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  1. Just noted that when we are in CoCoCay on the Indy (arriving at 7 AM, departing 7 PM). Symphony will also be there from 10 AM to 7 pm. Thus I anticipate it will be quite crowded on CocoCay that day. While my kids, who will be the ones wanting to access the water park, want to sleep in, I hear that early in the morning and later in the afternoon will be the best times to do the slides with less rides. With Symphony there as well, I'm thinking we will need to plan accordingly. With pass to the water park, do they allow in and out privileges such that we could access the water park in the morning, then go back to the ship, and then go back out to the water park later in the day (say around 3-4 pm?)
  2. We will be staying on a Panoramic Ocean View suite on Indy, so I believe we will be able to access Barefoot beach. On Youtube videos showing Barefoot beach, I see an abundance of of beach chairs and loungers, but not all have umbrellas. 1. Can you book an umbrella and if so, is there a charge? 2. Can you book clamshells? 3. On the cruise planner, I can see options to book a cabana but on Nellie's beach. Can the cabana's on Barefoot beach only be booked through the concierge?
  3. Description says minimum age 16. It also says must provide "full drivers license" but as a previous poster said, the visual appearances of the G1 (beginner) license and the full license are similar.
  4. No - have been on many. But this is first time in a suite so looking to try what we have not tried before (i.e. MDR food in our cabin) and formal night seemed to be a good night to try. Also looking to see if possible to book a summer cruise without having to pack any long sleeved shirts or pants! However it is sounding like it may not be worth the trouble given the lack of space. IF there looks to be a menu item that night that looks too hard to pass up, we could may be order one of them rather than meals for the entire family.
  5. Our choice. We are avoiding having to pack nicer clothes for formal night. If room service was to work out we were hoping to still order from the MDR, but it’s sounding like it won’t. I guess we will have to hit the Windjammer on formal night - not a big loss/
  6. Was reading the conditions for booking a jet ski in Labadee that the driver must show their drivers license. My kids will have turned 16 when we cruise. They will have their beginners drivers license by then which, here in Ontario, Canada, allows them to drive only when a fully licensed driver is in the car with them (a G1 license). Would this license be enough for them to drive a jet ski?
  7. In the video of this type of cabin there really isn’t much of a coffee table - more of a small side table by the couch
  8. Answer may seem obvious but I ask in relation to a specific context. we are staying in a panoramic ocean view suite (1854) on Indy. I understand we will be able to order from the MDR menu from room service. However from seeing videos of our suite (for example https://youtu.be/RPBL_jIUe-U ), it doesn’t appear that there are a lot of tables onto which our party of 6 could place the delivered food. To avoid eating our meals on our laps , will they bring us any tables just so we can place our plates and trays on them? and yes this is the epitome of a first world problem!
  9. As suite passengers, were there dedicated venues for breakfast and lunch ?
  10. Reviving this old thread to see whether anyone has any updates on breakfast and lunch for gold card holders for Indy
  11. Ugh... that is what I'm hoping to avoid. I've read about this challenge for tendering to Santorini. Any other ports where this is a similar issue?
  12. Planning an anniversary Mediterrean cruise for just me and my wife. I've that for some ports that if there are delays in getting on a tender, you may be at risk of missing time in port or not making tours that you book on your own. We are looking at May 2021 for which itineraries have yet to be released yet, so we don't even know which class of ship we will book. However we are looking towards booking itineraries with ports in Italy, and if we can make it work, Croatia and Montenegro. Because we are making this a special trip, we would like to avoid adding stress of having to line up for tender tickets if at all possible. Thus I am trying to compare the costs of the different options to avoid this, including: 1. booking a JS rather than a OV balcony, 2. booking The Key, or 3. paying the extra money to book RC-organized excursions vs booking a tour independent of RC. My question is, for each of the classes of ships that have for the past few years sailed to these ports (Vision, Radiance, Voyageur, Oasis), how bad are the lines for tenders such that arranging one of the options above would be worth it? I assume Oasis class would be the most problematic.
  13. We like staying with one cruise line (RCCL) to build up our C&A status. Hoping to find an itinerary that goes to Croatia and some Italian ports.
  14. Two unrelated questions: 1. Ship classes in Meditarrean: While a few years out, I'm hoping to make the anniversary trip special by booking one of the nice ocean view balcony cabins in the aft with the large balconies . As such I'm scoping out which cabins to look for. Going into fall 2010, it appears the ships in Europe are the Vision class (Rhapsody), Radiance class (Jewel), Voyageur class (Explorer) and Oasis class (Allure). Without going deep into looking at old itineraries, does Freedom or Quantum class typically sail into Meditarrean ports? We are specifically hoping to find itineraries that sail into Croatia. 2. Trouble getting tenders? Is getting onto tenders going to be much of an issue on the smaller boats? I can understand that with the Oasis class ships that the large numbers of people may make it harder to get on an earlier tender to get to port quicker. Have others had the same experience with the other ship classes? Initially I thought of booking a grand suite that would give us priority getting off the ship but after doing some preliminary pricing I'm not sure that would be worth the extra fare for us (as we otherwise don't anticipate spending much time in the cabin anyway).
  15. Yes, the one that departs from Venice and returns to Barcelona looks fantastic. Has a Port-Port-sea-Port-Port-sea schedule which seems like good opportunity to rest. Doesn't have Greece included in it, but realizing we won't be able to check off all of our wish list items in one cruise.
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