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  1. We are booked on Celebrity Reflection during January. At this time, am optimistic that the ship will be sailing.
  2. We are scheduled to take a Caribbean Cruise on the Celebrity Reflection this January. It does appear that Celebrity does require a negative Covid test done within two days of sailing. My wife and I are fully vaccinated. Are they are suggestions as to where to obtain such tests. We do know that there are two types of tests, one, more specific, dependent on the presence of mRNA and the other which detects the presence of the Covid antigen. Are all tests including the rapid tests which one can obtain within several hours accepted by Celebrity? In addition, where would be the best location to receive such a test.
  3. I am hopeful that by the end of October, the cruise lines will be able to do away with pre-testing provided the individual is up to date with vaccines.. In Florida we are beginning to see a decline in the number of hospital admissions and case positivity. Just in time for the Flu!!!!
  4. To be honest when we go Celebrity we choose Aqua Class, and when we go Princess we book Club Class. With that being said, the two lines are fairly similar. I would regard both of them as being Premium or Upscale which would also include Holland America. Both have great entertainment and beautiful ships. I don't believe that you can't go wrong with either one.
  5. We try to schedule the show with eating in Blu. We find that the dining in the Speciality Restaurants are much more drawn out, and often one would have to give up the show. In addition, way too much food in the Speciality Restaurants.
  6. The reason we book Aqua Class is for the experience of the Blu Dining Room. The food selection is different from what is served in the main dining room; although if you request, they will try to bring you a selection from the main dining room if a selection catches your eye. On Celebrity we always book Aqua Class. On Princess with do Club Class.
  7. We generally book Club Class on Princess and Aqua Class on Celebrity. Both are fairly compatible. We have looked at suites on both of these lines, but we do not feel that it is worth the price.
  8. When we sail Princess we book Club Class Minisuite. When we sail on Celebrity we book Aqua Class. Yes both have more perks with Suites, but to be honest, my wife and I don't feel that they are worth the extra price. Just an opinion.
  9. As usual there is a great deal of debate from our government in respect to a third or even a second (J& J) Booster Vaccination. The government is pushing for a thrid booster injection using the mRNA Vaccination for all individuals who have received their second vaccination 8 months ago. Some sources at the FDA, however, suggested that it should be six, not eight month. In addition, it is my understanding that two respected scientists at the FDA are resigning because they feel that the government is mandating such vaccinations before they at the FDA have time to review all of the data. In addition, the government is no suggesting that individual who are immunocompromised get a third or booster injection. Israel which has done a lot of extensive work with the Pfizer Vaccination is now administer a third or booster injection to all of their population. I was offered a third booster from my local hospital and I took it. My opinion, for what it is worth, if it is offered and available, take it.
  10. Most recent recommendation by the FDA is that those individuals who have had a vaccine at least six months ago will be eligible to receive a vaccination starting at the end of September. This currently will hold true for Pfizer with approval for Moderna and J&J shortly thereafter. Individuals with immunodeficiency can get a Booster at this time.
  11. Yes there are rules or guidelines that all the major cruise lines try to follow. However, when any allowance made that for well over one year, all of these ships were not being operated, and in fact had plenty of time to take care of any necessary repairs. In addition, if Princess realized that a scheduled dry dock was in order, why did they book cruises only to have to cancel them. It does appear that some unforeseen problem has occurred with the ship that has necessitated Princess having to sail from the East to the West Coast and put the ship in dry dock causing cruise cancellations.
  12. Certainly one should always decide what is best for them. But.. we live near Port Canaveral. Carnival, Disney, and RCCL are back in service with MSC docked one mile off the coast waiting to start. I talked with passengers departing and they almost universally said they had a great time. Yes we are experiencing a surge, but our state seems to be handling it well. Restaurants are open as well as shopping. Vast majority of people are wearing masks. Beaches are open with great weather. So is Disney, Sea World and Universal. Supermarkets are clean. No garbage in the streets. No horrendous spikes in crime Vaccine programs are ongoing, and we are making slow but steady progress convincing people to take the vaccine. Most parents are waiting to be able to vaccinate their children Expect approval by the Fall. Wouldn't leave Florida for any other state.
  13. There are two different testing methods. One is for the detection of Virus RNA particles, the other is for the actual virus antigen. The first, common called the PCR is very sensitivie and will detect the presence of virus, or virus particles and can have false positives. But if negative, it is an indication that at the time of the test, you have not had any substantial contact with the virus. The antigen based test is quicker and less expensive. Not as invasive. If positive, you definitely have the virus, if negative, and you have symptoms, then a follow up PCR test is indicated. Hope this helps.
  14. I heard rumor, just rumors, that they are having problems with the engines. Wonder why they didn't put it in dry-dock in the Caribbean, I believe that they have done this in the past.
  15. We live in Florida, Orlando and Cocoa Beach. Yes we are seeing an increase in Covid Cases....being a physician I come into contact with potential and confirmed cases several times/week. But are also seeing a big increase in tourists from all over the country. While there is no absolute certainty in life, If you respect Social Distancing, wear a mask, use some good common sense, you will be safe. Enjoy.
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