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  1. Barry posted a comment last week that he had received all his refunds.🙂
  2. I have found Megan to be very helpful regarding the several cruises we had to cancel (or were cancelled by Princess). She went to bat for us with P&O where we cancelled a cruise (just before final payment) before P&O cancelled cruises. P&O wanted to slug us $500 (loss of deposit), but Megan got it changed to a FCC.
  3. What were you supposed to do if you took the credit for a future cruise but it turned out that you were unable to use it in the future? Would they have met your claim in two years' time if that turned out to be the case for you? I doubt that they would. This would be a likely scenario for many people when it is likely to be a year or two before travel as we know starts to become available. It could be longer. For many people, this would be too long - they would not feel physically capable of undertaking a major trip. I do recall that the Aust ACCC (I think that is correct) said that people who cancel because of the pandemic are entitled to a refund or a credit for future travel. That might sound good to someone in the prime of their life, but it isn't the case for older people. My situation - I had an extensive trip from the UK booked (time in London, then a cruise through Norway, Iceland to NYC). I was confident I was capable of doing this trip this year, but I am not confident I could do it in a couple of years' time. Luckily I got all my money back.
  4. Yeah. The live ones move and the frozen ones don't. 🤣
  5. I cannot agree with your statement that "the ship's executive officers knew they had Covid cases aboard". They knew they had passengers with respiratory symptoms (happens on virtually every cruise) and that some passengers who had been tested for influenza, tested negative. COVID tests done in Wellington all came back negative. This probably gave a false sense of security on the issue. I cannot work out why you made the statement you did 🙂. I also believe that if the passengers had been kept on board, there would have been hundreds more infections unless the passengers were confined to their cabins. In the world as it was on 19th March, that would have been a brave call by the Captain. In the world of today, it would be accepted by most, but, even now we see some idiots refusing to follow lawful directions to isolate, stay in quarantine, or wear masks.
  6. I don't criticize the actions of the Queensland Premier in closing the border to people from hot-spot areas. We have had several people who have been found to be lying about where they have been and these are only the ones who became ill then had to 'fess up. How many others have there been? I would like life to get back to some semblance of normal, but while we have idiots who refuse to obey the rules we will continue to have a spread of the disease. It is heart-breaking what has happened in Victoria, but if the idiots continue to break the quarantine, we will have a similar situation in the whole country. Not only is it putting older people at risk, but some younger people who have the disease are left with serious health problems.
  7. But the Ruby Princess did have swabs. They didn't sail without them. When they couldn't source them themselves, NSW Health supplied some so it is reasonable to assume that they supplied the number that were required (if there was a specific number).
  8. There was an article in The Weekend Australian a couple of weeks ago where a psychologist wrote that it is easier for some people to accept that events like the COVID crisis were engineered by people (China at first, now 'the government') than to accept that it is a pandemic beyond anyone's control. It is easier for the 'conspiracy theorists' to believe that people are to blame, rather than accept it was not deliberately caused by people and that it is now totally out of control.
  9. Although the NSW Minister for Health, the head of the department and the chief health officer are ultimately responsible for the actions and failures of the department, they would not have been involved in the decision-making. The Commissioner was probably trying to find out the reasons behind decisions that were taken.
  10. As you said in an earlier post, having a large supply of swabs would not have made any difference because the ship could not carry out the tests. They sent five (I think it was five) ashore in Wellington for testing and all came back negative. Maybe that gave the senior doctor on the ship a bit of misplaced confidence that they didn't have COVID on board. More swabs were sent ashore in Sydney but they delayed testing them. It would not have made any difference if a couple of hundred swabs were sent ashore in Sydney.
  11. NSW Health gave the ship swabs. As COVID was a fairly new disease on 8th March, was there a requirement that they had COVID swabs or was it a more general requirement regarding health equipment?
  12. Thank you for your detailed posts about the Commission hearing. I am very busy with a project that will take close to a year and although I am very interested in the Commission, I don't want to take the time to read extensive reports. Your precis reports have been excellent. A comment on issues like the Commissioner's comments about Princess not getting swabs - I feel it is a common failing for people to consider issues in the light of current knowledge, forgetting what the knowledge and issues were at the time the event occurred. At the time of the Ruby Princess cruise, the world-wide issues surrounding COVID (or Coronavirus as it was then called) were changing every day. I can recall that right through March and probably into April, there was a shortage of COVID test kits worldwide (as well as in Australia) and the public couldn't readily get tested. I will be very interested to read the Commissioner's report (or your condensed version). 🙂
  13. We got the refund for the balance on a 35-night April cruise (a considerable amount) a week ago. Our TA received the refund a couple of weeks earlier. Yesterday we received emails advising that the FCC was in our Captains Circle accounts. Coincidentally, I checked my account the day before and the FCC was shown there (but not the previous day). These were the only two times I checked. The FCC was 50%, but not 50% of the full amount paid, but 50% of the amount less port fees an taxes. We have now got all our refunds.
  14. ... but it is a 'crime' to deliberately flout the rules, then fill our false declarations regarding their personal details and where they travelled. They can't use the excuse of 'stupidity'.
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