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  1. Hope the food improves! Looking forward to hearing more.
  2. Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing about your trip.
  3. I must be in the minority. I have been on a few MSC cruises both in Europe and from the US and loved them all! Yes it's an Italian company so it's always going to be a bit different. For me more pluses than negatives. Lovely ships, nice cabins, good food, good entertainment. Yes important announcements are made in many languages but English is usually first and you can then stop listening! Bingo though - went once - in the theatre, but never again. Didn't do status match, I've worked my way up through the ranks with MSC currently Gold but will be Black after my next cruise next year on the new Grandiosa.
  4. Thanks Philwill, I have been following the roll call from the start, but I am travelling with 2 friends and as I am not sure if we could commit to the M & G I haven't added out names. Perhaps I'll check in and say hi anyway, just in case.
  5. Looking forward to that as I will be boarding The Sapphire Princess the day you disembark for the round trip trans Atlantic and am keen to hear about the ship. Plus I am doing a Baltic trip next June, so am interested in hearing about your ports too. Have a great trip.
  6. Love the Coral and loved Alaska although went there with HAL. Did not like P & O - sorry. The temperatures inside the ship will be fine but dress in layers for Alaska. It could be warm, or wet or cold or mixture of all on the same day. Very beautiful though. Loved sharing dining tables with Americans and Canadians, met some lovely people. Don't stress and just enjoy the new experience.
  7. Did the same cruise 7 years ago loved every minute of it. Loved the ship, the ports, the whole Panama Canal experience and the excellent company we met on board. Really didn't want to get off. We had a balcony cabin on the port side and saw some wonderful sunsets. Enjoy whatever you choose.
  8. You're welcome and if you go expecting the worst and it turns out fine then it will be a bonus. We flew from Doncaster and the flight was great, shorter than expected and once we finally got our luggage and got on to the bus - very busy there - but once a bus is full it's on it's way and it's a short drive to the port. Once at the port they checked us in 1 bus at a time so you might need to sit on the bus for 5 minutes or so but then it's all plain sailing - excuse the pun! The ship was great, food was good as was the entertainment, absolutely no issues on board. Enjoy!
  9. I was there earlier this month. Arriving was bad as there were 4 Tui flights and 2 others all waiting for luggage at the same time, and they changed the carousel in the middle of waiting without putting it on the screens, in fact ours disappeared off the board all together, so people were watching 2 different ones waiting for their cases. The return journey was much better and this was the one I had been dreading after reading horror stories about it. Yes we had to queue to check in but nothing too bad, and your cases are taken away there - I had read that you had to take them somewhere else. Once through into the departure lounge there are a choice of new eating places a duty free shop and good toilet facilities. This all came as a pleasant surprise as even on the ship we had been issues with a note saying the airport was very basic and to take snacks with you if you wanted something to eat. So if you can get your luggage smartly the rest should be fine. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. I just hope it doesn't take too long. Our time there is short enough. I have been a few times before but my friends that I am travelling with have never been so we are hoping to see as much as we can in the short time. I'm sure whatever we do will just be a taster for them to want to go back and stay longer.
  11. Oh no, I hope not, now I'm getting depressed 😭
  12. Thank you all, yes that is the cruise I am on. I'm pleased I asked as I will now need to re-do my plans for the day as we will probably starting out much later than I originally thought. No ship's tours arranged, just doing it on our own and trying to see as much as possible in the 2 day visit. Thanks again.
  13. We are on the cruise from the UK to Canada and the US. We arrive in Canada first then travel to New York, so this is our first post of call in the United States. How does it work for clearing customs? We are due to dock in Manhattan at 6am. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to get off the ship and through Customs? We want to get out and about as soon as we can. If it makes a difference we will be arriving on 25th September. Many thanks.
  14. Thank you TSS Alex that is very helpful. Looking forward to my return visit from my cruise in September.
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