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  1. Let me make some clarifications for you. By "sooner" I mean by November-December By good I would say excellent Hope that helps.
  2. And in many states, each positive test, even on the same person will be counted as a new positive.
  3. Unfortunately politics have been permitted to spread into this Pandemic. Many people will differ, everybody has a right to one’s opinions. I have been practicing medicine and Immunology for many years. Based on my experience as well as my hopes 1) This virus/Pandemic will pass. It will pass sooner rather than later. 2) We will have effective anti-viral’s for treatment of individuals sick with the Coronavirus....sooner rather than later 3) We will have at least one effective vaccine to stop the spread of the Coronavirus...sooner rather then later 4) We will be able to distribute the vaccine in a quick manner. 5) The President of the United States was not perfect, he made mistakes, but overall, he did an good job in regards to containing the spread of the virus until we had the resources necessary to combat a Pandemic, and organizing the resources of our country to get effective measures in place to combat the Pandemic.
  4. Yes and no. One must remember that Polio was particularly severe on the children, causing severe neurological impairment as a consequence. For all intents and purposes Polio as an illness was eradicated in the United States with the introduction of the Salk Vaccine. Sporadic cases did pop up, especially due to certain groups refusing immunization. Coronavirus will be around, because Coronavirus is a rather large variety of RNA viruses some of which cause symptoms similar to that of the common cold. This was part of the difficulty in devising a test for COVID in that we had to have one specific enough for this particular strain of the Coronavirus. Social distancing is of help as is wearing a face mask. I do hope that with effective antivirals which are about to come out and with the use of vaccines, we will get back to a more or less normal situation in several months after their introduction.
  5. In the case of China, it is my understanding that they are starting to use their vaccine in areas not under good control. This is part of their Phase IIII studies. It is rather easy to do in China because they are a “Police State” where you cannot disagree with the government or its actions.. Interesting situation in China, because, the official Party Line is that the virus, through mitigation was brought under control...hence why is a vaccine needed. In Russia they are also doing the same thing....part of their phase III studies.
  6. The Governor tried to control the virus in California by stringent measures...he failed. The Governor of New York who the press said did a wonderful job, is no trying to deflect from the fact that his policy in respect to Nursing Homes was estimated to have killed at least 10,000 individuals. By the way, Europe which had very strict mitigation policies is now experiencing a wave of Coronavirus worse then in the U.S. The only way to eradicate the Pandemic is for a safe and effective vaccine. Hopefully we will have one or hopefully more by the end of next month. https://www.wsj.com/articles/european-countries-announce-new-covid-19-restrictions-record-infections-11603638712?fbclid=IwAR18b-6ru19TReEuHW0IRGYeTbPeKiAjclKM-3RW3QQxIN14gcNrdLC16So
  7. Yes and no. The data about morbidity and mortality keep changing. Remember that original estimates stated more than 2,000,000 would die. In addition, even the CDC estimated that the morbidity figures might be overestimated by at least 25% It is difficult to get reliable data out of China. Scientists who disagree with the government have a way of disappearing. In respect to mitigation, it does work, until one need to open up society again. China, by the way, is already administering their vaccine. Surprising if, it is true, that they have eradicated the virus in their country.
  8. Although Phase III has not been completed, the companies have announced that they are expanding their studies to include children which is a good sign. Another encouraging sign is that two companies have said they expect to request emergency approval by the FDA for their vaccines after the elections. Preliminary reports point to them being over 90% effective, but I must admit I do not have their data which currently has not been formally released to the public. In respect to distribution, if we could distribute the polio vaccine in a quick and effective manner 50 years ago, we should have no problem with distribution of these vaccines...unless politics is brought in.
  9. I have to disagree with your most of your comments. Like I said, the U.S. Government was able to provide quick immunization against Polio in the 1950’s and yes, parents did have to sign permission for their children In school. One of the reasons that we now have to sign more consent forms is not because one vaccine is more inherently dangerous than another, but malpractice litigation has become a very lucrative career. I might point out that the initial Salk Vaccine was very controversial, perhaps even more controversial then this current vaccine. Most researchers thought to immunize against Polio one needed a live attenuated vaccine, and that Salk was going down a wrong pathway with a killed viral vaccine which had never been used before. Dr. Salk, fortunately for us, was correct, and many of these researchers were wrong. In respect to the Governor’s of New York and California, I do not see having Union Representatives on a committee to make a medical and scientific decision will add to the discussion. I agree that the Coronaviruses will be around for a long time. You must remember that we have still NOT eradicated the Polio or Smallpox Vaccines, and in fact, we occasionally see in the Southwest cases of the Bubonic Plaque. However, the vaccine, I believe will be highly effective, and together with the new antiviral’s based on monoclonal technology, I believe we will see a rapid decline with the current Pandemic being brought into quick control in the United States and many other countries. We keep hearing about Influenza. But one most realize that the Novel Coronavirus is not the same virus and does not have a rapid mutation rate that we have seen with Influenza.
  10. The reason it was a “debacle” was not because of the vaccine, but that the epidemic did not turn out to be a severe a feared. Same thing with H1N1. We were very luck in both instances. Our luck, unfortunately, ran out this time.
  11. Russia and China are doing it differently. They are doing Phase III trials with high risk groups such as, in Russia, the army, and in China provinces or countries that have a high index of the disease. In fact, indirectly Fauci even said that a way to get rapid approval is to test the vaccine in countries where there is a high index of the disease.
  12. In most cases insurance will pick up the charge.
  13. Have to disagree. There are already plans for the U.S. Army to help distribute the vaccine. It is also been established that high risk groups and first responders will go first. I call your attention that we did have a similar situation with the Polio Vaccine which in a way was more difficult to distribute during the 1950’s. In addition, we do not have to initially vaccinate everybody to have an effect, just high risk groups and high risk areas. The good news is that the vaccines appear to be over 90% effective. I do acknowledge that some politicans such as the Governor’s of New York and California may delay immunization in their state, unfortunately for political reasons.
  14. Have been reading some rather encouraging news in regards to vaccines. Their are currently three vaccines doing Phase III studies in the United States, and other countries including Great Britain. All of the studies are progressing quite well, with children now being entered into the study groups. The press did report on some temporary halts because of adverse effects, but the studies have now all resumed. It is expected that at least two companies will apply to the FDA for Emergency Authorization during November, and millions of doses are already being prepared. Hopefully we will soon see an end to this nightmare, and Princess can start doing what they do best, providing excellent vacations for all of us.
  15. We are talking about a select type of patient suffering from COVID-19. Certainly is there are contraindications this type of therapy should not be used.
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