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  1. I received a casino rate for Enchanted transatlantic I booked to replace Sky TA for 9/21 cancelled this weekend. My travel agent was surprised but not more than I was. I cruise once a year, usually for 3 or 4 weeks, overseas and many times I'm told they don't qualify for casino rates. If I was interested in the Caribbean, I'd probably pay more attention. A few days ago, I received a last chance email! 🙂
  2. I was wondering the same thing, seeing as there are no cruises at the moment and I don't think Sky is doing short cruises Nov. 2021, 7 or 14 days maybe.
  3. I was on the Sky transatlantic coming to NYC before the NE season, received the email from my TA this morning, cancelled. Bummed but this is the way things are going right now. I've wanted to sail on the Sky, had the Baltic plus transatlantic for Aug./Sep. this year cancelled, too. I think I might just face facts and wait until 2022.
  4. My 1st longer cruise, 21 days, on Sea Princess, 7 day from Southampton to France/Spain and 14 day TA. It was perfect, first visit to Iceland, Greenland, liked the size of the ship. I've adjusted to the big ships but really liked the Sea Princess.
  5. I'm hoping for Enchanted for the Baltic 2022 but don't mind any of the Royal class ships. Depending on price, I would prefer Baltic plus TA, but would consider TA + Baltic, I prefer the Fall version. I'm doing the British Isles plus TA Fall 2021 on the Sky (hopefully) but everything is a "we'll see" situation.
  6. I'm in my 70's, did the Buenos Aires to LA cruise on the Emerald in 2018. It was one of my best cruises in terms of passengers gelling together, getting along, many people commented on it. Yes, passengers leaned more to 60+ rather than under but it was fine. In my opinion, after 35+ cruises with 6 lines, half with Princess, they excel when it comes to certain itineraries, So. Amer. being one. There were excellent talks on the ports (not about shopping), history of exploration in the area, several speakers all very good. I don't think you can go wrong with Princess.
  7. I'm trying to stay optimistic (my usual state of mind) but have my doubts about Spring cruises. Realize I could be wrong here, but Jan./Feb. seem out of the question.
  8. It is a tough call, I'm booked for Aug./Sept. but watching a PBS news program last night wasn't encouraging. I live in NE Wisc., which is the worst situation in the country right now, very frustrating. Getting back to a more "normal" would be great, fingers crossed.
  9. I want to do a Baltic/TA, hopefully from Copenhagen, not Southampton. I'm doing a British Isles plus TA from Southampton Fall 2021, which is fine but I want to spend a few days in Copenhagen. I've done the Spring version, TA + Baltic but prefer the westbound transatlantic. I'll be watching for it, as I always do early bookings.
  10. I don't have a smart phone, think about it sometimes, haven't yet. I do use the internet cafe on the ship and I'm always amazed at the long line waiting for help with phones, tablets! 🙂 It is a different world these days and people need to feel connected.
  11. Wow! I'm learning something knew here. I did not realize about the wine flights, good to know, as I'll have the drink package on my Fall 2021 cruises. I've gotten to like Malbec. A friend knows I drink Merlot or other red wines so he told me to try Malbec when I was going on my So. America cruise.
  12. Thanks for the links, and your informative posting! Don't want to be a negative Nellie, but it is Oct., cases are spiking, I wouldn't be optimistic for end of 2020. I cancelled my Spring 2021 because I didn't feel comfortable with it, now I'm wondering about my Fall 2021 plans. Being on a plan for a long flight to England, doesn't sound appealing at the moment. Of course, I'm in NE Wisconsin, a hot spot right now.
  13. Nope, not me. I have 2 cruises booked for Fall 2021, a transatlantic plus New England. When I cancelled Baltic/transatlantic for this Fall, I cancelled 3 Med Spring 2021, too. I don't cruise often but involve long cruises, flights, so I want to wait. I don't go to the Caribbean or on a short cruise, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing one even if I did.
  14. I do, too! I was to be on the Sky Copenhagen to NYC this year, booked Southampton to NYC on the Sky for 2021. I hope normal Baltic cruises from Copenhagen with the late season TA are available for 2022. I did the Eastbound in 2016 on the Regal, it was great, but flew home right after the Baltic portion ended in Copenhagen. I would like to spend a few more days there. Cruising being back to more normal schedules in 2022 would be great, here's hoping!
  15. Good point! I'm over the Bistro for my Sky cruise, hopefully it will be o.k.! I had one over Crooners on Royal and it was never an issue. I've heard others say they would not book a cabin over Crooners. I usually book cabins between passenger decks. However, sailing inside cabins most of the time, these are a chance for me to get a balcony.
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