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  1. To answer your questions. SAN Basilio can be reached by car or boat. Land taxis charge 40€. Count on 25 minutes Water taxis charge 120€. Count on 40 minutes. The charge is per boat. It is normally possible to find someone to split the cost with at the water taxi desk in the arrival hall. Beware of Viatour’s shared rides. Read the reviews so you know what to expect. According to their website, Alilaguna does not serve the SAN Basilio terminal. only your cruise line can tell you when you can board. SAN Basilio is easy walking distance to the centre of Venice.
  2. Sorry I misspoke. I should have known better.
  3. In Europe aspirin is called paracetamol. It is widely available. Perhaps not in grocery stores....
  4. I'm not sure if it can be called a cruise. Age 21 1964 Karachi to Basrah. British India's SS Dwarka Deck class . (true in every sense of the word) 200 rupees for 12 day cruise with 1000 others in deck class and 40 in saloon class. Bean curry for breakfast, fish curry for lunch and mutton curry for dinner. The washrooms were so unpleasant, we would swing out over the ocean to get around the gate and sneak into the saloon class facilities
  5. You can always leave your luggage at the hotel. Visit some sights, wander, have a beer or some wine or whatever until an hour before you have to check in for the cruise. Retain your luggage and head for the port. Taking luggage to the port and returning to the city would waste several hours.
  6. First Hotel Reisen. Ideally situated in Gamla Stan ( the old town) within easy walking distance to the HoHo bus and boats, the Royal palace , the Nobel museum and numerous restaurants. When we were there, the HoHo bus was hopeless. It was stuck in traffic and completely off schedule. I feel there is no point taking the train from the airport. Just take a fixed rate taxi to your hotel. Our best excursion was the ferry to Vaxholm ( return by bus and subway.). N.b. this would be the regular ferry not the cruise.
  7. Ulko tours. 2 day easy tour. 6 people. First class tour with a very knowledgeable guide. She could have had university degrees in art history and Russian history. Advice. Arrange the smallest tour you can. I agree that the private tours must be better. A tour with 30+ is always going to have to wait for a straggler. You don’t need roubles. The Catharine palace and Peterhof are somewhat similar. No need to “do” both. The Hermitage is vast. If you are an art aficionado, you could spend a lifetime there. If you are not, all you will remember is a general sense of it’s enormity
  8. IDKaren. This is a misleading marketing ploy used by some cruise lines. ALL of the reputable private tour cos. participate in the official Russian government visa waiver program. This means when you purchase a private tour, the visa is waived provided you stay with your group. This has been discussed many times on CC. The tour company will provide the necessary paperwork. The cost of the visa waiver is included. By and large, small private tours are vastly preferable
  9. Regatta in drydock at Seaspan in North Vancouver. Ship on the right is Grand Classica diverted from Bahamas to house temporary workers. This appears to be quite a complex operation to refit Regatta in record time. There were hundreds of containers stacked on the dock nearby.
  10. If that is your preference, you could stay near the airport the first night you would save a few bob. Cruisemom is correct. Regular taxis can get from the airport to the SAN Basilio dock.
  11. 15% value added tax called (HST) in Halifax and Saint John on everything.
  12. The alilaguna service is a private water bus. The blue line from the dock to the airport takes far too long. 90 minutes and it runs every 30 minutes. So could be 2 hrs.+. if you go to (google). Italy for Visitors/Venice or Toms Port Guides, you will find a raft of excellent information. ( All you need)
  13. No need to take a cab. There is a tram from P. Roma to the port. Cost 1-2 €. Some ships will have a shuttle from the port entrance to the ship. See Tom’s Port Guides or Italy for visitors/Venice for greater detail.
  14. Of the 3 you listed, only Oceania fills the bill. We were there on Marina. 2 days isn SPB and ending in Stockholm. Highly recommended. If you haven't been to Stockholm before, consider ending there and spend a few extra days. It is the jewel of the Scandinavian cities. You cannot see enough of Stockholm in 1 day.
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