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  1. Not a silly question 🙂. Each time I look, I open the Personalizer up afresh. I cannot see where this loyalty OBC would show up on the Travel Summary. Can you point me in the right direction?
  2. It starts on your 21st cruise. No loyalty credit shows up on our travel summary, even though we leave tomorrow.
  3. Thanks. If that's the case, I will check our on-board account when we board. It should show up there. If not, I will ask the Captain's Circle host/hostess.
  4. Where can I see the loyalty credit on the Princess Personalizer for our next cruise? We leave tomorrow.
  5. I got the PDF of the conditions from bank, but having it doesn't prove that I qualify for the insurance.🙂 Is there a separate form, a certificate of Insurance?
  6. In my experience, the presentation never starts at the advertised time. 15-20 minutes after would be the earliest and the presentation takes 15 minutes or so. It is a bit streamlined now that everyone doesn't have to put on their lifejacket and be checked by a crew member.
  7. B...s.... I started cruising in 1983 and have been seasick on countless occasions. I didn't become immune. For me it is not a psychological matter and my mind is not 'wired differently'. The problem is in my inner ears (confirmed by an ENT doctor). I also get sick on roads that are very winding. Sitting in the back seat is a recipe for disaster in those cases.
  8. I see a problem with the idea that passengers on cruise ships should have to prove they have travel insurance. We usually rely on the 'free' travel insurance that comes with one of our credit cards. When booking in for a cruise would we have to prove that we qualified for this insurance? We don't have a certificate of insurance to show. The qualifying conditions from the banks vary. Check-in people can't be expected to know all these details pertaining to every bank's insurance.
  9. Are cruisers putting a strain on the New Caledonia health system? Maybe it is visitors from mainland France who travel without travel insurance and then require medical treatment in New Caledonia. That is more likely when tourists come to stay for one or two weeks, rather than cruise ship passengers who are in port just for a limited number of hours.
  10. Your solution sounds simple, but how does a passenger know when the drill will actually start. I have never seen it start at the advertised time. In my experience on dozens of cruises, the alarms sound at the advertised time, but the drill will start anything from 20 minutes to even 40 minutes later. In the latter case, if a person goes at the advertised time, they will stand for 40 minutes plus the 15-20 minutes of the drill.
  11. I got an email from Princess. For instance, Sea Princess 14 nights Brisbane - NZ return, inside cabin from $1,799.
  12. I am not old or disabled. In fact I go to the gym three days a week and exercise at home as well, but I still don't fancy sitting on the floor. I realise that muster drill is for everyone. When you add the seats in the Princess Theatre with seats in the other entertainment spaces whatever they are called on each ship (Vista Lounge, Explorers and even the casino etc) there are a lot of seats. I don't think having it in a space with only two seats is a good idea. I note the post from Mickeygirl - Royal Caribbean utilising the dining room for the muster drill.
  13. I don't need help to reach my muster station, but I don't want to either sit on the floor or go through the awkward process of trying to stand up after sitting there for a while. If everyone who felt it would be difficult to get down on the floor (then get up again) registered as needing assistance, the staff would be overwhelmed. There could be one good result - not using a space without chairs for the muster drill.
  14. A lot of older people would find it difficult to get down to sit on the deck and they would find it even more difficult to get after sitting for half an hour.
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