration. It made getting ready in the mornings so much more efficient; one person could be at the sink while the other was in the shower. We made reservations well in advance for the Cirque show and got great seats. Same with Burn THE Floor. We made advance reservations for the Specialty Dining... no problems. The Cavern Club was usually standing room only by the time we got there. Good show. Sometimes seating was hard to find at the buffet but there is a staircase
  9. The article posted by Jazzbeau says the Orchestra's first departure is this SAT ( today). Yet the MSC web site shows that Orchestra is cancelled thru June; it's first departure is July 3, still from Venice. The NCL Dawn is scheduled to depart Venice for the Greek Isles and Croatia, starting IOct 3 thru Nov. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  10. The first scheduled departure is out of Venice for the Greek Isles and Croatia on Oct 3. It will be interesting to see if she leaves from Venice or changes to Ravenna like RCI has.
  11. Which ship are you sailing ? My SIL was looking for a cruise out of Venice but didn't find anything on Princess.
  12. Keep in mind that your hotel may not have a dock so you might need to walk a block or 2 with your luggage. You can make a reservation thru the water taxi co-op, but there isn't a need to: Home | Veneziana Motoscafi You might also check with your Roll Call to see if anyone would like to share the ride with you. Or maybe just the ride FROM the hotel to the ship. This link provides info on how to pick up your tickets and get to the airport pier: Venice Water Taxis (2020) (europeforvisitors.com)
  13. You didn't indicate the name of your hotel so it's hard to say. Venice is about a 20 drive from the airport. Also, can you easily manage your luggage? If you're staying within a block or 2 of Piazzale Roma, you could take a land taxi or the ATVO airport express bus. It's about a 20 minute ride. A taxi is about 45E and the bus about 8E. But if you're staying further inside Venice, there are several options depending on whether or not you can manage your luggage : take the taxi/bus to Piazzale Roma then transfer to a water bus, or, a private water taxi from the airport for
  14. I haven't stayed there; looks like a lovely place. But be aware that if you;re coming from the airport by taxi or bus, you'll need to cross the Calatrava Bridge to reach the hotel. It's a large bridge, spanning the Grand Canal. Can be difficult if you have a lot of luggage or any physical limitations. A photo of the bridge in this link: 'How Many Bridges?' Hotel Listings | Venice for Visitors (europeforvisitors.com) If you think the bridge will be an issue, look for a hotel near the Piazzale Roma, which is where a taxi or bus will drop you off from the airport. The link pr
  15. Staying in Venice proper would be my first choice. How much luggage will you have ? If it's more than you can easily handle over a few blocks, a hotel near Piazzale Roma would be the easiest location within Venice, but you pay for that convenience. Price the hotels in this link for your travel dates, specifically the hotels with 0 or 1 bridge to cross. 'How Many Bridges?' hotel listings for Piazzale Roma | Venice for Visitors (europeforvisitors.com) If they are beyond your budget, consider a hotel in Mestre near the train station. Mestre is the last stop on the mainland b
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