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  1. Seems like they have a plan A and plan B. They still list cruises from Rome on the website, those July cruises are just over 2 months away. They really should let people know.
  2. I agree, Thrak. I know some zero in on the alcohol part, but with my specialty coffees, those fancy ice teas, pays for itself before a glass of wine (or two)! 🙂 I love the apple ice tea! On my So. Amer. cruise I had more people stop and ask what I was drinking, because it looks pretty! 😄
  3. I received perks on a 2016 Regal Baltic cruise portion after reaching Elite during a prior Transatlantic cruise. I did not book the cruises separately, was booked as a Grand Adventure. I talked to Captain's Circle during first cruise, it was no problem. I almost always book Grand Adventures instead of separate but lately with casino rates it is cheaper for me to book separately. I'm doing the Baltic plus TA again in Aug./Sept. 2022, price difference is thousands so I booked them separately.
  4. Nini is right, almost May, people need to know. I checked actual website for the port. There was one cruise listed for the Enchanted for July, the 17th, but nothing for a return on the 24th, which makes me wonder if they just forgot to remove it.
  5. This is just my thought, don't take it as gospel. Athens might be set up as an alternative in case things in Italy aren't going well with the virus, cruises starting. Dates are listed on an Excel spreadsheet at the Athens port website. Princess has a plan in case they do have to cancel cruises leaving from Rome.
  6. Likewise, received emails recently for my Spring 2022 cruises. I always have OBC, use that to book my excursions.
  7. I saw that, you have to wonder what Princess is thinking? Waiting to see if Italy gets their act together enough to allow cruising? My cruise isn't until Nov. what about other ones, July and August aren't far away. Mid-April, people making flight and hotel plans based on Rome, I'm sure. It is interesting.
  8. Seems o.k. just checked, Enchanted cruises Nov. are there, and others. I asked my TA about Athens, she hasn't received anything from Princess about it . . .yet. So we wait and see what happens. I know I'll not pay my final until absolutely necessary.
  9. It is interesting. Princess is still selling Enchanted cruises for September as leaving from Rome. You can go to their site and book September 18th leaving from Rome.
  10. No clue here, and I'm reading things that might have an impact on my Nov. Med cruise + TA. Princess hasn't said anything . . . yet! Athens port calendar has Enchanted doing 7 days cruises from there. Thinking I should just concentrate on my 2022 Cali coastal cruises, forget going overseas this Fall.
  11. Too late to edit my post, found quite a "few" discussions about Grand mid-ship stairs! 🙂 How odd they haven't changed it for passenger access above Deck 7! I'm a stairs person, will miss the centrally located staircase.
  12. OT - booked the Grand for Australia/NZ 2023, surprised by the closet size! Deck plans look like there is a mid-ship staircase. Two years away so we'll see if it is the Grand or another ship! 🙂
  13. Breakfast in the dining room isn't enjoyable to me. I've tried it, but being a diner type person, want the whole thing, all at once and hot. It's seemed too piece meal for me. Since I lost weight don't need big meals at breakfast and lunch. Self preservation, watching my weight, easier if I eat one meal in the dining room, rest at the IC. I'm on board for 14 days or more and prefer not to gain any weight.
  14. The stuff that they have at the IC isn't really a meal. It is just snacks. I don't consider it snacks! For lunch, a sandwich, soup and salad. IC for breakfast and lunch. I can control my eating habits better if I skip the buffet, not a fan. Haven't been to ship buffet in years.
  15. Does P & O have the older ships? I know older doesn't always mean that is the one leaving. I was on the Atlantica when she was new in 2000, but I guess a couple of Costa's are going to China, to be re-worked for that market. Joint deal with Carnival apparently.
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