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  1. Unfortunately there were only 3 posts on the roll call and the last one was December last year. I admit to being guilty of looking but not joining in. So not a lot of help there I'm afraid.
  2. Hi, wondering if anyone who was due to sail from Barcelona on the Grandiosa on 12th March has heard anything from MSC yet about refund or FCC. I emailed them a few days after I got home and said I would like to take the FCC offer of 125% as per the letter given to us as we left the ship. I received a reply 2 days later thanking me for my request to book another cruise and that they would get back to me in due course. This was on the 19th March. Has anyone else heard anything from them?
  3. I don't for a minute think it will go ahead. Sadly as I was really looking forward to it.
  4. I paid the balance of my June 20th cruise knowing full well it will be cancelled but in the hope of a refund. Now I'm not so sure that a refund will be offered but rather a credit. My hope now is that they would let me use that credit towards the balance of a cruise I have already booked for June 2021 to the States. It's just a waiting game now.
  5. You can still book cruises for May in the Med on the UK website. Really!!! 🤔!!!
  6. Yes they took some of us to a nice little hotel which laid on drinks and pizza etc., 5 of us were picked up at 6.30 the next morning and taken to the airport for a flight back to Gatwick. We had left from Heathrow, but were quite happy to get back to any airport.
  7. I hope you get your refund ok., I think it's shocking that they are saying people will not get a refund until after their credit expires in December 2021. As the wording on the letter states we are due either a full refund or the 125% fcc I would like to think they will have to pay up now. Let us know how you get on and I will do likewise regarding the credit.
  8. Also on that cruise and still waiting to hear back from them. I originally read 12 days after the date of the cruise which was the 26th, but I read on here 12 working days so that's the 1st April. I did phone them a few days after we got back and was told to email them so I did and got a reply back saying they were working through the refunds/credits in date receipt order. So will see how long it takes. I did request the 125% credit and sent them a copy of that letter we were given.
  9. Am I right in thinking it means, there is no option except the FCC but if you don't use it by December 2021 - then and only then will you get a cash refund?
  10. So nice to hear someone saying nice things for a change. I was on the Grandiosa for 8 hours in Barcelona last week before we had to get back off due to the cruise getting cancelled. During that time we watched staff constantly cleaning surfaces, and every one of them was so nice and friendly. Once the announcement came that we had to leave the dining room staff ,where we were having dinner, kept apologising to us as if it was their fault that Spain was closing their ports. I felt very humbled, we were just losing a holiday they were probably going to be losing their jobs.
  11. No problem, and thank you. Now I know what I am looking for I will watch out for it on the UK site.
  12. Thanks, I've now looked on the USA site and see the form. Unfortunately there is nothing like that on the UK site - yet anyway - maybe - hopefully - they will add it .
  13. Can I ask, did they email you a form to fill out? Or did you need to request it? How long after your cancelled cruise? I'm in the UK and just returned from our -cancelled on the day we boarded - cruise on the Grandiosa and wondering if this is what we will receive too. We were told that we would receive either refund or credit, but not told how this would happen, so curious to find out, I know it's early days yet as this only happened on Thursday. Thank you.
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