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  1. They might say that the large bottle is how the medication comes from the manufacturer and that they cannot re-package it. Maybe a way around it would be to take some smaller bottles with you to the pharmacy and ask them to put half in each bottle and attach their printed prescription label to each.
  2. There would also be locally made souvenirs at craft markets.
  3. In our 70+ cruises we have had an incorrect charge a few times. Sometimes the mistake has been corrected very quickly, but on a couple of occasions, it has required lengthy investigation, even having to prove that my signature was different from the one on the docket. The shop manager I was speaking to couldn't see what to me were obvious differences. It is concerning if the new Medallion system results in charges going onto the account of someone who is nearby when an order is placed. Other than this possible 'Medallion issue', it is caused by human error. It is not a deliberate bogus charge.
  4. This would have been very frustrating and upsetting for you, particularly at a time when your family suffered a loss. I am trying to think of something else to say, but there is nothing I can say or do to help. 🙂
  5. We have claimed successfully under the 'free' credit card insurance and so has our son. His was for around $7,000 (hospitalization in Germany). The ANZ bank requires you to spend at least $250 on the card before you are eligible. I did hear of someone being knocked back on their claim because their's was through NAB that required the total amount of the trip to be paid on the card. They had not paid the total amount. We were knocked back last year when we tried to claim the deposit on a land trip. We were knocked back because at the time we had not booked and paid for our return airfare to Australia. The land tour was more than a year ahead so the airfare could not be booked and having a return ticket was one of the conditions. A ticket for a cruise that returned to Australia would qualify as a return ticket.
  6. In an ideal world, there wouldn't be rubbish in the ocean that would end up on Henderson Island or on other beaches. Maybe the fact that no-one lives on Henderson Island is the major reason the rubbish has accumulated over many decades. On our beaches, people pick up bits of rubbish every day and it doesn't accumulate.
  7. I don't think you would find souvenirs at Woolworths, but there are several smaller souvenir shops in the middle of Sydney and in the area of The Rocks (near the cruise passenger terminal).
  8. Do you have a bank credit card that has free travel insurance? We have found ours to be excellent. Instead of paying X100's upfront to buy the insurance policy, the bank one works by your paying for part of your travel cost on the card. It can be all of the cost, depending on the bank. If you have a claim, there is an excess you have to pay. Ours is $200 with ANZ. Another company I suggest you look at is Travel Insurance Direct. With whatever company you consider, you should read the terms and condition on the company's PDF focussing on those parts that are particularly relevant to you and your travel. For instance, I don't care how much the insurer will pay in the event of a hijack. It is extremely unlikely. And if we don't plan on hiring a vehicle, that clause is irrelevant.
  9. We went on a Celebrity cruise through the Panama Canal. Because we are from Australia, we had to pay the gratuities up front. I don't think Celebrity does this with passengers from other parts of the world. 🙂
  10. I don't believe you would be treated differently if you removed the gratuities. However, please consider that the service staff on these ships receive the vast majority of their monthly remuneration from the 'tips pool'. The cruise fare you paid has been calculated on the basis that you and all the other passengers would contribute to this tips pool in addition to the original fare. I suggest that it is only fair that you paid the gratuity.
  11. In crew cabins if there isn't a safe, there is often a lockable drawer (a drawer where a padlock can be attached). Their wages can be kept safely by the Crew Office until they disembark. Staff are warned that theft is a dismissable offence - no second chances. Some of the crew have their spouse on board and many others have a girlfriend or boyfriend. They can request to share a cabin. Romances with passengers are a definite 'no-no'.
  12. Presumably the Delta flight is an international one. I suggest you have little chance of making a flight that early. You would have a good chance of making it to a domestic flight at that time because check-in is closer to the flight time then an international flight.
  13. I have seen that in the Princess Patter - and we weren't on your cruise. Pity about that - I would like to meet you. 🙂 Maybe one day.
  14. A key point - With the cabins where I have seen the double-deck beds, there is not enough headroom on the lower beds to sit up while the upper bunk is in the lowered position.
  15. I sure you will be fine. Just be 'yourself'. You are obviously aware and considerate of people's feelings and opinions, otherwise you would not be asking the questions you do. You would very quickly work out if a political conversation was not going to end well, and back off. You might find that some people would ask you, or comment on, the current US President. I venture to say, most opinions in this part of the world would not be positive.😊
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